What type of posts can you find here? I’m in the process of rekindling a passion for my home so you may well see me getting the paint brush out (aka perusing the colour charts whilst paying someone else to do it).

I am trying to get over my fear of turning into a ‘frumpy mum’ by exploring some new fashion ideas and I’ve promised myself that I will begin purchasing something other than the cheapest moisturiser on the shelf. Where do I start?

Despite my somewhat sketchy record of sticking to anything, I am also exploring some new hobbies and fitness ideas. If you need a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place!

A New Book, Discovering Foundation and the Difference a Year Can Make #LittleLoves

It's Friday again? Wow, that week went fast! I have a pretty full diary today (I'm writing this on Thursday) ...
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Slogan T-Shirts (for the slightly more mature)

As you all know, April is a 'No New Clothes' month for me. You mean you didn't know? Where've you been? If ...
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Growing Up, Embracing the Dress and Justin Timberlake #LittleLoves

Have you been enjoying the sunshine this week? I realised yesterday that we haven't had any rain at all over ...
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Summer Bag Anyone?

April might be a self-declared 'No New Clothes' month but no one said anything about accessories now did they? So ...
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Catastrophe, Early Mornings and a New Job #LittleLoves 

You know, I *almost* decided not to share a Little Loves post this week. I've been having a bit of a ...
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A Midlife Pity Party

I've been struggling lately, trying to work out what to post on here. But you probably knew that already. I moved ...
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Fond Memories, a Perfect Moment and Total Relaxation #LittleLoves

Here we are again, on the cusp of the weekend and another week down. Since I last wrote on this ...
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Room, Spring Flowers and a Confession #LittleLoves 

Today I come bearing Spring flowers. Why? Because it's almost the weekend and I'm jetting off to the Alps for a ...
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The Perfect Red Velvet Cupcake

A few weeks ago, after many fairly disastrous attempts, I think I managed to create the perfect red velvet cupcake ...
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A New Diet, Unforgotten and All the Pastels #LittleLoves

I don't know where this week has gone (mostly frittered away on the phone to Virgin mobile but hey, that's ...
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