A couple of months back, my friend invited me to a trial session of Laugher Yoga. I was going through a difficult period at the time and although I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for, I appreciated the invitation. Who doesn’t need more laughter in their life? It would seem that I had completely erased all memory of that clip on ‘The Moaning of Life’ where Karl Pilkington, the dead pan misery-guts we all know and love, forces his face to crack surrounded by 40+ complete strangers. Have you seen it? Our experience wasn’t dissimilar… On Wednesday evening of last week, the two of us turned up to the pre-booked venue, a little unsure of what we were… View Post

I’ve been deliberating over starting a new blog for weeks. You see despite convincing myself otherwise, after 4 years of putting finger to keyboard, I’ve realised one thing: once a blogger, always a blogger. I started over-sharing tapping away back in 2012, when I launched my family lifestyle blog – 3 Children and It. Although I do intend to keep it and will post from time to time, recent events have caused me to consider the longevity of that particular outlet. So here I am. Just me with my very own space to write whatever takes my fancy. I feel like the new girl at school with a brand new pencil case, shiny shoes and a completely unspoilt note pad. Remember trying to craft your very… View Post

  I read some literature not so long ago, that talked about ‘kicks’.  At the time, I was commencing yet another course and the reading material that accompanied it, urged us not to treat this course as just another ‘kick’. What’s a ‘kick’ I hear you cry?  Well if you’re well known for starting things and not finishing them, getting excited about something new and then losing interest when reality sets in, then you are probably very familiar with ‘kicks’.  They are likely to be as much a part of your life, as they are mine. Sewing. I decided one new year, that I wanted to turn my hand to something new.  I duly enrolled on a curtain/blind-making course and purchased… View Post

Let’s start with a confession: I have a cleaner. Now that’s out in the open, we can continue….. My cleaners come once a week; they come as a pair. I’m not sure if they spend more time drinking coffee and chatting than mopping the floor and dusting but either way, I always return to a house that smells of Flash and kitchen surfaces that gleam. Bliss. I usually try to be out of the house when they’re here but today, I felt it necessary to stay in. Why? Because tomorrow my Mother-in-Law arrives for the weekend (cue dramatic music). I told them that I would be upstairs cleaning bathrooms if they needed me and went on to explain that my mother-in-law was paying us a visit so… View Post

I remember the exact time and place when my friend mentioned she had been whiling away her morning on Facebook, catching up with old school mates and reminiscing. “What’s Facebook?” I innocently enquired (don’t mock, I was a mother with 3 children under 7 and a head full of Cbeebies). “Oh it’s fab” she said “You really must check it out”. And so I did. That very day back in 2007. Yes, yes, I know that I was about 3 years late to the party. Who can actually remember the days B.F. (Before Facebook)? A life when anonymity was a very real possibility; when we couldn’t delve into the past to discover who our first boyfriend actually ended up with. And we had to telephone friends to arrange a catch-up.… View Post