I sometimes hear people openly wishing the year to end, mentally erasing it as though it somehow had ‘disaster’ written all over it from day one. Whilst 2016 might fall into this category for me (for the record, it is probably the worst one yet) I would never want to completely remove it from my life or memory, because it is without a doubt, the year that has taught me the most. If you follow my blog regularly, you might have read the first six things I’ve learnt this year. To follow are the remaining six. I haven’t shared on here too much about my 2016 but you might want to read this post from my former blog. It’s been… View Post

Looking back on the past 12 months, has become not just a pass-time, but a necessity of mine. Until I’ve written some kind of summary of the year – what went well and what I would do differently if I had my time again – I become stuck in the old one and unable to move forward. It can be quite debilitating, let me tell you! You see I am a planner with a capital ‘P’.  I have a family calendar, personal and online diaries, journals and other useful paraphernalia which all satisfy my need to be organised. I’ve recently realised that this necessity to plan is possibly born out of an aversion to uncertainty and change. Planning helps to keep both of these creatures at bay. This… View Post

Remember I said a little while back, that I was worried I might have peaked too early with regard to Christmas? Well this week the pre-Christmas grumps hit with an almighty thump. That feeling that you’re never going to get on top of the cleaning or write all the Christmas cards. And trying to work out when the heck you’re actually going to fit in the food shop, totally finishes you off. In an effort to ‘keep it real’, my Monday evening looked a little like this in our house… Genius huh? A little bit of comedy from Chris Fleming to make you smile. “WE NEED MORE PILLOWS!” (I *may* have actually said this). By Tuesday, I was back to my normal slightly-stressy-but-getting-things-into-perspective… View Post

What’s the one thing you truly want at this time of year? A little peace and quiet? Enough money to buy all your loved ones the Christmas present they truly want? Right now, I would happily settle for one thing: a chance to relax. What is it about Christmas and the level of stress that seems to build up over the months of November and December?! Thanks to The Massage Company, I got the chance to do just that last week, in the peace and tranquility of their site in Camberley. Oh my goodness, it was the best one hour I have spent in a VERY long time. The Massage Company made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment I… View Post

I’ve got a spare hour and what better way to spend it, than reflecting on my week and pulling out the positives? I’ve been suffering from muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders this week. Whilst it’s not the end of the world, it has been a tad debilitating and I’ve spent a little bit of time feeling sorry for myself. BUT (there’s always a but) my lovely friend popped by with a beautiful scented candle and a heat patch for my neck on Wednesday morning, and on Monday I got to watch four back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls instead of going to work. You see, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for! What else has happened in my world? On… View Post