Have you missed me? We had a fabulous week away, bar an unfortunate ski collision resulting in a bad knee and a blocked ear which is still making my life a misery after 10 days. The only ‘up’ side to the blocked ear is that I can’t hear my husband snoring. Absolute bliss I tell you! However I also can’t hear the back chat that my kids are dishing out on a daily basis, so they are probably getting away with murder! Any tips for clearing it would be gratefully received. Other than that, I’ve been loving lots of things over the last week or so. Warning: there are quite a few tenuous links this week! Read I’ve finally finished Small Great Things! Although I took a… View Post

My mission to transform our unloved playroom into a cosy snug, is finally complete (bar the addition of a new sofa bed) so I thought I would share it with you. The part we haven’t quite agreed on yet, is the name. My sassy teenage daughters have decided that their uncool mother is forcing the term ‘snug’ so it’s currently up for discussion. So far I’ve had suggestions of TV room, family room, den and the slightly less complicated…’new room’. Any more ideas gratefully received! Pinterest We Love Thee As you may well know by now, I’m a tad nervous about making decorating decisions and the choice out there these days does not help in the slightest. In the last year, we’ve decorated three… View Post

Hello lovely readers, it’s Friday again. Yippee! As you read this, I am either driving 500 miles across France (probably with my sanity being severely tested) or zipping down a mountain avoiding the snow drifts and trying to remain accident-free. Either way, welcome to this week’s edition of Little Loves. I do hope that you’ve had a positive week and managed to be on the receiving end of at least a little vitamin D. We’ve seen the return of some frost here but as you can see from my picture, the same scene as last week looks so much brighter with some sunshine. I’ve definitely noticed the days getting longer; what a welcome relief that is. Is it just me who hates February… View Post

What a grey and murky week it has been here. Believe it or not, this photograph does not have a black and white filter on it, this was actually the weather on Monday morning. I don’t know about you but when the sky is grey I tend to feel a bit grey in my mood. Thank goodness for lighter evenings! Other than dodging the huge rain clouds, ‘we’ (you know who I mean here, don’t you?) have been checking out the snow forecast in Les Gets again all week. Yes we will hopefully be indulging in more of the white stuff at half term. Forecast looks good so fingers crossed eh? Can’t be worse than it was at new year! I love Fridays… View Post

Confession: I am 45 years old and have no idea who I am any more. That got your attention didn’t it? Ok I’m exaggerating a little but somewhere in between teaching 3 children to poop on the toilet (instead of the floor) and getting them all successfully enrolled in secondary school, I’ve lost my way a little. I’m bored of wearing the school mum uniform of knee high boots and a jazzy scarf. And before you hide your legs under the table or whip your scarf off, I know I’m not alone! If I analyse this a bit deeper, I’m not all that confident in myself any more – either in what I like (that can be home decor, hair styles, clothes, make up or even TV… View Post