I don’t know where this week has gone (mostly frittered away on the phone to Virgin mobile but hey, that’s a long and boring story that no one wants to hear!). I’ve been trying to get on top of my paperwork this week which hasn’t been hugely successful but I have at least applied for a new driver’s licence. Tell me why these need to be renewed every 10 years – surely I haven’t aged that much? I picked up the Invisalign moulds for my teeth yesterday. Apparently, in order for them to work, I’ve got to wear them for 22 hours out of 24 and nothing other than water should pass my lips whilst wearing them. I went into slight panic mode as… View Post

I naively thought that as the calendar tipped into March, we would see the arrival of Spring; by that, I mean warmer climes. Sadly this week I’ve braved one too many baltic dog walks and my beautiful pastel Adidas trainers that I bought last week remain firmly in my wardrobe. Come on Spring, we are so ready for you! We all know that I will probably be pining after my winter boots within 6 months but for now, I’m super excited about being on the cusp of a new season. As I write this, the sun is actually shining so I’m hopeful for better things this weekend. Anyway, what have I been loving this week?  Read I’m doing that thing again, where I have about 4… View Post

“That was back when we had a functional family” said my husband as he reminisced about a past weekend away camping in Dorset. It was said in jest but I think we both knew there was an element of truth behind it. Life with teenagers is flipping hard work. We’ve had our fair share of struggles over the last two years and I wouldn’t say that we are out the other side just yet. We still attend family therapy once a month (what a joy that is) and one of us will inevitably butt heads with a certain child on a daily basis. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news people but bringing up teenagers is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever… View Post