We are never ill in our house. When I say ‘never’ you know what I mean – never ill enough to have a day off work or stay home from school. We just don’t ‘do’ being ill. I will never forget that one year when all three of my children won an award for 100% attendance at school. I wasn’t sure whether to be proud that I’m clearly providing my offspring with a ridiculously healthy environment to grow up in, or ashamed that I’m so strict that the only legitimate reason for staying off school is an inability to walk or a need to be within 10 paces of a toilet at all times*. *For the record, the truth is… View Post

It’s the end of another week and what a cold, wet miserable one it has been. To top it off, we’ve had a sore-throat/cold doing the rounds here. Having valiantly fought it off for the last 10 days, I think I’ve finally succumbed as the throat of razor blades is refusing to budge. Every week without fail I get towards Friday and cannot remember a single thing worth mentioning here. But Little Loves has slowly become an integral part of my week and I value the opportunity to reflect on the good bits, so here goes… Read I’ve been ploughing through Missing by Susan Lewis this week. I’m determined to finish it before it’s due back at the library next… View Post

This month’s ‘At Home With…’ post features one of the first bloggers I ever reached out to. I came across Sarah’s blog about five years ago, when I embarked on my own journey into the world of over-sharing. I was hooked immediately. Sarah’s children are a similar age to mine (although different sexes) and her husband also owns and runs a business (like mine). Sarah is a keen runner, totally dedicated to her children and surprisingly uninterested in home interiors! By her own admission, any design flair is all thanks to her husband. There’s a really interesting story behind how they acquired their home so if you’re nosey like me, you’ve come to the right place. Where do you live… View Post

I wasn’t going to post today but Friday wouldn’t be Friday without some Little Loves, would it? You see this week has kind of run away with me; I simply cannot believe that we’re heading into the third week in September already. The ankle boots came out this week folks. Anyone else cracked open the autumn wardrobe? Anyway, let’s get down to business…what have I been loving this week? Read So I finally bought some reading glasses. My eyes have been on the turn for a long time but I have been putting it off, assuming I am invincible to the powers of old age. But yeah, it turns out that I’m not. It certainly makes for a better reading… View Post

When we first moved into our home ten years ago, the previous owners had kindly left behind various items that they knew wouldn’t suit their new pad: blinds, curtains, light fittings. We had every intention of replacing said items in time, but with three children of 6, 4 and 2, we were thankful for anything that made the second move in 18 months, that little bit easier. You know what’s coming next don’t you? Ten years later and we were still drawing those same old bedroom curtains every night – the sill-length (apparently a total no-no these days) lilac ones with a frill at the top. The ones I wasn’t keen on from day one but would happily ‘make do’… View Post