I remember announcing to my sister-in-law that I was going skiing for the first time and she almost fell off her chair: “But you hate the cold!” She’s right, I do hate the cold, but over the years I’ve made it my mission to find ways to keep warm in winter. I regularly wear leggings or thermals under my jeans and my ‘coatigan’ is a firm fixture during the winter months – indoors and out! I love winter fashion; the cosy factor is made for me and being able to disguise that extra layer of body fat that appears almost as soon as we kiss goodbye to the summer months, is an added bonus. When LOTD asked me if I… View Post

I have such fond memories of Christmas as a child. Every year we would visit my granny and grandad’s house and stay for at least four days. In fact they would put up about 18 of us for those four days, providing a cooked breakfast every morning and hosting a party on Boxing Day for all of their friends and neighbours! My granny was, and still is, the queen of Christmas. Walking into their home was like entering Santa’s grotto; it was magical. Every inch of the house would be adorned in multi-coloured decorations from the 1970s. Remember those? The red, green and gold foil lanterns hanging from the ceiling, brightly coloured fairy lights on the tree, all the tinsel… View Post

My head has been awash with potential posts over the last few weeks, a sure sign that I’m long overdue a catch up on here Autumn is always such a busy time of year for me but I do love it. September signals the start of all things new and I’m so in love with the changes that nature brings to this season: crisp copper leaves, frost on the grass tips and the odd surprise toadstool if you’re really lucky! Inside I could almost write a book on the learning, over-thinking and adapting I’ve done during the last few months. I don’t know where to start really – possibly why I’ve concentrated more on ‘Outside’ and ‘Beyond’ posts of late.… View Post

Another month, another home to have a nosey around. This month it’s a new build, so if you’re likely to get properly jealous of a crisp, clean, beautifully tidy house, then look away now! Laura and her family moved into their home last year and clearly adore it. In the style of Sir David Frost (or Keith Lemon if you prefer) “let’s go through the keyhole“ to find out what exactly they love about living in a new build. Who lives in your home?  I live with my husband Andy and our 2 daughters, Alice and Holly. Where do you live and how long have you lived in your home?  We live in Hampshire and we’ve been in our home for 11… View Post

At the age of 16, both my girls have requested a bedroom makeover as their birthday present. This request is generally made every five years, when tastes have changed and bedrooms have been suitably trashed. Unfortunately, once they hit the teenage years, there really is no persuading them out of their own ideas. When this particular daughter requested a blush pink bedroom with a dark blue feature wall, I had my reservations; don’t the so-called experts advise against dark colours in a small room? But after whiling away hours on Pinterest, I discovered that these two colours, combined with a bit of rose gold, could actually work quite well. But could we pull it off? As usual, we covered the… View Post