“What’s a Bauble Exchange?” shouted my husband from the living room as our (still relatively unsuccessful) shared calendar alerted him to my scheduled escapade for the following day. “You know” I said “It’s when my book group get together and we swap a Christmas bauble.”  None the wiser, he took the easy route and ceased asking questions. Swapping a bauble at Christmas time has become my book group’s* tradition over the last seven years or so. Although we’ve seen a fair few people come and go over the years and those that remain only meet once a month now, this tradition has become a much anticipated ‘thing’. Traditions were made for me and my personality type. I love everything about… View Post

I decided a while ago to pull back from writing a Little Loves post at the end of every week. It was slowly becoming a chore rather than a pleasure and finding the time to read (and make) something every week was adding to the pressure of an already busy life. The new plan is to write a post at the end of every month, which will hopefully be action packed and thus a more enjoyable read for you all. November. Where do I start? It seems to have been and gone in a whirlwind; so much so that I was caught out with the advent calendars yet again. When will I learn that venturing into Waitrose three days before… View Post