Last week we celebrated Best Friends Day. Well some people did. I can honestly say that before this year I’d never heard of such a celebration. But we seem to have a day/week for everything from gin to bicycles these days, so why not best friends? I would hazard a guess that this particular celebration originated in the US but even some of us Brits got involved on social media. People posted selfies with their best friends along with a suitable caption about how long they’d known each other and what their best friend means to them. I smiled at some and cringed at others (social media brings the cynic out in me sometimes). Then I noticed a few people posting… View Post

A new season begins (summer, you are most welcome) and another one ends. You know what that means don’t you? It’s time for a quarterly catch up. First things first, a confession: I missed my winter catch up! It turns out that I wrote a few lines, completely forgot about it and never hit publish. I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting for an update 😉. So in true Frank Sinatra style I shall ‘dust myself off and start all over again‘. To follow is a little update on how spring has been treating me… Spring Inside I sit down to write these posts at the end of every season and have no idea where to… View Post

*This is a collaborative post* We’ve bought some ‘clangers’ during our married life. The enormous sofa that looked fabulous in the showroom but filled (literally) half the living room once in our home. Not forgetting the ridiculously expensive, not at-all-blackout-as-promised blinds, that I was talked into purchasing during a home sales visit. Let’s just say that we’ve got better and have learnt a few things over the years… Invest in Key Items One of the most important things we have learnt, is that certain key items are well worth investing in. As far as my wardrobe is concerned, it would be shoes and bags (I’ve yet to buy a ‘budget’ bag that has stood the test of time). With regard… View Post

In case you haven’t guessed, I am a huge advocate of social media; it encourages connection, is a source of amusement and information, allows you to nurture friendships and can alleviate loneliness when needed. On a bad day however, I’ve noticed that social media (and my phone in general) can have some very negative side-effects: irritability, anxiety, stress, unhealthy comparison, pointless scrolling. Can you love and hate something in equal measure? As far as my phone is concerned, I think the answer to that is ‘yes’. I’ve been doing a bible study with friends over the last few months and a couple of weeks ago, the author of the study – Priscilla Shirer – encouraged us to consider whether we… View Post

Honestly, the month of May has whizzed by so fast. We’ve celebrated an 18th birthday, nursed a broken finger (same person), survived the start of GCSEs and soaked up every drop of sunshine. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing weather we’ve been having. Please tell me this is not the beginning and end of our summer! It’s been a super busy month but I’ve loved it in so many ways. The broken finger has meant that I’ve been able to spend loads of quality time with my (normally workaholic) daughter and although I went into these 6 weeks with a certain amount of trepidation, the time is proving incredibly beneficial for both of us. Funny how things work… View Post