One of the many things I love about running a series on this blog, is introducing you all to new bloggers. Molly isn’t a new blogger at all, in fact in blogger terms she’s probably a veteran! Aside from being a blogger, Molly is a journalist and mum to two little girls. She lives with her family in south Devon in their beautiful home which has been a labour of love for the last five years; in fact I remember Molly announcing on social media that she was upping sticks and moving to the countryside. Shall we have a nosy around Molly’s home? Who lives in your home? Myself, my husband and my two daughters (Freya, 8 and Effie, 3)… View Post

What a month June has been. I mean I’ve had to pinch myself on numerous occasions, is this really England and not the mediterranean? Our garden room really has come into its own this month, especially with the Word Cup being on. The space and big TV has made it a popular choice for 13 year old boys! I’ve also really enjoyed working outside, even though it’s very difficult to get motivated when the sun is shining. I am sincerely hoping that this weather lasts, at least until next Thursday which is prom day. Think of us this time next week (I am writing this post on a Thursday, in case you’re confused) with a house full of excited 16… View Post

I’ve been longing to share this month’s home with you because I’ve caught snippets on social media and couldn’t wait to see more. Although my home style is very modern with clean lines, that doesn’t mean I can’t admire other styles. In fact one day I would love to move back into a house with a bit of character. Our first home (twenty years ago now) was a Victorian terrace and this month’s featured home reminds me very much of those days. Kerri-Ann’s style is all about the shabby chic. Her home is so warm and inviting that I want to move in right now! Shall we take a peek? Who lives in your home? We are a family of… View Post

*This is a collaborative post* We’ve bought some ‘clangers’ during our married life. The enormous sofa that looked fabulous in the showroom but filled (literally) half the living room once in our home. Not forgetting the ridiculously expensive, not at-all-blackout-as-promised blinds, that I was talked into purchasing during a home sales visit. Let’s just say that we’ve got better and have learnt a few things over the years… Invest in Key Items One of the most important things we have learnt, is that certain key items are well worth investing in. As far as my wardrobe is concerned, it would be shoes and bags (I’ve yet to buy a ‘budget’ bag that has stood the test of time). With regard… View Post

One of the things I love about my ‘At Home With…’ series is that every house we get to nosey around is unique and the interior gives a real flavour of who the owner is. This month’s home is owned by Elena who writes a popular lifestyle blog, Loved by Elena, and it is completely different from any of the others I’ve showcased so far. Elena has certainly put her unique stamp on it. Shall we take a look? Who lives in your home? Me, Elena, originally from Spain but have lived in the UK for over 20 years, my partner, and my two boys, Alex 8 and Leo 6. Where do you live and how long have you lived… View Post