This month’s ‘At Home With…’ features someone whose home I’ve read about and admired for around five years now. I started following (NB ‘following’ should not be confused with stalking) her when she lived in Switzerland and then journeyed with her back to Blighty. Rachel’s home has such a distinctive, modern style. I can spot her Instagram home shots a mile off and guarantee that I will always fall in love with every cushion/rug/picture/design idea that she shares. Interiors is definitely her ‘thing’, even the Daily Mail spotted it this year when they named her one of the 7 Hottest Home Bloggers! She shares her home with her husband and two scrumptious boys, one of whom ran away during the taking of… View Post

This month’s ‘At Home With…’ post features one of the first bloggers I ever reached out to. I came across Sarah’s blog about five years ago, when I embarked on my own journey into the world of over-sharing. I was hooked immediately. Sarah’s children are a similar age to mine (although different sexes) and her husband also owns and runs a business (like mine). Sarah is a keen runner, totally dedicated to her children and surprisingly uninterested in home interiors! By her own admission, any design flair is all thanks to her husband. There’s a really interesting story behind how they acquired their home so if you’re nosey like me, you’ve come to the right place. Where do you live… View Post

When we first moved into our home ten years ago, the previous owners had kindly left behind various items that they knew wouldn’t suit their new pad: blinds, curtains, light fittings. We had every intention of replacing said items in time, but with three children of 6, 4 and 2, we were thankful for anything that made the second move in 18 months, that little bit easier. You know what’s coming next don’t you? Ten years later and we were still drawing those same old bedroom curtains every night – the sill-length (apparently a total no-no these days) lilac ones with a frill at the top. The ones I wasn’t keen on from day one but would happily ‘make do’… View Post

It’s been a while since I wrote a chatty post but it’s halfway through summer, we’ve been on holiday, and I am feeling in need of a catch up. I love that a blog can be like an online diary (albeit one that the whole world can read!) and when I started blogging five years ago, that was my intention. This blog has morphed into a quest to find myself after kids but I do still enjoy offloading. So if you’re missing my weekly Little Loves post (Morgana is having a holiday) consider this a substitute. Incidentally, did you see that I had a good nosey around Morgana’s home earlier this week? Inside {Feeling Redundant} People always warned me about… View Post

Another month, another home. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now, firstly because Morgana is the genius behind the weekly blog linky ‘Little Loves’ and writes one of my favourite blogs; secondly because she moved house only a couple of months ago. Who doesn’t get excited about looking round a new home? Firstly let me introduce you to Morgana who lives in Lancashire with her husband and two headstrong (her word not mine!) daughters. Running a small business herself (Little and Fierce which sells all kinds of kids’ accessories) Morgana is a massive advocate for small business owners and start ups. On her blog, you’ll find a link to her online shop as well as an… View Post