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What do I mean by ‘Inside’? This part of my blog represents my thoughts – sometimes deep and meaningful, other times frivolous but always over-opininionated (you know I have a view on everything, right?). Just the stuff that’s in my head really.  Some posts might be simply a review of the last book I read and others, more about what I’m learning in my current season of life.

Learning to Live One Day at a Time

My closest friends and family know, that if they knock on my door unannounced, they may well be met with ...
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winter sunset

A VERY Long Overdue Winter Catch Up

My goodness have I got some explaining to do. I don't think we caught up in autumn and here we ...
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When Hibernation Feels Like a Good Option

'It's just a season' is a sentence that I have heard myself utter several times of late. So much so ...
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embracing midlife Unsplash

10 Fantastic Reasons to Celebrate Midlife

Whenever I get together with girlfriends, no matter who, the conversation eventually turns to ageing and how we feel about ...
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The 10 Year Challenge – Just Another Band Wagon?

Unless you've been on social media lockdown this week, you will have been unable to escape the latest band wagon ...
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brightly coloured flowers

2019: A Year of Gratitude

A new year sparks excitement for me. I usually set myself a few (too many) goals, make lists of places ...
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On Being an Inconsistent Blogger

You know this of course but I love blogging and hazard a guess that I always will. I rarely stick ...
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Twinkly Christmas Lights

Christmas – It’s Just One Day

It's just one day. We all know that about Christmas, yet we still obsess over what time is best to ...
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How I Found Balance in 2018

It will come as no surprise to most of you, that I believe we were all put on this earth ...
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loneliness in parenting teenagers

Do you ever feel like you’re doing it wrong?

'Why does no one blog about parenting teenagers?'  That was the plea that came across the internet a few nights ...
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