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The Massage Company, Camberley {Review}

** I was gifted a 50-minute massage for the purpose of this review **

What’s the one thing you truly want at this time of year? A little peace and quiet? Enough money to buy all your loved ones the Christmas present they truly want? Right now, I would happily settle for one thing: a chance to relax. What is it about Christmas and the level of stress that seems to build up over the months of November and December?

Thanks to The Massage Company Camberley, I got the chance to do just that last week, in the peace and tranquility of their site on The Broadway. Oh my goodness, it was the best one hour I have spent in a VERY long time.

The Massage Company made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment I walked through the doors. As a new customer, I was asked to complete an initial questionnaire. During this process, I was given the opportunity to state my preference in terms of pressure used and encouraged to disclose which areas of my body experienced the most tension/pain. I ticked every box!

My particular therapist, Noora, spent time telling me which massage might work best for me. During the massage, she talked in detail about the areas of my body which were tight and had a great knowledge of how that might affect my day to day life. I certainly felt in capable hands and would return to her next time.

There are a variety of therapists available at The Massage Company, each one having gone through the same exclusive training process and you are invited to specify whether you would prefer a male or female. Every staff member was well versed in the different massage techniques available; on this particular occasion I chose a hot stone massage – perfect for the cold winter months.

Hot Stone Massage

Being someone who suffers a lot from muscle aches and pains (thank you scoliosis for that little joy) I often fantasise about treating myself to a massage. But there’s something about it that feels a little too luxurious, as though it should be reserved for a treat only.

Over at The Massage Company, they are determined to change people’s view – to see a monthly massage as essential to the up-keep of the human body. Quite frankly, the older I get, the more I’m inclined to agree with them! Regular massage is proven to help with stress, aid relaxation, raise alertness and assist in recovery from treatment and surgery. Who doesn’t want that?

Charlie, the owner of the Camberley branch, told me that this concept is already a huge hit over in the US. As with everything, the UK seems to adopt the american way eventually and The Massage Company are the first to introduce this concept to us. The majority of us pay a monthly gym membership, why not do the same for a regular massage? After my first experience, I was sold.

The Massage company camberley

There are a variety of different memberships available and all massages can be transferred to a friend or family member, if you would like to treat someone instead of using the massage yourself. Quite handy if you need a last minute birthday gift!

Camberley is the first store to open up in the UK but the intention is for these franchises to pop up in every major town or city in the UK, making a monthly massage accessible to everyone. Booking your massage is completely hassle-free with an online booking system so that you can pick the time and day to suit you. I am certainly looking forward to making use of my membership over the coming months. I’ve already decided on my next treatment – a sports massage on my neck and shoulders.

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  • Michelle

    This sounds amazing!

  • simon tutthill

    absolutely amazing and so refreshed

  • frances hopkins

    About a year ago, so relax, I’m need of one now, as my back and shoulders are killing me

  • rena plumridge

    Never had one would love one

  • Plutonium Sox

    Ooh this place looks amazing. I so wish I lived nearer, I’d definitely be up for a monthly massage!

  • Saba

    I’ve actually never had a massage! So this would be the first.

  • Lisa

    Sounds wonderful! Just what you needed! I can’t remember how long ago it was that I had a massage! !

  • Sarah Rees

    My sisters 30th birthday weekend spa break – it was lovely, very relaxing

  • C Chu

    Last week. Very relaxing.

  • Matt McAndrew

    The last one I had was in one of those places in Westfield! And it was alright. Nothing to write home about.

  • Gabby Bull

    I’ve only ever had a scalp massage and loved it! I have actually just moved away from Camberley but would love to visit this massage bar when I visit my parents who still live there- and to think I had no idea it was being built!

  • Aaron Broad

    I have never had one, sounds really good though

  • Debbie Gilbert

    Last year, it is so relaxing and seems to take all the stress away as well as the aches and pains

  • Monica Gilbert

    I had a hot stone massage last year that felt really good. And my husband tried giving me one a couple months ago to mixed results. I generally don’t have good responses to massages. For some reason, my body doesn’t like them and I feel rather sick after. However, my husband likes them and hasn’t been able to have one for ages.

  • amy pest

    when I was pregnant I had DTM

  • James Stenson

    Great! Can’t wait for one to pop up near me

  • Donna

    I am so glad you had such a good experience – I’m back there in jan and am so looking forward to it! Also, I haven’t been following this blog! So sorry, following now so will be back to reading regularly 🙂 x

  • Jane

    The last massage I had was in India. SO lucky I got it as a present from a work colleague, although I still have massive stiffness in my shoulders…

  • victoria langley

    2 weeks ago in the peak district, bought for me as a present

  • Amanda Botterill

    My last massage was 9 months ago at Pennyhill Park, it was pure bliss

  • zoe cross

    great giveaway

  • ellie jackson

    this is awesome!

  • carol boffey

    great prize thank you

  • Jenny mather

    I’ve not had one for a long time but I remember feeling great afterwards, I’ve been considering making them a regular thing.

  • Zoe Henderson

    I had a massage for the first time around a year ago and it was so relaxing!!

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