Walking…running…jumping…kicking in leaves. You name it, you can do anything in a pair of brown knee-high boots! I love boots. Full stop. I have ankle boots in black, brown and grey; some with a heel, some flat. I have calf-height biker boots in black (could definitely do with a brown pair), knee-length black boots for wearing with a skirt or sometimes leggings, and most recently… a lovely pair of brown leather knee-high boots. The best thing about all of these boots? I’ve been wearing some for more than three years. Get them right and I don’t think they date. So how do you make sure you get the right pair?  Generally, I do a lot of searching online and sometimes I go into… View Post

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that we spent a very relaxing and fun few days at the Cotswold Water Park last weekend, to celebrate my parents’ golden wedding anniversary. As this picture suggests, we really were spoilt with the weather. So what about the rest of this week? The nearer I get to Friday, the more I begin doubting that I will have the time to join in with Little Loves. But I’ve come to enjoy this routine in my week so much, that I just can’t resist! Not only does it help me to appreciate the little gems in my every day life, it ensures that I practice a bit of mindfulness by being in the moment, not rushing past… View Post

Today is my birthday, I am the ripe old age of 45. I still can’t decide whether 45 is old or I am in fact in my prime. My grey hairs and creaking joints tell me the former, whilst my penchant for Top Shop and body spray indicates the latter. Perhaps that is what the term ‘middle age’ actually means – torn between the two. I read a post on The Pool recently where the writer reflected on her previous ten years, then looked forward to the next ten and what they might have in store. I should probably tell you now, that she was only 31 years of age – a mere spring chicken in my eyes. Whilst her list got me lingering wistfully… View Post

Another Friday looms large and what a lot we’ve packed into this week. I’ve managed a lovely bout of online shopping, some stunning dog walks and have even sent off some birthday presents to reach the recipient ON TIME (a rare win in this house). I think that calls for a celebration! We are actually preparing for a celebration this weekend as we head to the Cotswolds to raise a glass to my parents who have been married for 50 years. FIFTY?! Amazing achievement. If you fancy a little nosey, then to follow are this week’s Little Loves… Read I’ve bought myself another book. Told you I was going to commit to this ‘reading for pleasure’ lark. In fact I bought two but am saving one for our holiday… View Post

Crimson leaves, crisp mornings, and…dirty windows. Yes, it’s officially autumn, there’s no doubt about that. Remind me why all the windows suddenly look like something out of Hammer House of Horrors? I might not be keen on the extra cleaning required, but autumn is officially my favourite season; not least because I get to resurrect my cosy knits and ankle boots. With every new season, I get a little bit excited about bringing out my old favourites. But this year was different. This year those ‘old favourites’ looked pretty well-worn (shabby), with some items being three (five) years old. Here’s a tip: if you have to question whether something is fashionable any more? It probably isn’t. Trust me, I share my home with two… View Post