Anyone know what day it is? I honestly don’t think I’ve had any idea for the last two weeks. I’m still undecided as to whether that means I’m totally relaxed or finally losing it! Answers on a postcard… I’ve been storing up this month’s Little Loves for some time because it’s been such a busy one. December is hectic, stressful and wonderful all at the same time. We’ve had relatives to stay over Christmas and are expecting more in a few days but for now, we are having a couple of much-needed lazy days. Today was the first day in months when none of us have had to get up for work or school. Bliss. What have I been loving… View Post

“What’s a Bauble Exchange?” shouted my husband from the living room as our (still relatively unsuccessful) shared calendar alerted him to my scheduled escapade for the following day. “You know” I said “It’s when my book group get together and we swap a Christmas bauble.”  None the wiser, he took the easy route and ceased asking questions. Swapping a bauble at Christmas time has become my book group’s* tradition over the last seven years or so. Although we’ve seen a fair few people come and go over the years and those that remain only meet once a month now, this tradition has become a much anticipated ‘thing’. Traditions were made for me and my personality type. I love everything about… View Post

I have such fond memories of Christmas as a child. Every year we would visit my granny and grandad’s house and stay for at least four days. In fact they would put up about 18 of us for those four days, providing a cooked breakfast every morning and hosting a party on Boxing Day for all of their friends and neighbours! My granny was, and still is, the queen of Christmas. Walking into their home was like entering Santa’s grotto; it was magical. Every inch of the house would be adorned in multi-coloured decorations from the 1970s. Remember those? The red, green and gold foil lanterns hanging from the ceiling, brightly coloured fairy lights on the tree, all the tinsel… View Post

My head has been awash with potential posts over the last few weeks, a sure sign that I’m long overdue a catch up on here Autumn is always such a busy time of year for me but I do love it. September signals the start of all things new and I’m so in love with the changes that nature brings to this season: crisp copper leaves, frost on the grass tips and the odd surprise toadstool if you’re really lucky! Inside I could almost write a book on the learning, over-thinking and adapting I’ve done during the last few months. I don’t know where to start really – possibly why I’ve concentrated more on ‘Outside’ and ‘Beyond’ posts of late.… View Post

Can you believe it’s November already? Quite scary how fast this year is zipping by. My month of craziness has been and gone so I’m intending to spend November getting excited about Christmas and planning ahead. I am determined to enjoy Christmas this year, rather than endure it. Stress tends to sap the joy out of it for me so I know that getting stuck in early really does help. I think I’ve received three Christmas catalogues through the post every day this week so that should give me some inspiration! We have another family birthday before Christmas planning can officially begin. This week has been about preparing for my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday on Tuesday. I am finally planning… View Post