A new season begins (summer, you are most welcome) and another one ends. You know what that means don’t you? It’s time for a quarterly catch up. First things first, a confession: I missed my winter catch up!¬†It turns out that I wrote a few lines, completely forgot about it and never hit publish. I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting for an update ūüėČ. So in true Frank Sinatra style I shall ‘dust myself off and start all over again‘. To follow is a little update on how spring has been treating me… Spring Inside I sit down to write these posts at the end of every season and have no idea where to… View Post

Two things to celebrate today: it’s Friday (what’s not to like?) and it’s one of my favourite times of the month because I get to share all of the things I’ve been loving lately. February is usually a dreary month that despite only being 28 (or 29) days long, seems to drag on forever.¬†I know it’s not over yet but again, I’m sat here wondering where the month went. Anyone else? The first half of February was pretty challenging. All five of us were fighting various coughs and colds and I was incapacitated for a week with a bad back. Thankfully we had a week skiing in France to look forward to and despite the boy breaking his wrist in… View Post

Have you missed me? We had a fabulous week away, bar an unfortunate ski collision resulting in a bad knee and a blocked ear which is still making my life a misery after 10 days. The only ‘up’ side to the blocked ear is that I can’t hear my husband snoring. Absolute bliss I tell you! However I also can’t hear the back chat that my kids are dishing out on a daily basis, so they are probably getting away with murder! Any tips for clearing it would be gratefully received. Other than that, I’ve been loving lots of¬†things over¬†the last week or so.¬†Warning:¬†there are quite a few tenuous links this week! Read I’ve¬†finally¬†finished Small Great Things!¬†Although I took a… View Post

  Ah how I’ve missed my little corner of cyberspace over the last two weeks. I apologise for my absence but life kind of got in the way, you know how it is sometimes? But I’m back and have loads of posts I want to write; all currently¬†filed¬†somewhere in the back of my mind under ‘to be aired at a convenient moment’. Watch this space. So today’s ‘Little Loves’ post will be covering the last two weeks – a kind of double whammy if you like.¬†I always love to reflect on my week so this time I get to do two of them¬†and just pick the best bits to share with you all. Read I’ve become a real book worm… View Post