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A Few Favourite Finds // Summer Edit

Remember this feature? I’ve not done it for a while. In fact over the summer I’ve let my blog slide a little so I’m looking forward to picking it back up again and getting into a routine.

Instead of sharing my favourite finds every month (let’s face it, that ain’t happening), I’ve decided to write a seasonal post and not restrict myself to only sharing five things ‘cos quite frankly, I’ve got oodles to share with you in this summer edition. Shall we make a start?

Home Favourite

English Country Bunting from The Cotton Bunting Company – £55.00 for 25m

I decided back in June that I wanted to pretty up our garden a bit. I mean it’s lovely and all but it’s very…’manicured’. Summer bunting seemed like the perfect way to inject some ‘pretty’ and hosting a year 11 prom party was the perfect excuse.

I did a little search online and came across The Cotton Bunting Company, with the biggest array of summer bunting I ever did see. I plumped for 25 metres of English Country Bunting which I bagged for £55.00. This might sound expensive but it’s really well made, lasted all summer outside and has even been through the washing machine since.

My husband took it upon himself to remove it last week, signalling the end of the summer but you can bet your life it will be back out next May as it totally did the job.

Beauty Favourite

Brow Spectrum Palette by Zoeva from Beauty Bay – £20.00

My eyebrows have been an issue since I scalped them back in the 90s. Remember those days when it was fashionable to have a pencil thin line that permanently gave you a surprised look? I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for the fact that my original brows were pretty amazing – oh the irony!

No matter what people say, once plucked they never grow back (not in the right place anyway) and I’ve tried everything – gel, dye, growth serum, every brow pencil on the market and so far, nothing has really passed the test.

Cue my new eyebrow palette! I’ve actually been using this all summer, not just for my brows but as eye shadow too and cannot rate it highly enough. You can mix colours in case one isn’t quite right, you can use the lighter one as highlight. Endless possibilities.

I absolutely love it and will definitely buy it again if it ever runs out, which doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara – £25.00

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t wear a bit of mascara every now and again. Even the most ‘au naturel’ person must have a small sample lurking in the bottom of their bedside drawer.

If you’re a total mascara convert like me, then I imagine you’re also always on a quest to find the perfect one.

Stop the press…after 30 years, I think I’ve found it! The Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara promises to ‘hold its own against flaking, smudging, sweat and humidity’ and I can confirm that indeed it does. In my opinion, it is well worth the £25.00 price tag.

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream – £30.00

I’m not a massive fan of foundation, historically I’ve opted for a tinted moisturiser instead. However sometimes, especially for a night out or special occasion, I do want something slightly heavier with better coverage.

I saw Anna from The Anna Edit talking about this CC+ cream and whatever she said, convinced me that I needed to try it. I can honestly say that I’ve not been disappointed. It’s silky smooth, and gives a lovely velvety sheen to the skin. It also smells really nice, like a spa, but then I have this thing for smells!

A Gel Pedicure

I’m 46 (almost 47) and have never had a gel manicure or pedicure. Until this summer! The fact that it’s still going strong four weeks later, means that I will definitely be having one again.

I know it’s a bit of a luxury but so worth it if you’re going on holiday – it doesn’t chip, scuff or wear off from spending too much in the pool. I’ve noticed this week that it is finally beginning to grow out so I will have to get it soaked off sometime soon but it’s lasted so well.

bare feet

Accessory Favourite

Mini Backpack from Urban Outfitters

When we went to New York back in July, I really had a dilemma with what bag to take (alright, bags). I knew we would be doing a lot of walking and handbags aren’t really ideal for that kind of trip.

Once there, I quickly realised that anyone who was anyone, was using a backpack so of course I made it my mission to find one. It didn’t take long because they were everywhere! The one I fell in love with (and have used loads ever since) is this very pale pink leather backpack from Urban Outfitters.

As it was purchased in the US, I’ve not been able to find the exact same one over here but I’ve seen a very similar backpack (for less money) in Zara. Urban Outfitters in the UK has loads of other backpack options, including some in corduroy, which seems to be the fabric of the season.

Miscellaneous Favourites

I discovered a couple of other things this season that I don’t want to keep all to myself…

New Blog – Not About the Kids

The first one is a fairly new blog – Not About the Kids. Helen is a whizz on Instagram, regularly offering up loads of great tips on how to improve your skills. Every one of her blog posts is brilliantly crafted and I can very much relate to the content (my blog has a similar ethos at heart).

If you haven’t come across her yet, you can find her on Instagram here. I think Helen will go from strength to strength so keep an eye out!

Bible App Reading Plans

I know that quite a high percentage of my blog readers are Christians so this next one’s for you. I’m sure most of you have discovered the Bible App and maybe even the thousands of reading plans available, but did you know that you can schedule to read it with a friend and discuss it online together?

It’s been a great source of accountability for me this summer and I’ve so enjoyed grabbing 5 minutes to read a bible passage then mulling it over online with a friend.

Old Spitalfields Market

I went up to Liverpool Street for a meeting a few weeks ago and discovered an area of London that I have never seen before – Old Spitalfields Market.

If you’ve not been before then I would highly recommend a wander in the market for cool bars, coffee shops, street food, unique market stalls and more. I can’t believe it’s taken me 46 years to discover it!

Old Spitalfields Flower Market

I hope you’ve found something to inspire you amongst my favourite finds this summer. Now that the autumn fashions are appearing in the shops and tempting me, I have a feeling that some of my ‘finds’ next season might be clothing related. Watch this space!

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  • I love the backpack and the bunting! You won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve never had a gel manicure or pedicure either. I’ve had my nails done once on my whole life – for my own wedding – and they did a very bad job, especially on my ring finger! I am currently wearing the worst quality nail varnish, which startsto chip after only one day!

    • Suzanne W

      I’m not surprised about the gel manicure but I know that you do like to get your nails done so I think this could be the way forward for you! It’s not that expensive either. If you continue to paint your own nails, the best nail varnish I’ve ever found is Essie – it never chips!

  • Morgana

    I completely agree with the whole eyebrow thing! I’m schooling my girls not to touch their brows if they can help it!
    Gel pedicures are so good! I’m hoping to treat myself at the end of the month to a gel manicure and pedicure. Just need to decide on a colour! x

  • Love this!! The mascara comment made me laugh — I’m OBSESSED with the stuff and am *constantly* on the look out for the ‘perfect’ one!! I thought I’d found it when I bought a new Dior one but then discovered Rodial and changed my mind once again!! Might have to go and try the Bobbie Brown one now…. just to be absolutely sure!! ; )

  • Kerri-Ann

    What a lovely post. I have seen that cream before and never tried it, I might need to change this. Always love bunting, a bit of outside decoration always looks sweet

    • Suzanne W

      I would highly recommend KA. I only ever share things on here that I really LOVE.

  • Jenny Taylor

    I am always on the look out for mascara. Love that bunting and your summer renovation house is absolutely gorgeous babes. Hope you had a lovely summer.

    • Suzanne W

      I’ve been searching for a good, non gloopy mascara for years – would highly recommend this one! Love my bunting so much. Sad to see it go last week 🙁

  • Sarah Christie

    I need to try the mascara it looks fab, I have used that CC cream and really liked it, I also love the clinique cc cream, I am not a fan of heavy foundation at all. And I have punting from the Cotton Bunting Company too, I have blue stripes along the beams in our bedroom to brighten them up x

  • Heledd

    That CC Cream is quite simply THE BEST! I love it and have been using it for the past year and a half. It’s also great for summer because it gives you an SPF of 50+ and the most fantastic coverage. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Also gel nails are defiantly the way forward I’m a big advocate. Great post xx

  • I like these kinds of posts – finding out what other people have discovered is so helpful as I rarely have the time to research stuff myself. I’ve heard good things about Bobbi Brown make up and as someone who never leaves the house without wearing mascara (it’s the only makeup I actually wear!) I might have to look into it, although I am pretty loyal to my regular good old Boots No 7 brand 🙂 That little backpack is lovely too – I desperately need to replace my ancient handbag and have been thinking of a mini backpack as an option. Looking forward to the Autumn edit already!

  • Gail

    Lots of fab goodies here Suzanne, I just love that bunting! We have bunting for the garden but only a little piece. I may have to invest in a longer length next year! xx

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