Have you ever thought that you don’t have much to offer the world? I know that I have. As a child and throughout my teenage years, I was always a little envious of people who had that one obvious talent – something they shone at. I think part of me longed for that kind of clarity, I would know what I was meant to do with my life and I could box myself into a little niche with everyone knowing my ‘thing’. All neat and tidy. ‘No potential employer would get beyond the Interests section of my CV as after 10 pages he/she would die of boredom.’  Instead I experimented with loads of hobbies, from ballet to piano (in my… View Post

Before you say it, I am well aware of my tardiness in putting finger to keyboard on this one but sometimes a little pondering does us good. Over the last few weeks, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on 2017 and it has led me to consider what I would like to change in 2018. I’ve started putting a few things into practice which has helped me work out what is realistic and what is likely to result in a big fat fail! There seems to be an ‘anti new year’s resolutions’ trend knocking around of late. Well I’m going to lay my cards on the table right now – I’m a huge fan! I can dress them up as something other than ‘resolutions’… View Post

The guests have gone, the decorations are down, it’s time to contemplate 2017. For the last five years, I’ve been kicking a new year off with the help of a workbook called Unravel Your Year by Susannah Conway. For someone who likes to reflect and plan, it’s an excellent tool that I would highly recommend. Before considering the new year and any goals/plans, the guide encourages you to reflect on the past year. I know some people prefer to kiss goodbye to a year (or kick it out the door!), especially if it’s been a pretty horrific one, but in my experience there are always treasures lurking in there somewhere. If it’s been a good year, then stopping to pause… View Post

On 5th September 1997, whilst the rest of the British public was mourning the loss of Princess Diana, we were saying ‘I do’. Yes people, today is our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years! I remember celebrating my parent’s silver wedding anniversary as though it was yesterday. Strange to think that we are now nipping at the heels of that great milestone. What I didn’t realise back then, is quite what a milestone it is. Whether you’re celebrating ten, twenty, twenty-five or fifty years of marriage it really is an achievement. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, marriage isn’t easy. Sharing your life with one person ’til death do us part’ is an absolute privilege but it can also be a… View Post

Do you ever feel embarrassed when someone pays you a compliment? Perhaps the response “Oh no I’m not *that* good (insert name of talented friend) is much better than me” trips all too readily off the tongue. Or maybe your in-built modesty forces you to reply with “Well I’ve got a long way to go but I’m trying”. I’m not sure whether it’s because we are terribly British or due to a crippling fear of arrogance, but I am certain I’m not the only one who shrinks back when compliments come my way. A short while ago, I came across a snippet from Marianne Williamson’s bestselling self-help book ‘A Return to Love‘ and it stopped me in my tracks…