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Having not written on here for over a year, this is me tiptoeing in with my tail between my legs, wondering if I can remember how to create a blog post. Or if anyone even reads blogs any more!

When I started this blog in 2017, my intention was never to gain followers or money. I didn’t really write for other people (sorry, not sorry); it has always been about the art of putting finger to keyboard and seeing what words come out.

The more months I’ve spent absent, the more I have realised that this remains true and just lately, I’ve had a little writing itch that I think needs scratching.

Old Habits Die Hard

As has become customary, the OH and I were laughing the other day at my inability to stick to a hobby. If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember that last year I decided to turn my hand to growing a cut flower garden. This year, not a single seed has been planted! I am now extremely thankful that he gently steered me away from *actually* cutting a flower bed out of our very symmetrical lawn.

Yet again, I pointed out that my love of blogging lasted more than 10 years. Unlike with the gardening, I felt a tiny pang of sadness, and it was then that I realised I actually missed it.

The thing is, since lockdown ended and life kind of returned to ‘normal’, all my hobbies have dissipated. It’s been a gradual demise that I don’t think is healthy. At first, I put it down to busyness – a new puppy (a whole blog topic in itself), a Ukrainian house guest, studying for a marketing qualification, packing one child off to start uni life. The snag here, is that I’m a serial hobbyist, and it doesn’t sit right.

Back for Good?

There is no definitive answer to that question, but I have committed financially to another year of blog hosting, which suggests that I’m not completely done with it. One thing that was stifling me before (other than the infamous ‘Imposter Syndrome’) was content ideas.

This last year or so has been full on. I’ve learnt lots about myself, am in the throes of the peri-menopause, and one year away from an empty nest. I think you’ll agree that there could well be a lot of content within that!

I recently took some time to read through some of my early blog posts. I enjoyed reading what I wrote, and it gave me a sense of satisfaction discovering that *actually*, I can write.

There, I said it.

PS I’m well aware that the profile photo needs changing (I am now blonde) and claiming to be ’40-something’ is no longer factually accurate!

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  • Katherine Tipler

    Yay welcome back!

    • Suzanne W

      Thank you Katherine. Good to be back…and I mean that!

  • Lisa

    Glad you’re back x

  • Irene

    Yay Suzanne missed you

  • Becky Addis

    You should definitely start blogging again. Having weaned myself off all social media (bad for my mental health!) I love a well written blog, and also massively in to podcasts now. Have missed your reading and viewing recommendations, so would love you to start blogging again more regularly. Welcome back xx

    • Suzanne W

      That’s really encouraging to hear, thank you. It actually was a good motivator for me to seek out stuff that I enjoy – books, TV programmes etc. I am going to hope this will kickstart something!

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