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Online Fashion Inspiration for the Over 40s

Fashion inspiration for the over 40s

No need to say it, even I hate myself a little bit for this title. Before you unsubscribe, let me explain…

When you’re in your late 40s, there’s this little nagging voice telling you that you’re too old to wear the leather jacket, too old to have your eyebrows micro-bladed, too old to take up pole dancing (I’ve done all but one of these and will leave you to guess which one 🤣). As you know, I’m a massive advocate for ignoring that voice and just going for it. However, I’m also someone who wants to see people my age modelling the fashion items, not someone in their twenties.

One of the things I love about our digital age, is that there is always plenty of fashion inspiration online. One of my favourites on Youtube at the moment, is Emma Hill. I’ve been following Emma’s YouTube channel for well over a year now but whilst I won’t stop following her any time soon, she’s in her early thirties (I’m guessing).

So I’ve recently been on the look out for people who are slightly nearer my own age, to add to my repertoire. I thought you might be interested too, so to follow are some of my favourite online fashion influencers…

Favourite Midlife Fashion Influencers

Fashion Instagrammers:

Instagram is where it’s at folks. This social media channel is awash with amazing style inspiration. Here are a few of my favourites but I could go on and on…


I couldn’t tell you Melissa’s age but I’m guessing that the ’70’ might refer to the decade that she was born which suggests that she’s a similar age to me. I *can* tell you that she’s a mum to 4 girls, a wife, teacher and a very stylish dresser! Go check her out on Instagram for some fabulous inspiration.

Back of the Wardrobe 70

Suze is a new find for me, someone I’ve really enjoyed chatting to on The ‘Gram over the last few months. If you like something a little bit special then head over to her profile for some head-turning outfit ideas.

The Style Toast Instagram


Beth is a fashion guru and total whizz on Instagram. She regularly shares IGTV (slightly longer videos) on fashion topics eg ‘How to make your legs look longer’ (looking forward to catching up on that one!) and ‘How to dress pieces down to make them wearable every day’.

Beth Goodrham Stylist

@wearitlikeruth and @thesearchforsassiness

I’m putting these two Instagrammers together because what drew me to them initially, is their regular #thelongandtheshortofit feature. Ruth is exceptionally tall and Lisa is very petite so they often try on the same outfits and show what they would look like on differing heights.

Lisa and Ruth are great finds in their own right but I probably relate to Lisa more than Ruth (for obvious reasons).

Lisa The Search for Sassiness


I’ve been following Michelle for a good while now. She demonstrates an easy-to-wear relaxed smart/casual style that oozes quality. She’s got children a little older than mine, who she occasionally mentions. I’m continually in awe of her ability to get outfit shots despite her daughter (and photographer) having now left for university!

Michelle Fifty and Fab


Helen has absolutely stormed Instagram over the last few years; her account having gone from strength to strength. Watching Helen on Stories is a particular guilty pleasure of mine as she is brilliant at finding good deals and recommending where to get the best workout gear, jeans, outdoor coats, biker boots, denim jacket…you name it, she’s sourced it!

She mainly purchases from the high street and has a really good eye for what looks good together. Definitely one to watch.

Helen 40 Plus not giving up yet

And last but not least…

Abi is a fairly new follow for me but I adore every outfit on her grid so I’m not sure what took me so long! She’s also in her early 40s and is parenting teenagers so we have quite a lot in common. If I could pick one Instagrammer who represents a style I love, Abi would be it..

Abi Loves Style Instagram

Fashion Bloggers

Writing an actual blog about fashion seems to be slightly less popular these days but there are still a few fabulous fashion bloggers out there. Here are a few style gurus that I can highly recommend…

Does My Bum Look 40 in This – Kat is also prolific over on Instagram so head there for wit as well as inspiring outfits.

My Midlife Fashion – Jane works really hard on her blog and posts regularly. I love her simple yet elegant style.

Fashion Mum of 40 – AnnMarie is brilliant at finding top quality bargains and seeks out some fabulous style ideas.

Not Dressed as Lamb – Catherine encourages ‘women to be fabulous at any age!‘. What’s not to like?

Fashion YouTubers

I really enjoy watching YouTube as I put my make up on in the morning or do my daily exercises. YouTube is traditionally for the ‘youngsters’ but I’m really hoping that this year, we will see more midlife fashionistas turning their hand to vlogging. I’m on the look out for stylish 40-somethings to follow but here are a couple for starters…

Trinny Woodall – I’m not sure Trinny needs any explanation but her videos are fun, fast-paced and always insightful.

Middleaged Minx – Jo describes herself as ‘an actress, a broadcaster and a show off’. I love that! She chats about all sorts of stuff, including beauty and fashion.

Have you any more recommendations? I would love to hear who your favourites are. Drop me a comment below.

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  • Nipa

    Hi Suzanne, I follow a lot of the same bloggers that you do, and love that they show how to style as much as they show what to buy. (I cringe every time I read “amazon haul!” Or “I love this so much I bought it in 3 colors!” Or “it’s under $19!”).

    On IG @just_violet_b is one of my favorites. She lives in Australia, so sometimes our seasons don’t match up, but she makes the most wonderful, creative videos. She once took her husband’s shirt and turned it into a one shoulder top – so she really thinks outside the box! Xo Nipa @fashionipa

    • Suzanne W

      I shall definitely go and check out that account, Nipa. Sounds fascinating! I’m not handy with a needle but admire anyone who is!

  • Gail

    Some lovely accounts here Suzanne – and all new to me. I don’t buy lots of new clothes but I do like getting ideas, especially as you say. from people a bit closer to my own age group. I enjoy your fashion posts on Instagram, too! xx

    • Suzanne W

      Thanks Gail. I just admire anyone who can put a nice outfit together and do enjoy fashion. I’m definitely one of those people who is nicer when they like their outfit!

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