What do I mean by ‘Inside’? This part of my blog represents my thoughts – sometimes deep and meaningful, other times frivolous but always over-opininionated (you know I have a view on everything, right?). Just the stuff that’s in my head really.  Some posts might be simply a review of the last book I read and others, more about what I’m learning in my current season of life.

Why Playing Small Does not Serve the World

Do you ever feel embarrassed when someone pays you a compliment? Perhaps the response "Oh no I'm not *that* good (insert ...
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8 things I've learnt since turning 40 and why it isn't all bad

Coming of Age {Turning 40 isn’t all bad}

At 15 years of age, you think you know everything. Remember that phase? The fact is, whatever stage of life ...
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When Did Ordinary Become Meaningless?

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a 'words' person. A great quote will stop me in my tracks; I prefer ...
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A Midlife Pity Party

I've been struggling lately, trying to work out what to post on here. But you probably knew that already. I moved ...
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when marriage is hard work

On the Same Team / When Marriage is Hard Work

"That was back when we had a functional family" said my husband as he reminisced about a past weekend away camping ...
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New Year, New….Word

If you've been keeping up with my various oversharing writing outlets for a while now, you will know that a new year is a ...
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Sunset on Brighton Pier

12 Things in 12 Months {Part 2}

I sometimes hear people openly wishing the year to end, mentally erasing it as though it somehow had 'disaster' written ...
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Flying a kite

12 Things in 12 Months {Part 1}

Looking back on the past 12 months, has become not just a pass-time, but a necessity of mine. Until I've written some ...
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When Life Goes Belly Up

I always thought my life was on an even keel. I'm ashamed to admit that I *almost* thought I had ...
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Ten Years From Now

Today is my birthday, I am the ripe old age of 45. I still can't decide whether 45 is old ...
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