What do I mean by ‘Inside’? This part of my blog represents my thoughts – sometimes deep and meaningful, other times frivolous but always over-opininionated (you know I have a view on everything, right?). Just the stuff that’s in my head really.  Some posts might be simply a review of the last book I read and others, more about what I’m learning in my current season of life.

drinking coffee

On Being Intentional (without biting off more than we can chew)

Intentionality runs through my veins; I can be an incredibly focused/determined person and thankfully, my husband is the same (I'm ...
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When the Negative Voices Strike

At 46½ I am officially feeling old. Of course I continue blithely scouring Top Shop for the latest fashion trends and watching ...
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A Little Winter Catch Up

All traces of snow are finally disappearing and the daffodils seem to be pleading "Is it time to come out ...
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Motherhood: A Thankless Task?

I made some pastry the other day. I realise that's not exactly a news-worthy headline but how to make good ...
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Yasmin Le Bon

Is Being Selfish Always Wrong?

Buying a Red magazine before I go on holiday has become somewhat of a ritual over recent years. Ever since ...
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Learning to Enjoy the Ride

Have you ever thought that you don't have much to offer the world? I know that I have. As a ...
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Finding Balance in 2018

Before you say it, I am well aware of my tardiness in putting finger to keyboard on this one but ...
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2017: The Year I Learned to Let Go

The guests have gone, the decorations are down, it's time to contemplate 2017. For the last five years, I've been ...
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The Beauty of Traditions

"What's a Bauble Exchange?" shouted my husband from the living room as our (still relatively unsuccessful) shared calendar alerted him ...
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A Little Autumn Catch Up

My head has been awash with potential posts over the last few weeks, a sure sign that I'm long overdue ...
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