What do I mean by ‘Inside’? This part of my blog represents my thoughts – sometimes deep and meaningful, other times frivolous but always over-opininionated (you know I have a view on everything, right?). Just the stuff that’s in my head really.  Some posts might be simply a review of the last book I read and others, more about what I’m learning in my current season of life.

Why We Need to Keep Asking Why?

There are so many things we can get drawn into nowadays isn't there? In the world of blogging, this couldn't ...
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Has Spending Less Time on My Phone Radically Changed My Life?

A few months ago, I felt the need to re-evaluate the relationship I have with my phone. I had come ...
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Yes I’m a Christian and Yes I’m Watching Love Island

Growing up, one of my favourite programmes on TV was Grange Hill. For anyone under the age of 30, Grange ...
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5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Summer

Do you ever get those days when you feel a bit flat? Actually I defy anyone to tell me that ...
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In Praise of Not Having a Best Friend

Last week we celebrated Best Friends Day. Well some people did. I can honestly say that before this year I'd ...
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A Little Spring Catch Up

A new season begins (summer, you are most welcome) and another one ends. You know what that means don't you? ...
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how to break up with your phone review

How to Break Up With Your Phone {when you use it for work}

In case you haven't guessed, I am a huge advocate of social media; it encourages connection, is a source of ...
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Parenting a Child with Mental Illness

Warning: some readers may find the content of this post uncomfortable or triggering. My eldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. That ...
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drinking coffee

On Being Intentional (without biting off more than we can chew)

Intentionality runs through my veins; I can be an incredibly focused/determined person and thankfully, my husband is the same (I'm ...
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When the Negative Voices Strike

At 46½ I am officially feeling old. Of course I continue blithely scouring Top Shop for the latest fashion trends and watching ...
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