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What do I mean by ‘Inside’? This part of my blog represents my thoughts – sometimes deep and meaningful, other times frivolous but always over-opininionated (you know I have a view on everything, right?). Just the stuff that’s in my head really.  Some posts might be simply a review of the last book I read and others, more about what I’m learning in my current season of life.

apple blossom

Life in Lockdown {Reality Bites}

I want to try to blog weekly during this period of lockdown; I also want to try to impart some ...
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Life in Lockdown {What Helps and What Doesn’t}

We're almost a week into (partial) lockdown here in the UK and I have to admit that my mood has ...
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A Very Tardy New Year Greeting

If you're a regular round here, you'll know that I'm usually 'on it' pretty quickly with the new year goals/resolutions ...
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Love heart autumn leaves

When the Introvert Falls in Love with the Extrovert (and vice versa)

Tell me I'm not the only one who likes to do those tests on Facebook, the ones that tell you ...
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Motherhood: How Can We Be Wrong When We Don’t Know What’s Right?

I very rarely write about motherhood these days. Largely because this blog's purpose was to be a safe space to ...
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Hello Sunshine {Blogger Award}

In my early days of blogging, these awards were two a penny and to be honest, I thought they had ...
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Flower Show

Never Have I Ever

Last month my social media feeds were awash with people visiting the Chelsea Flower Show; this month it's the Hampton ...
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Aldgate East London

All of Us Are Busy, Right?

Life has been full on lately. I won't bore you with the detail of all that's going on; mainly because ...
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National Trust The Vyne

What Am I Made For?

If there's one question we have all asked ourselves at least once, it's this: What am I made for? Some ...
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Learning to Live One Day at a Time

My closest friends and family know, that if they knock on my door unannounced, they may well be met with ...
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