It was a little over six years ago now, that I first tried my hand at blogging. As many of you know, before this one I had a family lifestyle blog called 3 Children and It. Without wanting to ‘blow my own trumpet’ it was relatively successful and by that, I mean that I had repeat readers, an engaged audience and was regularly nominated for blog awards. I largely put its ‘success’ down to the fact that I didn’t shy away from sharing the nitty gritty of family life. In many ways, I wish that I’d had the guts to pursue my original blog. People need raw honesty in difficult times and the ‘me too’ aspect that blogging provides can feel… View Post

Only a couple of weeks ago a friend told me she was feeling a bit blah; going through the motions of life if you will. She put it down to having nothing to look forward to. It can feel a bit like that when you return from your annual summer holiday can’t it? The holiday blues are most definitely a thing. Now that the barbecue has been put to bed, the evenings are drawing in and the sun tan lotion is firmly at the back of the cupboard, what is there to look forward to? What does autumn have that summer doesn’t? Autumn is actually one of my favourite seasons so already it’s off to a flying start. Having written… View Post

September is a busy month; I’m sure it’s the same for most of us. Firstly there’s a new school year to contend with (finding a ‘new normal’ always takes longer than anticipated) and in this house, the new term is closely followed by our wedding anniversary plus two birthdays on consecutive days at the end of the month. I don’t know about you but I am always itching to get back into a routine after the summer holidays and usually have a few projects up my sleeve to keep me busy. Let’s just say that September comes with high hopes! For some reason, I’ve found this September harder than usual. We’ve had so many new routines to get used to and… View Post

It’s time for a sneak peek into another blogger’s home; this time it’s the home of Becky from Pinks Charming. When I first caught sight of Becky’s photographs I was totally blown away; not only is it beautiful but she has done much of the house renovating herself and the attention to detail is stunning. You can see immediately that this home has been a total labour of love, with every inch being carefully planned and thought through. Oh and Becky really does love pink! Fancy a nosey? Who lives in your home? I live with my husband Ryan and daughters, Ava and Thea. This photo was taken in the field behind our house, about a year ago. When I… View Post

It feels slightly odd to be wrapping up summer when I’m sitting here in a t-shirt, looking out at blue skies, with temperatures still well into their twenties. This summer really has been incredible and one to remember for so many reasons. If you’re a regular here then you will know that I never like to embark on a new season until I’ve contemplated the last – the good the bad and the ugly – so here we go with my evaluation of summer 2018. Inside Summer 2018 For the benefit of any newbies, the Inside section of my blog generally refers to the clutter that ruminates around my head on a daily basis; in other words, a little bit… View Post