April, you’ve been an interesting month – weeks of torrential rain, then a sneaky bit of sunshine to trick us into thinking summer has come early. I can’t begin to explain how this has messed with my wardrobe planning! Anyway, enough of that; I think I start every Little Loves post with banal chatter about the weather. Have you come across the social media account ‘Very British Problems’? I think it was made for me! Although the easter break was rather uneventful, April has been as busy as ever in this household – never-ending art coursework (I won’t be sorry to see the back of the brushes and oil paints that have been littering my office space for months), sporting… View Post

I like to think that I am pretty okay with the extra grey hairs and fine(ish) lines that seemed to appear overnight once I hit 40. Back to reality, they are often the first thing I see when I look in the mirror and not in a good way. I swing between trying to keep myself looking as youthful as possible and embracing the ageing process. Is it Vanity? Many of you will know that I decided to have my teeth fixed last year (still a work in progress but I’m now only 6 weeks away from the finish line). It is something I deliberated over for years as I am all too aware that although the dentist had recommended it… View Post

I used to be a massive fan of home and interiors magazines. I would buy them simply to swoon over the pictures and gather ideas for my own home projects. These days I turn to social media for the swooning and last year I started my very own home series where I interview someone about their home and share some stunning pictures with you. Today I’m pleased to share the home of Jess Soothill. Jess’ home is a new build which lends itself so well to the fresh, contemporary look that I’m also a fan of. It’s a real blank canvas that Jess has personalised and made homely by adding fur throws, large leafy house plants and colourful prints – yes to… View Post

Intentionality runs through my veins; I can be an incredibly focused/determined person and thankfully, my husband is the same (I’m not sure our relationship would survive otherwise!). In our early days as a couple, we would give each new year a title: ‘Project Wedding/House/Baby/New Business/Extension’. I’m aware that probably sounds a little sad to you but it worked for us and meant that we were really good at seeing whatever it was, through. In fact we still are; intentionality is definitely a strength of ours. So when the preacher encouraged us to ‘live a more intentional life’ last Sunday morning in church, I felt fairly smug. There are many, many things that I could really do with working on, but intentionality… View Post

Leopard print or animal print has been around since the dawn of time (literally). After the cave man discarded it in favour of proper clothes, it seemed to disappear from the fashion scene for quite some time. I am reliably informed however, that the real out-there fashion icons would often be seen flashing a hint of animal print, even in the 1920s. Of course in the swinging 60s it came back with a vengeance and the high street was awash with it. Remember the 70’s icon, Debbie Harry of Blondie fame (you’ll need to be as old as me to know who I’m talking about)? She managed to wear leopard print from top to toe and still look cool. As… View Post