I love the start of a new school year; there’s just the right amount of nervous excitement floating around to help me kick start some new ideas. For the benefit of my husband who is probably panicking at this point…I’m not planning any major changes, just a few tweaks to my usual lifestyle! How about you? Are you planning any radical changes this term? I’m hoping that our garden room might finally be finished so that we can stop spending money and start having some fun! This week has been about choosing a pool table and researching garden furniture. I’m hoping we might get some good deals on the latter as we will be in the thick of autumn by… View Post

On 5th September 1997, whilst the rest of the British public was mourning the loss of Princess Diana, we were saying ‘I do’. Yes people, today is our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years! I remember celebrating my parent’s silver wedding anniversary as though it was yesterday. Strange to think that we are now nipping at the heels of that great milestone. What I didn’t realise back then, is quite what a milestone it is. Whether you’re celebrating ten, twenty, twenty-five or fifty years of marriage it really is an achievement. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, marriage isn’t easy. Sharing your life with one person ’til death do us part’ is an absolute privilege but it can also be a… View Post

I’ve been itching to get back to blogging properly again and with the return of Little Loves over at Morgana’s gaff, I had to join in this week. So much has happened over the summer and right now, it feels as though the school holidays have gone on forever and ever. Let’s just say that the entire house could do with a jet wash and my usual organised self seems to have gone AWOL. Anyone else popping to the supermarket for one bag of food almost every single day at the moment? Oh routine how we love thee. How has your summer been? We are still in the throes of our garden refurbishment and the patience is beginning to wane… View Post

Ever find yourself getting lost on the internet? You know what I mean by ‘lost’, don’t you? Sitting down at 7pm to order the online food shop, only to realise it’s 10pm and you’re inadvertently researching ‘garden room ideas’ (my current obsession) on Pinterest. Or searching around from one site to another, looking for THE perfect gift for that one special person, leaving all the tabs open ‘just in case’ and then forgetting which one you were interested in in the first place. Sound familiar? There’s no doubt about it, the internet is the most incredible invention but boy can it be a time waster. If you’re already dreading the idea of finding a gift for that one person on your Christmas… View Post

It’s been a while since I wrote a chatty post but it’s halfway through summer, we’ve been on holiday, and I am feeling in need of a catch up. I love that a blog can be like an online diary (albeit one that the whole world can read!) and when I started blogging five years ago, that was my intention. This blog has morphed into a quest to find myself after kids but I do still enjoy offloading. So if you’re missing my weekly Little Loves post (Morgana is having a holiday) consider this a substitute. Incidentally, did you see that I had a good nosey around Morgana’s home earlier this week? Inside {Feeling Redundant} People always warned me about… View Post