It feels slightly odd to be wrapping up summer when I’m sitting here in a t-shirt, looking out at blue skies, with temperatures still well into their twenties. This summer really has been incredible and one to remember for so many reasons. If you’re a regular here then you will know that I never like to embark on a new season until I’ve contemplated the last – the good the bad and the ugly – so here we go with my evaluation of summer 2018. Inside Summer 2018 For the benefit of any newbies, the Inside section of my blog generally refers to the clutter that ruminates around my head on a daily basis; in other words, a little bit… View Post

It was Saturday evening and I was lying on my bed taking a breather. The day had been ridiculously busy, as it always seems to be with three children. Having cleared up from dinner, I was just mustering up the energy to join my family in watching X-Factor (don’t judge me, it’s one of very few programmes suitable for the whole family) when my phone pinged. I glanced over to see the familiar sight of a text message flashing up on my screen… “Sorry S couldn’t make the party, I hope everything is okay.” My heart sunk to the floor. I had completely forgotten about said birthday party, the one my son should have been at that afternoon, the one for… View Post

Remember this feature? I’ve not done it for a while. In fact over the summer I’ve let my blog slide a little so I’m looking forward to picking it back up again and getting into a routine. Instead of sharing my favourite finds every month (let’s face it, that ain’t happening), I’ve decided to write a seasonal post and not restrict myself to only sharing five things ‘cos quite frankly, I’ve got oodles to share with you in this summer edition. Shall we make a start? Favourite Home Find English Country Bunting from The Cotton Bunting Company – £55.00 for 25m I decided back in June that I wanted to pretty up our garden a bit. I mean it’s lovely… View Post

It really feels like summer is drawing to a close doesn’t it? I can’t believe the difference between those glorious, steaming hot days at the beginning of August to the shorter, unseasonably cooler days we’ve been experiencing this week. Before we get all maudlin about not being ready for winter boots and long sleeves, let’s look back on August. It’s been one to remember, that’s for sure. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month… Read Aside from my usual monthly Red magazine treat, I rely on my annual summer holiday to catch up on all the books that have been littering my bedside table of late. We went on a cruise this year which was amazing… View Post

Welcome back to another instalment of my ‘At Home With…’ series. If you’re a blogger or Instagram fanatic then you may well know Jo as ‘Not a Frumpy Mum’. The thing that you might not know, is that Jo recently stopped blogging and changed her Instagram handle to ‘Jo at Number 26‘ – something that suits her love for home and interiors perfectly. Over the last 12 months, I have watched Jo transform her house into an amazing family home. I can’t wait to share it with you. Shall we take a peak? Who lives in your home? Myself, my husband and our two boys (aged 6 and 2).  We also have our two old ladies living with us – two… View Post