Welcome to Friday! It’s been a quiet kind of week my end with nothing amazing to report. Sometimes those weeks are a blessing aren’t they? I’ve been practicing my One Word for this year which is ‘Release‘ by purchasing fleecy PJs and allowing myself to cosy up of an evening. Perfect for all this snow that was forecast (*cough* what snow?!). Ooh, I’ve also been doing really well on our alcohol ban. Just for the record, I don’t drink much but having a cheeky glass of an evening (every evening) was becoming rather a habit at the end of last year. So we decided that come 1st January (I thought for the whole 365 days, the husband thought just January…) we would have no alcohol at home… View Post

If you’ve been keeping up with my various oversharing writing outlets for a while now, you will know that a new year is a big thing for me. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of making dramatic resolutions (I tend to go all out initially, petering out rather pathetically about 2 months in) I do love a fresh start. I know some people find January a bit depressing but I relish the feeling of a slate being wiped clean, a whole fresh set of opportunities. Of course in reality it’s just another day rolling on from the past 16520 days I’ve been on the planet (you can decide whether that’s accurate or not) but don’t spoil my moment. With each new year, I look to choose one word to… View Post

I’m almost too scared to start this post. Why? Because we’ve said goodbye to Christmas, welcomed in a new year and been on holiday since I last sat down to construct a Little Loves post – certainly too much to squeeze into a 500 word post! In many ways, the festive period passed by in a whirlwind. During the run up to Christmas, we were out socialising and celebrating almost every night but I still managed to single-handedly wrap about 70 presents. Let’s just say that when my husband uttered the words ‘but you enjoy it’ he didn’t get hearts and flowers in response! We had a couple of family days on Christmas day and Boxing day, then made the 12… View Post

I sometimes hear people openly wishing the year to end, mentally erasing it as though it somehow had ‘disaster’ written all over it from day one. Whilst 2016 might fall into this category for me (for the record, it is probably the worst one yet) I would never want to completely remove it from my life or memory, because it is without a doubt, the year that has taught me the most. If you follow my blog regularly, you might have read the first six things I’ve learnt this year. To follow are the remaining six. I haven’t shared on here too much about my 2016 but you might want to read this post from my former blog. It’s been… View Post

Looking back on the past 12 months, has become not just a pass-time, but a necessity of mine. Until I’ve written some kind of summary of the year – what went well and what I would do differently if I had my time again – I become stuck in the old one and unable to move forward. It can be quite debilitating, let me tell you! You see I am a planner with a capital ‘P’.  I have a family calendar, personal and online diaries, journals and other useful paraphernalia which all satisfy my need to be organised. I’ve recently realised that this necessity to plan is possibly born out of an aversion to uncertainty and change. Planning helps to keep both of these creatures at bay. This… View Post