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Cheering from the Sidelines

I took this photograph at the weekend and I love it. Not because I have a foot fetish you understand (on the contrary) but because it represents something very special to me.

The girls to whom these feet belong, are my ‘Tribe’. Before you switch off at my use of the word ‘Tribe’ (let’s all agree that it is rather icky), these girls have become a huge part of my life and I cannot think of a better word to describe them. Over the last three years or so, we have met up every week (at least) for a couple of hours. Three of us are original members of the group and the others have joined over time.

As you will see from our choice of footwear (guess who is the crazy one?!) we are all unique and bring something very different to the table. Sometimes this is quite literally, with one member being a prolific cake baker, but what I’m really referring to is our different personalities. Where there’s light humour, there is also deep sensitivity. Where there’s dry wit, there is also strength and wisdom. Where there’s raw emotion, there is also loving honesty.

Although we are all different, there are two things that bind us together: a mutual desire to connect once a week in a ‘no holds barred’ environment; and our faith, which underpins everything that we do. These precious few hours together really are the highlight of my seven days and where possible, I protect it over and above anything else.  In every two hour window there will almost certainly be tears, heaps of laughter and honesty in abundance. What more could a girl want?!

I have a number of good friends in my life and every one is  hugely important to me in their own special way, but it’s such a comfort to know that I have this one group of ‘champions’ cheering me on from the sidelines. Over the last 12 months, I have realised just how important these girls are to me. They pick me up when I’m feeling low, encourage me when I’m tempted to quit and celebrate with me when the occasion demands it. In short, they enhance my life enormously and I couldn’t do without them.

Do you have a Tribe? A group of people who you feel you can be truly ‘you’ around? If you don’t yet, can I encourage you to seek it out? It doesn’t matter what your common ground is – children, home town, age, hobbies – it can be anything. Our group started with just two friends, reaching out and taking a brave step….

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