I remember the exact time and place when my friend mentioned she had been whiling away her morning on Facebook, catching up with old school mates and reminiscing. “What’s Facebook?” I innocently enquired (don’t mock, I was a mother with 3 children under 7 and a head full of Cbeebies). “Oh it’s fab” she said “You really must check it out”. And so I did. That very day back in 2007. Yes, yes, I know that I was about 3 years late to the party. Who can actually remember the days B.F. (Before Facebook)? A life when anonymity was a very real possibility; when we couldn’t delve into the past to discover who our first boyfriend actually ended up with. And we had to telephone friends to arrange a catch-up.… View Post

I took this photograph at the weekend and I love it. Not because I have a foot fetish you understand (on the contrary) but because it represents something very special to me. The girls to whom these feet belong, are my ‘Tribe’. Before you switch off at my use of the word ‘Tribe’ (let’s all agree that it is rather icky), these girls have become a huge part of my life and I cannot think of a better word to describe them. Over the last three years or so, we have met up every week (at least) for a couple of hours. Three of us are original members of the group and the others have joined over time. As you will see from our choice… View Post