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Frosty Mornings, a Touch of Christmas and Bobble Hats #LittleLoves

frosty morning

Ah how I’ve missed my little corner of cyberspace over the last two weeks. I apologise for my absence but life kind of got in the way, you know how it is sometimes? But I’m back and have loads of posts I want to write; all currently filed somewhere in the back of my mind under ‘to be aired at a convenient moment’. Watch this space.

So today’s ‘Little Loves’ post will be covering the last two weeks – a kind of double whammy if you like. I always love to reflect on my week so this time I get to do two of them and just pick the best bits to share with you all.


I’ve become a real book worm at night over the last 6 months. The downside to this, is that I’m going to sleep later and later and the bags under my eyes are getting bigger and bigger! I’ve almost finished ‘Try Not to Breathe’ by Holly Seddon but am savouring it because no matter how much I want to find out the answer to the mystery, I’m so hoping it won’t be a disappointment. I also hate it when a book ends, so I need recommendations people – what should I put on my Christmas list this year?


I can’t tell you how much I’m loving Gilmore Girls and still cannot believe that I missed it first time round! Where was I? Oh yes, juggling 2 babies under 2 – thanks for the reminder. I must admit to slightly panicking that the newest series 7 is currently on Netflix and everyone is shouting about it whilst I’m still immersing myself in series 1 – will they take it off? They had better not! It’s such wonderful light-hearted viewing that completely indulges my yearn for escapism at the moment. My youngest daughter also enjoys it so it’s something we can watch together which is always a winner.

I'm a CelebrityI’m a Celebrity is also coming to an end. Boo. I feel like Ant and Dec are old friends of mine now – I’m actually going to miss them next week when they come off our TV screens (excuse the discarded socks in my picture – keeping it real as always!). Every year it just confirms that they would be right up there on my list of who to invite to a dinner party, assuming I had free rein of course.

And then The Missing came to an end too this week! What am I going to do with my Wednesday evenings? I’ve actually yet to watch the final episode so no spoilers please.

I normally concentrate on TV or film in this section, mainly because I’ve always been a little bit confused by vlogging (a blogger’s You Tube channel) but I’m just starting to get into watching some and am really enjoying them! One of my favourites is Emma over at Brummy Mummy of 2 – she’s hilarious in real life and exactly the same on film. She loves a moan, a laugh, the odd swear and even does funny voices. If you want a light-hearted 10 minutes, go and have a watch :).

If you can recommend any other You Tube channels that you enjoy, please comment below ‘cos I’m on a roll now.


I’m a bit traditional when it comes to Christmas; in other words, it does not start in this house until 1st December. But this year, I seem to have fallen off the wagon somewhat – introducing little touches of Christmas here and there throughout November, hoping that my Scrooge of a husband won’t notice! There are two things I will not be swayed on however –  Christmas songs and mince pies. Mainly because I know that I will be utterly sick of them by the end of the month.

On Thursday, we were officially allowed to commence Christmas which started in my car with Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’, ending with Pentatonix and ‘Hallelujah’ when I got home. Want a listen? It’s beautiful.


It’s been freezing this week hasn’t it? But there’s no doubt about it – everything looks so much prettier with a gentle sprinkling of frost, especially when the sun is shining. I’ve enjoyed some stunning dog walks and accompanied my daughter on a riding hack which resulted in very wet feet for me (just to clarify…I was on foot, she was on the horse!) but the scenery was truly breathtaking.

The cold has resulted in me wearing bobble hats and my new scarf from Miss Selfridge. I’ve had to fight for it this week though – if you’re looking for a Christmas present for a teenage girl, this one is worth a shot!


I posted on Facebook just recently, about my longing to go to a Christmas wreath workshop. I think I had partly been inspired by the lovely Emma over at Life at the Little Wood who even managed to persuade her husband to go on a wreath-making adventure with her! Whilst there’s absolutely no danger of that happening in our house, I was desperate to go to one myself. I’ve always loved making things and although my personal creativity possibly needs firing up a bit, I love to follow instructions and come out with an end result (Lego sets all the way!).

So I found one and dragged a friend along too. We had such a lovely evening and I was thrilled with the end result. Yay for Christmas wreaths!

Christmas wreath making

And Lastly

We booked our ski passes this week *claps hands excitedly*. In precisely 26 days we shall be zipping down those slopes, sipping hot chocolate (or gluhwein – whatever takes your fancy) and breathing in the crisp mountain air. There’s nothing like skiing for family time and true escapism from every day life. I can’t wait. In the meantime, just in case you’ve forgotten, it’s nearly Christmasssss!


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  • Sarah Orr

    What a lovely post and thank you so much for introducing me to Pentantonix (I had never heard of them before *whispers*). A real tribute to the fabulous Leonard Cohen who is no doubt thinking “that’s how it should be done” ?. Enjoy your Xmas and ski trip.

  • Emily and Indiana

    What a lovely roundup, and how exciting about going Skiing after Christmas! I completely feel the same about Ant & Dec, there’s something about them that just makes me feel so relaxed – probably because they’re shows are so good! xx

  • So pleased you’re going skiing soon – I bet you can’t wait!
    Apart from advent calendars, Christmas hasn’t started in this house! I have actually bought and wrapped quite a lot of presents, but I refuse to do decorations at the start of December.
    Like you, I love I’m a Celebrity and will be lost when it’s all over! I haven’t watched either The Missing or Gilmore Girls. I just don’t have time to watch TV (plus I don’t have Netflix).
    My blog is full of book recommendations – they’re there pretty much every Friday. I can recommend After the Crash, anything by Kate Atkinson and anything by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling), to name but a few.

    • Suzanne W

      Brilliant. Thanks for the book recommendations. They shall be going on my christmas list. I’ve heard others recommend ‘After the Crash’ as well. I know you’re anti Christmas pre-advent too!

  • Not A Frumpy Mum

    Your wreath is so pretty, I really wanted to go and make one but I’m struggling to find the time so I caved and bought one from Aldi. There’s no way you would get my husband there either, which is probably for the best as his artistic skills are somewhat lacking!
    I hardly ever look on You Tube but I’m starting to think I should take a look. Love your living room, that chair is gorgeous! xx

    • Suzanne W

      Everyone comments on our bright pink chair! I love it too – not the dirty socks so much 😉 You Tube is probably another time sap but it’s a good form of escapism. I will never vlog myself – too self conscious – but I enjoy watching other people 🙂 x x

  • I’m also still in the early stages of watching Gilmore Girls too – I’m very early on in season 2 – and I’m in the same position as you, hoping they won’t be taking the revival of anytime in the future! How great that you can watch and enjoy it with your daughter.

    I love this time of year with the layers and frost walks! Your wreath looks amazing! And how exciting about the ski trip?!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend!

    • Suzanne W

      Thanks so much Jade. Lots to look forward to and get excited about. I’m feeling very christmassy but slightly concerned that I may be peaking to early!

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh I feel Christmassy just reading this! I’ve been loving the Frosty mornings too. I was a bit gutted to wake up this morning and see it was back to grey days. Your wreath is fabulous! I’ve never made one but sort of want to now I’ve seen yours!

    • Suzanne W

      You see, it’s catching! If you can book yourself into one, do. Just google them in your local area. Such a lovely thing to do 🙂 xx

  • Anna-Marie

    Lovely round-up this week. I LOVE your pink chair!! The Missing was such a good episode! Gutted its over with.. Have a wonderful weekend #littlelove

  • Stacie

    I ADORE Pentatonix (as do my students!). I haven’t listened to them yet this Christmas, thanks for that. Your wreath is fabulous! Enjoy your weekend xx

  • brummymummyof2

    Ah thanks so much for the mention love!!! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  • Jenny

    Ahhh Suzanne so festive and fun. I am with you on the Gilmore Girls series one starting this week… I did watch a lot of it when it was first one but trying to catch up before someone really ruins the show for me. lol 🙂 Spoilers everywhere. Loving the bobble hat. I have purchased a few this year and live in them. lol Happy weekend. #littleloves

  • Tracey Williams

    Love your round up Suzanne, and know exactly how you feel about Ant and Dec. It will be a sad night tonight when we say goodbye to them. I must be the only person in the world to have not watched Gilmore Girls yet. I need to get with the rest of the Little Loves crew. Must be lovely knowing that you have your skiing holiday to look forward to after Christmas. Bring on the hot chocolate and mulled wine after going down those slopes. Have a great week #littleloves x

  • Natalie

    Great job with the wreath! It looks fab. I am so jealous that you’re going skiing!! Have a lovely week xx

  • Kerri-Ann

    I LOVE that wreath and have always wanted to go to a workshop, I must change that next year. Skiing sounds fab, I hope to do that one day with my boys #littleloves

  • Morgana

    Lovely post Suzanne! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying Gilmore Girls. I think I’m going to watch it all from the beginning again.
    Your wreath looks gorgeous and you’ve inspired me to look for a workshop, hopefully I’ve not left it too late!
    Have a good week xx

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