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Celebrating, Enjoying the Silence and Thinking about Christmas #LittleLoves

Can you believe it’s November already? Quite scary how fast this year is zipping by. My month of craziness has been and gone so I’m intending to spend November getting excited about Christmas and planning ahead.

I am determined to enjoy Christmas this year, rather than endure it. Stress tends to sap the joy out of it for me so I know that getting stuck in early really does help. I think I’ve received three Christmas catalogues through the post every day this week so that should give me some inspiration!

We have another family birthday before Christmas planning can officially begin. This week has been about preparing for my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday on Tuesday. I am finally planning to share her bedroom makeover with you next week.

But onto this week and my Little Loves…


You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve returned the (unread) library books. I’m ashamed to admit that I did throw the books on the automatic machine so that I didn’t have to hear the fine spoken out loud.

I think my dalliance with the library might be over for a while. As some well-meaning friends pointed out, I probably spent more in fines than the books were worth! So I took the plunge and bought a new book – Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough – have you read it?

I also purchased the Christmas edition of Red magazine which I’m planning to properly devour over the weekend.

Red Magazine Christmas Edition

Can we give some appreciation to the fact that I am finally enjoying our new garden room? It’s the perfect hide away for a little read in peace, away from all of the nagging chores in the house. I think (know) I’m going to love it!


I know one thing I haven’t heard this week – the sound of builders in our garden! I didn’t realise how much their presence for 5 whole months has actually stressed me out. A huge part of that has been due to our dogs performing a barking duet 24/7. This week has proved that silence really is ‘golden’.

As for what I’ve actually listened to? Not a lot really, other than a bit of Taylor Swift in the car last night. Is it embarrassing to admit that I’m a secret fan?


I’ve actually hardly watched any TV at all this week. Does Celebrity First Dates count? Yes, it’s been a week of mindless drivel. I definitely need a new series to get my teeth stuck into. Any suggestions?

I did watch my youngest daughter perform in her GCSE drama exam this week – I arrived expecting to be there for 20 minutes and 2 hours later we emerged! That’ll teach me not to listen (or read the school’s letters) properly.

The students had to come up with the idea, write the script and direct it all themselves. They were brilliant! She’s been quite stressed about it so I’m very glad it’s now over and part of the GCSE is done. It’s going to be a long year let me tell you!


I *almost* made it to the top of the climbing wall!

It’s really difficult to find something that all 5 of us will enjoy these days but a climbing centre opened up near us recently, so we booked a family session for last Saturday. I am not one for heights but surprised myself by getting almost to the top.

And yes, I did ache for three days afterwards!


Seriously lacking in photographs again but I’ve gone vintage this week. When I say ‘vintage’ I mean pulling out some old clothes from my wardrobe that I had kind of forgotten existed.

I’ve also loved giving my scarf an airing. It’s been cold hasn’t it? Ski season is almost here people!

winter scarf

I wonder if I’ll ever be comfortable taking a selfie; I think I should stick to flat lays in future!

And lastly…

I’m pleased to say that I *think* I managed to kick that overwhelmed feeling in the butt. This week I have prioritised better with plenty of dog walks in the sunshine, chill out time and catch ups with friends thrown in.

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to make the most of every moment.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  • Your garden room looks fab! It must be such a relief that it’s all done. Well done to your girl on her GCSE drama, it sounds like a huge achievement!

  • Gail

    Sounds like a nice week Suzanne, glad things are calming down. That colour of top looks great on you and your garden room looks fab! xx

  • Seaside Sparkles

    Glad you’re feeling more in control this week, there are times when everything is overwhelming and it’s just recognising that this will pass and to make me time. Much tougher than it seems. I really like the idea of a garden room, it’s good to close the doors on chores and relax. I’m loving all the Christmas catalogues and magazines, to me the prep and anticipation is as good as the big day.

  • Lauranne

    Sounds like you’ve had a good week

  • Jenny

    Oh hooray!!!! Garden room is finished how exciting. And no more workers I know the feeling I can relate there. Refreshing isn’t it? Hope you have a lovely weekend #littleloves

  • Mum Reinvented

    Love the pics from your dog walks, what a gorgeous place to explore with them. Your garden room is stunning! I can just imagine the amazing parties you’ll be throwing in there. I love a Christmas magazine, saying that I have a magazine addiction in general but we’ll gloss over that. Have a great week x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Ooh your garden room looks utterly fabulous, I am sure that will help you to combat the overwhelmed feeling!

  • Catherinette

    Celebrity First Dates is my idea of a good time. Binge watching that nonsense would be a dream come true.

    Loving the scarf!

  • Natalie

    The library bit made me giggle – I am the same. I have some out from so long ago now I am too embarrassed to take them back.

    I am so excited for Christmas – I was heavily pregnant last year so Christmas got a little lost for me, so I plan to make up for it this year!! #littleloves

  • Donna

    Ooh, the Christmas catalogues each fell through my door on the *same* day! If that’s not a sign to sit down and browse with a brew, what is? Hurrah for breathing new life into old clothes! x

  • Morgana

    Sounds like a lovely week and I’m so pleased to read that you’re feeling less overwhelmed.
    I am exactly like you when it comes to the library, I joined to save money and ended up spending a fortune on fines! I’m just not organised enough to remember when they are due back and make the trek to library!
    After reading how much you and KA like Red magazine I’m rather tempted to give it a try. My Elle subscription ends soon so maybe I’ll replace it with Red.

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