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Are You Ever Too Old for a Pink Bedroom?

blush pink navy and rose gold bedroom teenage girl

At the age of 16, both my girls have requested a bedroom makeover as their birthday present. This request is generally made every five years, when tastes have changed and bedrooms have been suitably trashed. When this particular daughter requested a blush pink bedroom with a dark blue feature wall, I had my reservations:

  1. Is 16 too old for a pink bedroom?
  2. Don’t the so-called experts advise against dark colours in a small room?

Unfortunately, once they hit the teenage years, there really is no persuading them out of their own ideas. After whiling away hours on Pinterest, I discovered that these two colours, combined with a bit of rose gold, could actually work quite well.

Could we pull it off?

As usual, we covered the room in match pot samples before eventually plumping for Hicks Blue from Little Greene Paint Company and Party Surprise 5 from Dulux.

We knew that we would be keeping the bed, the bedside table and also the carpet but everything else could be changed. In fact, everything else needed to be changed.

The Hastings Ivory bed frame is from Marks & Spencer and still available. Although a little pricey, this furniture range is well worth investing in (it regularly has 20% off if ordering two or more pieces).

navy, rose gold, blush, teenage girl's bedroom

As you would expect from good old M&S it is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and practical. We therefore decided to invest in the Hastings Ivory chest of drawers to compliment the bed, hoping it would house far more clothes than her existing set of drawers.

Hastings Chest of Drawers

NB: Teenage girls have LOTS of clothes and don’t believe in hanging anything up.

As these two items were quite pricey, we decided to go for a dressing table and mirror from Ikea. The glass top on the dressing table makes it easy to keep clean and the enormous drawer is more than adequate for housing the vast array of make up that teenage girls seem to hoard.

Accessories are a girl’s best friend

We were spoilt for choice when looking for rose gold accessories because they are everywhere at the moment. I think my favourite item is the bedside lamp which I purchased from Maison du Monde.

blush pink navy and rose gold bedroom teenage girl

The  biggest bargain in the room (at £24.99) had to be the copper pendant light shade from Amazon.  Admittedly it doesn’t shield the light much but I love the look of it!

copper lampshade in bedroom

Imagine our delight when we discovered a cushion with navy blue and rose gold on it. Homesense is a treasure trove of affordable accessories for every taste and colour scheme. We couldn’t resist including a bit of blush pink fluff. Every teenager needs a fluffy cushion, right?

Cushions from Homsense

No 2017 bedroom is complete without a shelf above the bed housing some cute little cacti. Despite my husband’s protestations, I think the rose gold brackets from B&Q were well worth drilling holes in the walls for. What do you think?

navy wall rose gold brackets on shelf

The cupcake print and copper frame are both from Desenio – my ‘go to’ for typography.

I had the curtains and roman blind made to measure because (apparently) even teenagers need black-out curtains. This was probably the most difficult decision of all because the window in this room is enormous and could really make or break it. We opted for a relatively subtle material (Clarke and Clarke Studio G: Rose Tile Sky) in the end which picks up both the blue and the pink.

Lastly, I think a throw gives a bedroom that cosy feel and is well worth investing a little money in. This one is from another favourite interiors haunt of mine, Cox & Cox.

We seem to have come full circle with the colour pink. Do you think you’re ever too old?

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  • You’re never too old for pink, especially like this mixed with navy and white. The room looks beautifully designed and very chic! I want to get that dressing table too, it’s on my list for our bedroom x

    • Suzanne

      Yes the white actually really helped to break it up. I really like it now 🙂

  • oftencalledcathy

    I love it, and the dark blue wall stops it looking sugary

  • Wow, it looks fantastic and the colour scheme works really well. My daughter wants her room decorated soon – the room that looked grown up for a 7yo looks a bit young for an 11yo. She won’t be getting new furniture- just freshly painted walls, a new duvet cover and maybe a couple of cushions!

  • Mum Reinvented

    Love it! We’re currently on the black/grey phase with my 15 year old. I’ve tried sneaking a few rose gold and pink accents in there but they keep ending up at the bottom of her wardrobe, the moo! Definitely think the glass over the top of any units is well worth it, as teenage girls have a ridiculous amount of makeup etc and it’s no fun attempting to clean the stains off the wood. I quite fancy those cushions for myself – Homesense is a new one to me, I’m off to google it x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh, I like it! I must say, your 16 year old has very grown up taste. Well, that or I have very teenager taste. One or the other. It looks good anyhow…

  • What a gorgeous bedroom for a teenage girl! Love the idea of doing it as a birthday present. It looks grown up and cosy and girly all at the same time. I hope she likes it!

  • Anne Marie

    I love the dark and pink walls together. And all the rose gold accessories are just gorgeous ? #HomeEtc

  • Morgana

    What a stunning room Suzanne! You’ve done such a wonderful job with it. Everything just works together so well. If this was my room as a teen I’d never have left it! haha xx

  • Oh Suzanne!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!! The wall in my bedroom is not dissimilar to this and it’s so nice to know that I can pair it with a bit of blush pink if the mood takes me!! And no — I don’t think you’re ever too old for pink. I’m mid forties now and still love it 😉 xxx #HomeEtc

  • Tracey Williams

    LOVE this and the dark certainly goes well with the blush pink and the rose gold. I would actually love this bedroom for myself (is that wrong to say at nearly 44 lol). Especially love the rose gold brackets, who knew that brackets could be that gorgeous. Good job Suzanne and of course your daughter x

  • Kerry

    Never too old! It’s easy to make it look more grown up with greys and blues too. Your bed is almost exactly the same as mine! xx

  • Stephanie

    I love pink and copper together, this looks great and a lovely room. Never too old for pink!!

  • Life with Munchers

    Oh wow this room is gorgeous! Well done. The colours work really well together. Thank you for linking up with #bloggershomes

  • Noelle

    I may have missed it, can you please tell us the name of the navy paint you used? Thanks!

    • Suzanne W

      Hi Noelle, we used Hicks Blue by The Little Greene Paint Company. We are so pleased with the colour.

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