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Sunshine, Chocolatey Goodness and a Trip to Brighton #LittleLoves 

I am actually writing this week’s Little Loves on Thursday because in about 30 minutes, I’ll be flying out of the door for 24 hours. Tonight I’m off to Brighton to celebrate with Katie aka Hurrah for Gin, at her book launch party. I can’t wait!

Don’t know who Hurrah for Gin is? Well she wrote a blog, then she wrote a book which was incredibly successful (think stick family cartoons with loads of humour thrown in) and now she’s written another one! Tonight we are celebrating the arrival of The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams (aged 2 1/4).

This week has been all about birthdays and sunshine. We’ve had two birthdays in two days here so life has been pretty manic. Thank goodness for sunshine! Hasn’t it been a gorgeous week? Well it has been down south, apologies to those of you who are reading this from a dreary, damp part of the world.

Onto the rest of my Little Loves for this week…


I was sent these two magazines to take a look at this week and I was really impressed by the content. Do you get fed up of everyone assuming teenagers want to read about celebs, fashion and make up? The content in this Teen Breathe magazine is excellent – an article about the origin of dreams, practical ideas on how to take a digital detox (it can be as simple as not taking your phone into the loo!) as well as various self help articles. I learnt quite a lot myself actually!

I’ve yet to get fully stuck into the adult version as there was so much to read in the Teen one but I’m looking forward to taking 30 minutes out of my weekend to Breathe.


I’m going to move very swiftly on from Dr Foster because it was far from something I’ve ‘loved’ this week. Wasn’t that last episode awful? In fact I think the entire second series has been a shambles.

Instead I would much rather talk about a programme that has been uber successful in making more than one subsequent series – Cold Feet. I think those of us who adored it first time round (back in the late 1990s) were all slightly dubious about its return but I am loving it! This latest series is actually better than the last one I think. All the characters have remained true to self and it still has that clever mix of humour and poignancy. Bravo script writers. ??


Other than hearing my youngest daughter play the piano and sing a lot, I’ve actually not listened to very much music this week.

About a year ago, I considered giving our piano up because our eldest (the original pianist) was struggling to pick up the piano after her illness. Now her sister is playing it all the time and I can’t bear to part with it! She’s taught herself to play guitar chords on the piano and I am most impressed. I think it’s great to have a form of escapism like this, particularly during a difficult exam year at school. It’s been a joy to listen to.

We also ‘heard’ this week that our builder had gone bust but we seem to have salvaged something out of this potential ‘wreck’ and our garden project continues. We are finally making some good progress!


I’ve realised recently that I am someone who is massively swayed by the latest trends and this top ticks ALL the boxes: embroidery ✅ flouncy sleeves ✅ bows ✅. I’m still not 100% convinced about it but it’s had an airing this week.


One of the reasons why I had to share my Little Loves with you this week is because I actually made something. Yes, a birthday cake with all the chocolatey goodness that you could possibly dream of. 

And lastly…

October is looking to be a massively busy month for us, what with my birthday (the priority, obviously) a black tie charity ‘do’, sixth form opening evenings and various social engagements. I’ve learnt recently to take each day as it comes rather than getting over-burdened by the thought of what’s to come but I am looking forward to a lot of it. Is October going to be a busy one for you? 

Have a lovely sunny weekend one and all. 

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  • That cake looks delicious! Hope Katie’s book launch went well. Love that your girl is playing the piano so much. I wish my kids played music at home, but sadly they’re far too ‘busy’ on their phones.
    I love when I read your posts and think how similar our families are, then I read something else and we’re total opposites. I don’t think I’ve been influenced by a trend in my entire life! When I was a teenager I took pride in the fact and now it’s just a way of life.

  • Gail

    Fab birthday cake Suzanne – looks amazing! That teen magazine looks excellent too. I also have a birthday coming up in October 🙂 Hope you had a great time at the book launch! xx

    • Suzanne W

      It’s all birthdays at the moment isn’t it? Not sure someone will make me a birthday cake but we can live in hope ?

  • I’m really not sure what to make of the last episode of Doctor Foster, disappointing. I’ve recorded the new series of Cold Feet but hoping to wait a week or two so I can binge watch.

  • Kerri-Ann

    Cold Feet, absolutely. This series is far better than the last. I too love fashion, I’m so easily led by current trends but love to pick have a wardrobe full of staple items too #littleloves

  • Louise Fairweather

    Ok maybe I shall give Cold feet another go. We only watched the first episode and gave up. Loving the games room – not good about the builder though x

    • Suzanne W

      Did you watch the original series? This one has got better. Games rooms is taking shape ??

  • Mum Reinvented

    Ooh that cake looks nice! Hope you had fun at the book launch. I’m absolutely loving Cold Feet. I’m reading the book at the moment too and it’s brilliant! Have a great week x

    • Suzanne W

      Ooh I didn’t know they had written a book. Sounds fab!

  • Kate Mynard

    Love your top Suzanne, where is it from?

  • Jenny

    Oh glad you sorted garden still going. Looking great. Love that top. I wish I could have gone to Kati’e book launch that sounds amazing. I can’t wait to read her second book she is so sweet so talented. I am so proud of her. Let’s face it far too funny too! Have a great week. #littleloves

  • Tricia Coiper

    Makes you wonder if there are any honest Builders out there. We are still picking up the pieces from ours. I swore never to take my phone in the bathroom or in the bedroom at night and I’ve managed to do this. Unless I am expecting an urgent call!

    • Suzanne

      My daughter uses hers in the bath! That’s a slippery slope (and a dangerous one lol!). I remember you saying about your builders. What a complete nightmare 🙁

  • Morgana

    Completely in agreement with you about Dr Foster (TERRIBLE) and Cold Feet (Fantastic).
    Can’t wait to hear about Katie’s book launch. I was gutted that I couldn’t make it in the end.
    Have a great week! xx

  • Sarah Christie

    Oh no what a nightmare I bet you were so stressed when they went bankrupt, I am so glad you are able to salvage it! The cake looks amazing I need to make a large cake but I want to play with icing and flowers just for an experiment ! Hope you had a great time at the book launch too x

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