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A Room Update, Bare Ankles and Discovering the F Word #LittleLoves


Hello world! I took a little hiatus from the blog and it felt good. Whilst it’s done nothing for my stats, it’s done everything for my mind and sometimes (all the time) that’s more important.

But here I am at the end of February, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to share the things I’ve been loving. Although life continues to be a bit tricky in many ways, there’s always so much to be thankful for and I love this space of positivity.

Shall we dive straight in to my Little Loves?

Read in February

Wait for it *drum roll*…I finished a book! If you like crime thrillers then I can highly recommend Watching You by Lisa Jewell. It took me a little while to get into but I’m glad I persevered because 100 pages in and I couldn’t put it down. What’s more, I didn’t guess ‘whodunnit’ until right at the very end. Have you read it?

Lysa Terkeurst-Its-not-supposed-to-be-this-way

On a completely different note, I’m totally hooked on the non-fiction book that I’m working through with my bible study group – It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa Terkeurst. Every page has a nugget that breathes life into a tricky situation. If you’re a Christian who is struggling through a difficult circumstance and not sure how to reconcile what’s happening with your faith, then this book is for you.

Heard in February

I noticed that Amazon was offering a free subscription to Audible for 3 months, so I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago. The first book I downloaded was The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight.

Now before you say it, I’m not really a fan of the F-word and this book is littered with it (I’m talking every other sentence) but If you can get past that, the content and message really is brilliant. A number of people recommended it to me, thinking that I might benefit (I’m a hardened people-pleaser). I would suggest tailoring the advice to your life/circumstance but I do feel that Sarah has given me permission to be a bit ruthless about commitments and to ditch the guilt!

It’s weird listening to a book rather than reading it, I have realised that I’m definitely a visual learner so may need to listen to this a few times before I take it all in. Are you a fan of audiobooks?

Watched in February

So much! We watched oodles of old Miranda re-runs when we were skiing – the best family entertainment there is. We also watched The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas which I’ve seen before (a few times) but it’s such a moving film and it sparked some interesting conversations with the kids.

On normal TV, I really enjoyed watching Cleaning Up (just finishing the series whilst I’m writing this actually). It was pretty far-fetched but very entertaining. Great acting from Sheridan Smith as always but I thought the actresses who played her two daughters were brilliant.


Last but by no means least, is Cold Feet. What can I say about this amazing show that I haven’t before? It’s been great to come home from the gym at 9pm on a Monday, knowing that I can slump in front of this ‘comfort’ programme. It has felt like an evening with old friends and my Monday nights are now distinctly lacking.

Still trying to work out how I feel about Adam and Karen getting together though…

Wore in February

February certainly has been a month of two halves. All the winter woollies at the beginning of the month, moving into bare ankles and no jackets by the end. The sunshine has been such a welcome addition to the month hasn’t it?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that a good chunk of my month has been spent in ski gear.


Then of course we returned to the most beautiful sunshine which was enough to lift any holiday blues that might have occurred. Wasn’t it lovely to put the woolly jumpers away even if just for a few days?


This jacket from Hush has come out year after year and I know it will be another wardrobe staple this spring.

Made in February

We made some changes to our kitchen this month. A last minute purchase on Wayfair (not an ad but I have collaborated with Wayfair in the past) saw us taking delivery of this light fitting. We decided to do away with some spotlights and replace them with a centre piece which I think works really well over our industrial-look table.


We also gave the room a much needed lick of paint (well I didn’t, a decorator did, but you get my drift) and hey presto! We actually decided to use the same colour (Rock Salt by Dulux) in our ensuite upstairs because it’s a great easy-on-the-eye alternative to brilliant white.

And lastly…

You might have noticed that I’ve shifted this post to the last day of the month because it just felt too early to post a round-up on Friday 22nd. I’ll probably continue with this going forward. If you want to check out some of the other bloggers who regularly share their Little Loves then head over to Sincerely, Anna.

What did you love about February?

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  • Plutonium Sox

    Gosh, your house is so beautiful. The sunshine has been fabulous hasn’t it? I’m quite glad to be back to normal now because it will be like having a second spring when the sun comes back. I’m actively avoiding reading the Magic of Not Giving a F***, I think I’d enjoy it but I’m honestly not sure I’ve got any less f***s to give.

  • Your light fitting is amazing! I’m also impressed that you get someone else to do your painting. I would happily get someone else to do our cleaning, gardening and decorating, but no! My husband insists we do it all. I’ve never tried an audiobook because I love actually reading. I started Watching You yesterday and was hooked from the first page. The February weather has been amazing and I loved following your skiing adventure on Instagram.

  • Anna-Marie

    Oh I adore you light! I just bought a side table from Wayfair this month, its actually a really lovely site to order things from. Your ski trip looked amazing, I love the instagram updates. Miranda is a great programme! I miss it was gutted when it finished. I agree Cleaning Up was definitely far fetched but a good watch. Thanks so much for linking up, have a lovely March x

  • Gail

    Your kitchen looks fab with the new light fitting Suzanne. I’m a big fan of Lisa Jewell books too, I’m not sure that I’ve read that one but they also seem to be such page-turners, don’t they? We listen to audiobooks in the car with the kids sometimes but I do find my mind drifting off to other places so my ‘own’ books I always read the old-fashioned way! I hope the tricky stuff improves for you in March Suzanne, sending lots of love. xx

  • Heledd

    First of all reading this has made me realise I haven’t read an actual book in about eight years!!!! OMG!!! Need to read a book all of a sudden. Also, I totally missed Cold Feet, so must catch up on that too – and Cleaning UP!! Where have I been and what have I been doing? Thanks for all the tips xx

  • Tracey Williams

    That light fitting is amazing Suzanne, and I feel the same about the Karen and Adam situation. I normally love a good romantic story line but I can’t get on board with this. Also loved Cleaning Up, and I guess there will be second series x

  • Lorraine

    Looks like the skiing was great fun Suzanne. I haven’t seen any of this series of Cold Feet, I just couldn’t get into it, I might give it another try. I’ve wondered about audible but I can’t listen to one voice (weird I know) I’m better listening to a play or podcast than a book reading. I have a similar book recommendation for you, I think you may have seen it on instagram, Don’t Turn Around by Amanda Brooke .

  • I’m glad you’ve taken some time out for yourself Suzanne and have reconnected with your family on your skiing trip – you all looked very happy when your images popped up on Instagram. I LOVED the sunshine at the end of the month and am so sad that it’s gone all rainy again. Roll on summer! (Well, the Easter holidays anyway). I’ve never watched Cold Feet (not even the first time around) – I’m still trying to catch up on The Affair and This Is Us! Hope you have a positive, sunshine-filled March.

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