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No Tears, Adele and an Invisalign Update #LittleLoves

After a whirlwind trip to Wales for 48 hours, only returning this evening (Thursday), I wasn’t expecting to write a Little Loves post this week but I just can’t stay away! I love storing up some of the best bits of my week in anticipation of sharing them with you; it really does give me a more positive outlook on life. Here goes…


Okay so I read about 5 pages of ‘The Trouble with Goats and Sheep’ which I count as progress. I promise to actually have an opinion on it by this time next week!

I’ve been blogging for a little over 5 years now. You might therefore be fooled into thinking that I know everything there is to know about the world of blogging. As with everything there’s always something new to learn and I read a fantastic post by Melyssa Griffin today with 17 tips on things you need to do before hitting publish on a blog post – a great one for all you bloggers out there. I finally know what an ‘Alt Tag’ means!


I love a BBC drama, they really have got the edge over the other channels in my opinion. The first episode of Paula aired last Thursday at 9pm, I have recorded this week’s to watch when there are no kids around! I think I experienced the whole range of emotions in the space of one hour – cringed during the graphic sex scene, closed my eyes when the unexpected horror element popped up and recoiled in shock during the violent murder scene. I did question whether I would watch it again but it’s drawn me in enough to want to know what happens next. I’ll keep you posted!

I took my girls to see ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ last Saturday evening. Have you watched it? I would love to hear your opinion because I think  I’m possibly the only female in the country to remain dry eyed. No matter how hard I tried or how many dogs died, I couldn’t shed a tear! It was quite a sweet film that one of my girls enjoyed whilst the other one just got frustrated at the dodgy theology of it all!


A long car journey means a whole range of music being played. We took it in turns to choose an artist ranging from Sia through to Cher’s ‘Turn Back Time’! My favourite tune of the weekend goes to Adele with ‘When We Were Young’. I had forgotten just how amazing this song is!


I’ve been wearing my Invisalign braces for 100 days now and I am finally beginning to see some real progress. I get so many people asking question about it so will probably write a full blog at some point but for now this collection of photographs should demonstrate the difference 4 months has made.

Left is before and right is now. Only 10 months to go!

We’ve had some lovely sunshine in the south east of England this week so I’ve enjoyed wearing this relatively new purchase from Oasis. Being someone who usually opts for plain colours, this bright print is an unusual one for me but I’ve had loads of compliments on it this week.

All of the things I've been loving this week.


A purchase? I think that counts! I started a new job a few months ago, looking after the social media for a local company. Last week I received my first payment and Cox & Cox managed to lure me in with their 20% off sale almost immediately! It hasn’t arrived yet but I’m rather excited as it is an item I’ve had my eye on for about a year now. Watch this space.

And Lastly

This weekend we’ve been invited to join some friends at a silent cinema screening of Top Gun. I have a feeling my friend might be confused with the silent disco that is on afterwards but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Either way, here’s to a weekend of sunshine and plenty of fresh air.

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  • I’ve recorded Paula, but not started watching it yet as this is BGT week! The progress with your braces is fantastic. Your teeth will be looking amazing in 10 months! Hopefully we will go to a silent disco at Wychwood Festival this weekend. I’ve never heard of silent cinema though!

    • Suzanne W

      Yes I’m not entirely sure how a ‘silent cinema’ works 😉 I think she might mean an open air cinema but I’ll let you know! I’m pleased with the progress on my teeth even if the pictures are pretty gross! It’s worth me persevering with.

  • The silent cinema and disco sounds intriguing! I think I’d be a little confused as well haha. I’ve heard mixed things about A Dog’s Purpose so I think I might wait until it comes out on DVD but interesting that you didn’t find it as moving as some. Have a great week 🙂

  • Lauren

    I had Paula on my list of things I wanted to watch but I forgot all about it, I’ll have to see if iplayer have it on. I haven’t seen A Dog’s Purpose but I can’t imagine I’d cry at it, I’m a bit stone hearted with things like that! The silent cinema sounds interesting.

  • Jenny

    Oh you can see a difference they have made good for you hunny. My hubby could do with trying these. Love the floral top and congrats on the social media job. You can’t beat Cox and Cox everytime it comes through my door I really want everything and to redecorate. Have a fab weekend ahead. #littleloves

  • Mum Reinvented

    I watched that film and dissolved into a blubbering mess. My teen was absolutely disgusted with me – oops! I’m not a measure of ‘normal’ though, I cry at everything. You can definitely see a difference in your teeth already. Can’t wait to see what they look like after the full year – then I’ll brave getting some for myself maybe, once I finally brave the root canal I’ve put off for way too long. Ooh Cox & Cox. I haven’t looked on their website for about a year – it’s dangerous for my bank account! Have a lovely weekend x

  • SeasideSparkles

    I’ve been to a silent cinema st Butlins, big screen and headphones, once for novelty is fun but I prefer a real cinema. Still can’t believe I cried at A Dog’s Purpose, no tears at Marley and Me but I think it was played for tears and everyone including the 20 year old guy next to me was sobbing, it must have been contagious! I did like the film apart from the strange reincarnation bits and whilst we haven’t succumbed to a dog yet we have sponsored a guide dog as a compromise. I’m watching Paula too and feel the same as you but after watching ep 2 have a few theories we’ll see how it finishes, I normally don’t like anything so violent. Have a good weekend #littleloves

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh, silent cinema sounds like an odd thing! I look forward to hearing what it’s like. You can’t beat Top Gun with or without sound! I don’t think I want to watch A Dog’s Purpose, I’d definitely cry. I don’t care how many people in films die, don’t touch the dog. Just let me believe they live forever.

  • Morgana

    Oh gosh, I watched Paula and know just what you mean. It’s hooked me though, and I really want to know how it all ties together.
    You really can see a difference with your teeth already! Exciting! xx

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