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Stunning Views, Feeling Challenged and Birthday Vibes #LittleLoves

As I write this, I am enjoying a much-needed family break in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. Fresh air, surfing, afternoon naps and cream teas – just what the doctor ordered. It has been the perfect way to round off October and although I am normally a creature of habit who likes to spend their birthday at home, it has been so nice to have a change of scenery.

What a view to wake up to on your 47th birthday! This has definitely been a ‘little love’ worth mentioning.

Mawgan Porth view

What about all of the other things that have been brightening up October?

Read in October

I’ve got a confession to make…I totally gave up on The Couple Next Door. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before – when a book that everyone has raved about, just doesn’t do it for me. Am I allowed to say that it was badly written? Someone on Instagram suggested that I just go straight to the last few pages to find out what happens in the end but I’m not sure I even care!

I have however stumbled across some excellent blog posts this month and one I would suggest reading, is a post called Showing Up or Showing Off? by Gail from Wellies on the School Run. I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging and social media lately, thrashing out the reasons behind my embarrassment to share what I spend a lot of my time doing, as well as questioning everything I post on social media (that old chestnut ?). I loved Gail’s view of sharing your life online – it’s not ‘showing off’ as so many people accuse it of being, it is in fact ‘showing up’ and that takes guts!

magazinesI took a few books on holiday with me but I was most excited about getting stuck into these two magazines. Nothing says ‘holiday’ to me, more than a new magazine. Who knew that I was old enough to enjoy Woman & Home? I’ll confess to picking it up thinking it was Good Housekeeping but was pleasantly surprised by the content – yep, I’ve definitely reached middle age!

Heard in October

For a bit of fun, I’ve been singing along to Olly Murs’ latest single featuring Snoop Dogg – it’s a real feel-good tune! If you haven’t heard it, now’s your chance…

And on a completely different note, this song on Lauren Daigle’s new album, sends chills down my spine – Love Like This.

Watched in October

There have been so many fantastic films/clips/YouTube videos/TV programmes grabbing my attention this month but I’m going to focus on two that stood out…

Stacey Dooley Investigates – Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

This girl really doesn’t shy away from hot topics, does she? Her investigation into the fast fashion industry, really got me thinking last week and it has caused quite a stir on social media.

You know I love clothes shopping and probably always will but my habit of buying (fairly cheap) high street items so that I can justify ditching said item after one season, is having a devastating impact on other parts of the world. If you’ve not seen the documentary, please watch it. Stacey’s closing lines really got me…

“The few pounds we spend on an item of clothing isn’t the true cost – the real cost is the millions of gallons of clean water that was used to grow the fabric, or the millions of gallons of fresh water that was polluted with toxic chemicals to dye the clothes. It’s a situation that needs addressing – and fast. There has to be a sense of urgency now because to be totally honest with you, we’re running out of time.”

A Star is Born

Oh my, have you seen this film yet? I went to the cinema to watch it with my daughter a few weeks ago and I am still unable to summarise my feelings about it. I think I’m in shock!

Lady Gaga’s performance was absolutely phenomenal, if I didn’t know it was her, there’s no way on this earth I would have guessed. Her acting was outstanding, she completely morphed into her character and the depth of emotion portrayed was almost too much to bear at times.

Obviously I didn’t cry (I never cry at films) but it was an emotional rollercoaster alright. It was also a film of two halves – completely uplifting and fun in the first half, utterly devastating in the second. You simply have to see it.

Wore in October

Before even watching Stacey Dooley’s investigation, I had already decided that October would be a ‘No New Clothes’ month. Instead I’ve been resurrecting much-loved items from last year and co-ordinating them with some of my newer items.

I do find that when my wardrobe is over-stuffed, I can’t work out what goes together and hear myself saying far too regularly “I have nothing to wear” which we all know (no one more so than my husband) simply isn’t true!

We’ve had a few warmer days but on the colder ones, I’ve been able to my new favourite jumper from New Look (bought back in September, before you ask) and this amazing faux fur/suede gilet from Mint Velvet which I purchased in the autumn sale last year.

Faux Fur Gilet Mint Velvet

I’ve also been trying to work out how to style these leopard print boots from Office (also purchased in September!). I think you can dress these up or down but on a more casual day, they look great with blue denim jeans and mustard.

Made in October

I’ve actually made some really good meals over the last month or so, largely thanks to Slimming World. Before you mention it, I know that I don’t need to lose weight and have no intention of doing so, but one member of our household has been wanting to eat a little healthier so this seemed the easiest way.

To my surprise, the Slimming World website offers the most delicious recipes! I’ve been cooking from scratch a lot more, using fresh herbs and not taking so many short cuts. I’ve really enjoyed making some different family meals and it’s helped me get out of the spaghetti bolognese/sausage and mash rut, that I was in. I can highly recommend their meatballs and the cod in breadcrumbs is so tasty.

And Finally…

In all honesty, October has been a weird month of ups and downs but as this is my happy place, I’m choosing to focus on the positives. Please never assume that our life is perfect based on what you read here (or see on social media); I can assure you that it is just the same as anyone else’s but I’m choosing to put my trust in Him.

For more gorgeous brush lettering inspiration, head over to Instagram and follow Make Today Beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend all and make every day in November, count – are we really almost in November?!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  • I can’t believe it’s nearly November either! I’ve been loving your photos from Cornwall, what a lovely place to spend your birthday! I thought The Couple Next Dior was OK, but not a must-read! I was surprised that it was one of the biggest selling books of last year. I haven’t seen that documentary, but it sounds interesting. It would probably make me give up buying clothes forever! I absolutely loved A Star is Botn and like you could hardly believe it was actually Lady GaGa. I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody this week and loved that even more, but I am a huge Queen fan.

    • Suzanne W

      Yes I don’t think you are Stacey Dooley’s target audience – don’t watch it!

  • Anna-Marie

    That song is just beautiful by Lauren Daigle, first time i have heard it and it won’t be the last. Will be looking out for her on Spotify. I absolutely love your boots! Your mustard jumper is gorgeous too. I am desperate to see A Start is Born, that and the new Queen film! I may have to sneak out one evening to watch them. Hope your having a wonderful time away. Popping over from LittleLoves

    • Suzanne W

      Lauren Daigle has had quite a few albums – I would def recommend checking her out 🙂 I want to see the new Queen film too, think my husband would love it as he’s a massive fan.

  • Mum Reinvented

    I haven’t watched that documentary yet, it’s on my to watch list though. Says the woman who has spent a small fortune on clothes recently, but to be honest I had to after losing 4 stone, everything was hanging off me. I have at least taken my old stuff to charity shops and homeless shelters so someone else can make use of them. I so want to watch A Star is Born, although after reading your review of it I may need to wait until it’s on dvd as I’m a crier and I don’t fancy completely dissolving in the cinema. Ha ha I’ve been reading Woman & Home since I was about 20! I really like it. Don’t know if that makes me old before my time or not. Enjoy Cornwall, I’m loving all your photos x

  • Tricia Cooper

    I absolutely loved Sar is Born. And keep listening to the music.
    I almost sure I read The Couple next Door and enjoyed it.

  • Gail

    Great round up Suzanne, and thank you so much for mentioning my post on here. My husband and I saw A Star is Born at the Weekend and loved it. We also went to see Bohemian Rhapsody (in an unusual burst of frequent cinema going), and it was utterly fab. That fashion documentary sounds interesting. must watch that. Your photos from Cornwall were gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely month ahead. xx

  • Stacie

    Happy Belated Birthday!That view is gorgeous – definitely a lovely way to spend your special day. I also watched the Stacey Dooley documentary – it completely opened my eyes to fashion and the fashion industry. Let’s hope that the big brands take note too, eh? I need to see A Star is Born, I’ve heard so many great things about both Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper (who is a little bit dreamy – win win!). I use loads of Slimming World recipes – not because anyone in our house is on a weight loss mission – but because they are just wholesome and healthy. I got the fakeaway recipe book, it’s fab! The Chicken Tikka is SO delicious! I always feel proud when I know I’ve made it from scratch xx

  • I loved following your break in Cornwall – it’s our happy place so I always enjoy seeing what other people make of it. Looks like you had beautiful weather! Happy belated birthday 🙂
    I’ve not read Gail’s blog post yet – off to have a look now as she always writes so beautifully and makes a lot of sense. I’ve not seen A Star Is Born yet either – I’m desperate to watch it but no-one else in my household is interested so I think I’m going to have to try and make time for a solo cinema trip once my girls are back at school.
    I’m sorry to hear it’s been a bit of a tough month. Hopefully the highs have outweighed the lows, and if they haven’t at least you can take comfort in the fact that you’ve all survived and better days are hopefully on their way.

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