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Bedroom Fit for a Teenage Boy

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Soho Home but all photographs, opinions and words are my own. 

Interiors posts are like buses round here – none for weeks, then they all come at once. When I started this blog back in 2016, one of my aims was to fall in love with my home again. I’ve always enjoyed ‘making our house a home’ – some new sofa cushions here, a touch of greenery there – but for a while, parenting kind of got in the way and I lost inspiration.

This blog has helped me in so many ways, providing accountability as well as someone to share my little projects with. The fact that my teenage daughter’s pink bedroom is one of my most viewed blog posts, makes me happy.

This year, I had promised to update my son’s bedroom. He shows zero interest in interiors (not unusual for a 13 year old boy) but I felt it was high time we upgraded his narrow cabin bed to a full-size divan – at the very least.

Want to see what we did?

You can’t go wrong with grey in a bedroom…or a sitting room, or hallway for that matter! The problem, is the number of different shades of grey on the market. I did some research, considered the amount of light in the room and finally plumped for Chic Shadow by Dulux.

Although this bedroom is a good size, every wall has either a door, window or cupboard to factor into the equation and that makes it a bit awkward when arranging furniture.

I was looking for a divan bed that would fit under both windows and also have drawers in the base – a neat way to create extra storage.

My boy likes to read in bed so the padded headboard on this one from Marks & Spencer, makes for a more comfortably reading experience. The sumptuous red velvet cushion that was kindly gifted to us by Soho Home, really gives the bed a luxurious feel.

The stylish white gloss furniture works really well with grey and fits into the space provided perfectly. I don’t always get it right where furniture is concerned but I do love this chest of drawers and the circular design of the bedside table is really unusual. Both are extremely well made and required no assembly on arrival – always a win!

Prior to this little makeover, my boy’s bedroom was a haven of Lego. Of course we were both (mainly me) slightly reluctant to remove all signs of Lego, so one or two special items remained. And no matter the age, what boy’s bedroom is complete without a teddy bear?

If you’re interested in some of the items we purchased, you’ll find most of them below.

Shop the Look

Monroe Oblong Cushion – Red
Always be yourself poster
Stars Bedding
Black free-standing metal mirror
Divan Bed M&S
Easy Fit Pendant Light
Exit Sign Maison du Monde
Notch Wide Chest of Drawers
Sphere Gloss Bedside Table

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  • I bet he’s really pleased with it (or is he as underwhelmed as the average teenage boy?) It looks really good and I’m jealous of how tidy it is! My boy’s room had a slight update a couple of years ago, but there was no point doing a complete redesign as he is incapable of keeping it tidy.

  • Starlight and Stories

    Some great tips here, we’re currently planning completely new rooms for both our children so will be checking out your suggestions.

  • Alice

    If I was a teenage boy I’d want this bedroom – it’s gorgeous! I especially love the cushion and exit sign.

  • Gemma - Heart Mammi

    I re-decorated my 12-year old’s room last year too. It had been Sonic the Hedgehog Blue and Red since we moved in when he was 7 and never thought to update it. He didn’t have a preference for colour, so we went for grey walls and monochrome accessories. It looks so grown up now. I don’t think he’s too bothered but I love it. xx

  • Lisa H

    The room looks brilliant and you’re right, grey walls are so adaptable that it can be easily changed in a few years if you need it to be.

  • Talya

    It looks super cool and I love that exit sign which makes it feel like a cool diner!

  • Dusk Luxury Throws

    Perfect bedroom for any teenager. I love the table specially.

  • White Belle

    We supply customers throughout the UK with a wide range of home bedding products, duvets, toppers, protectors, pillows, and more.

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