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Slogan T-Shirts (for the slightly more mature)

As you all know, April is a ‘No New Clothes’ month for me. You mean you didn’t know? Where’ve you been?

If you follow me on social media, you will be all too aware that it’s kind of killing me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a wardrobe exploding with new clothes; I think it’s more to do with that age old problem – the minute you’re denied something, it’s all you can think about. Sound familiar?

Anyway, where was I? As soon as the sun came out, my eyes were drawn to t-shirts. Right now, it’s all about the slogan t-shirt. They’re everywhere! The issue my friends, is that if you’re the wrong side of 40, slogans such as ‘Don’t text your ex‘ or ‘Whatever‘ just don’t feel appropriate emblazoned across your somewhat-lower-than-is-desired chest. And don’t even get me started on ‘Party like its‘ – who decided the apostrophe has gone out of fashion?

So continuing on my theme of ‘I’m probably too old but will be wearing it anyway’ I have been doing a little healthy research into slogan tees suitable for the slightly more mature amongst us. Why should we miss out on all the fun?


Esprit – Life is easy choose to be HAPPY & laugh often. £19.00

Great advertising here. I wonder if just putting this t-shirt on makes you super happy? The word HAPPY is even made out of sequins – how cute?

River Island – Let the evening be GIN. £20.00

This is a ‘boyfriend’ t-shirt so supposed to be worn on the big side. Perfect for lounging about in at home (with a gin and tonic, obviously).

Top Shop – I like you more than coffee – that says a lot . £35.00

Probably more than I would normally spend on a t-shirt but I like the subtlety of this logo, although it might mean someone peering rather oddly at your left boob to work out the slogan. Hmmm.


Oasis – Tres Lovely . £20.00

Can’t go wrong with a Breton stripe in my opinion. Could be suggesting that you think you’re lovely, but equally just a simple t-shirt with a bit of sparkle on it. Nice.

FMLY Store – We are all wonder women. £30.00

This is a new addition to the Selfish Mother range and I think this slogan says it all. A little on the expensive side but £10 from every sale goes to charity so what’s not to like?


Esprit – Fun. £12.00

You’ve probably guessed by now, that I’m rather fond of Esprit. This is a good price for a nice simple tee. Always useful to have a grey t-shirt in the wardrobe too – it goes with everything!

Esprit – Love. £12.00

More cuteness from Esprit and this one comes in a variety of colours/styles but all with a love heart theme – there’s even a striped one!

Hush – Happy Days. £35.00

Hush is one of my favourite stores and the clothes all wash so well (you can’t keep the middle aged in me away for long!). Gorgeous t-shirt – simple yet the slogan is perfect for summer.

Zara – Khaki. £7.99

I couldn’t exclude Zara from this list – another favourite store of mine. I love the colour of this one but if you’re hankering after white or grey then you’ll be pleased to hear it comes in those colours too. Great value for money.

Before you accuse me of going back on my word, let’s just be clear about one thing: I’m not buying any of these t-shirts now. But some will definitely be added to the ‘Things to be bought come 1st May’ list. Now to choose which ones…

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  • These are fab! You know I’m very attached to my Superdry Tshirts, but I have been admiring the slogan Tshirts around at the moment. I especially like the ‘Wonder women’ Tshirt. The gin and coffee ones are no good for me since I don’t indulge in either!

    • Suzanne

      Yes I think the Wonder Woman Tee is apt for many of us! I’m struggling to choose a favourite. I do like the dark grey ‘Happy’ tee but I wonder if the sequins might be scratchy. Hmmmm.

  • Jess Soothill

    LOVE these and so chic too! I absolutely adore a slogan tee right now, but as you say they need to be put with something stylish for us more mature ladies otherwise they can look tacky!! Great picks and I love them all xx

    • Suzanne W

      Definitely. I’ve seen many a tacky slogan whilst searching for suitable ones! Love them though. Still can’t decide which to go for! xx

  • Not A Frumpy Mum

    Great choices, I love the Topshop one and I was eyeing up the Hush happy days tee on their website last night, I think that one is my fave. After failing miserably at no new clothes March, I’ve tried to stick to it in April and so far, so good! How are you doing?? xx

    • Suzanne W

      I’ve not bought any clothes or shoes! I’m struggling though – you know how you just seem to NEED something as soon as you can’t have it? Not long to go though. Well done on your effort 🙂 xx

  • Sara | mumturnedmom

    Love these! I’ver never really been a slogan T girl, but I have seen some recently that I love, especially Selfish Mother ones 🙂 I live in grey, so I love the Fun one, but Happy Days comes a close second!

    • Suzanne

      They’re everywhere these days though aren’t they? I’m never sure if I want one because I’ve become such a sucker for an advert or because I genuinely like them!

  • Jo Wilkie

    I find the slogan T shirt mainly embarrassing for everybody. I had noticed middle aged women wearing them with ancient bands like Stones and Ramones, which looks a bit desperate. And then just facile things … so so facile.

    I liked one of these. The Gin one. Not that much though. WOuldn’t wear it. Walking round with Happy written on you!! or fun or love hearts or talking about being wonder women all made me want to gag a bit.

    The Khaki one was ok.

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