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Snowless Les Gets, Burnt Crisps and Saved by Netflix #LittleLoves

I’m almost too scared to start this post. Why? Because we’ve said goodbye to Christmas, welcomed in a new year and been on holiday since I last sat down to construct a Little Loves post – certainly too much to squeeze into a 500 word post!

In many ways, the festive period passed by in a whirlwind. During the run up to Christmas, we were out socialising and celebrating almost every night but I still managed to single-handedly wrap about 70 presents. Let’s just say that when my husband uttered the words ‘but you enjoy it’ he didn’t get hearts and flowers in response!

We had a couple of family days on Christmas day and Boxing day, then made the 12 hour trek to the french Alps for our family ski holiday. The snow was sparse but we had a much-needed break which didn’t involve us getting up at the crack of dawn to charge down mountains, which is our custom. Instead we had some lie-ins and lazy days which I think we all benefitted from.

With time and your sanity in mind, I shall just pick out a few things I want to share from the last couple of weeks.


Where to start? I think I have around 4 books on the go right now! The book I’ve read the most over the past few weeks, is ‘Present over Perfect’ by Shauna Niequist. I dropped many very heavy hints about it during the run up to Christmas and was relieved to find it under the tree on Christmas day.

Present over Perfect

I’ve known for quite some time that this was one of those ‘must-reads’ for me and it’s certainly confirmed my ‘One Word’ for 2017,  which is RELEASE. I shall no doubt be writing more about that in the coming week or so.

I actually don’t know how to sum up this book because every single chapter has a little gem in it which feels just right for my current season. If you’ve ever felt as though you need to slow down, live more ‘in the moment’ and perhaps re-evaluate your life a little, then this book is for you. Shauna is a Christian and does write from a faith perspective but honestly, I think anyone could relate to her words and get something from this book.


I have to admit to feeling a little disappointed by the TV offerings over Christmas. Bar the Queen’s speech and a somewhat cliché episode of ‘Call the Midwife’ we didn’t watch anything at all! We did however watch quite a few films whilst on holiday – ‘Eddie the Eagle’ and ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ probably being our two favourites.

I also finally forced the husband to watch embarked on The Crown which you can find on Netflix at the moment. It’s brilliant! I’ve learnt so much about the Royals and although I question how much of it is true to life and how they could know some of the detail that is included, I’m finding it fascinating viewing. We’ve just watched the coronation so looking forward to the coming episodes.

Netflix The Crown


Music is one of the things that gets us through our 12 hour car journey to France. I think we must have listened to every popular song of the moment as well as some golden oldies. Due to the very unexpected death of George Michael, Careless Whisper has been played a lot over the last week or so – a timeless classic and my favourite song of his.

We also heard a LOT of fireworks going off over new year – during the day, at midnight, on new year’s day. I never quite get why people are still lighting fireworks after the event but hey!

New Year's Eve in Les Gets

We saw an amazing firework display in Les Gets on New Year’s Eve, starting with a torchlit procession down the mountain by all the ESF instructors. The town has such a lovely family feel to it and the Mayor puts on this display free of charge for everyone – glad to see our taxes are going towards something useful!


I know lots of people buy something new to wear at Christmas but I’m not really one of those types. I prefer to feel comfortable whilst allowing extra room for all the food I will be consuming!

We did attend a 50th Birthday party a few days before Christmas where I once again wore my favourite Ted Baker dress which I purchased for the MAD Blog Awards a few years ago. I still LOVE it and always get so many compliments. I think sometimes it pays to splash out a bit. Apologies for the slightly blurred party shot here but this just about sums up our evening. It was a fantastic night. Can you believe that my friend (far right) is 50?! I’m planning to steal all of her trade secrets over the next 5 years.

Other than that, it was all about the bobble hat and ski wear. I would be lying if I professed to no snow at all in Les Gets over the new year period; there were three slopes open and we certainly made the most of those. Serious concentration face going on here!


A mess? Plans? Burnt crisps? Yes, I made all of those and more. I know this section is really about showing off our talents but in this ‘made’ section, mine are pretty scarce. Sorry about that.

I did indeed offer up some home-made crisps on New Year’s Eve, a result of discovering that our post Christmas, healthy-eating plan had started a little too early and our house was void of all junk food! How I managed to burn them I have no idea but I’m pretty sure that the results were Snap-chatted (is that a verb?) amongst my children’s peers and they will no doubt be an annual tradition going forward.

And Lastly

I’ve been pondering a lot on what I’m going to do differently in 2017. Last year was so hard for us as a family but I think it’s important to not let these things define you but instead, move forward with purpose. I will be sharing a post on my thoughts next week.

January is a tough month for everyone I think and my added resolve to remove all alcohol from the house (unless we are entertaining) for the month, isn’t going to help matters! We have lots to look forward to though – our new wood-burning stove is coming mid month (sad? probably) and we have various social events to attend. I’m also going to start treatment on my teeth this month – I’ve always hated my wonky teeth so this is the year when they get fixed!

Happy 2017 my friends.

Inside, Outside & Beyond




  • It sounds like you had a good break, despite the snow shortage and it’s great to read that you’re feeling positive for 2017. Your friend looks amazing for 50! I’m jealous that you’re getting your teeth fixed. I want acupuncture for my long-term injury, but hubby says we can’t afford it! 🙁

    • Suzanne W

      I would recommend acupuncture. Can you get it on the NHS? Obviously I can’t get my teeth done that way but I do think it’s an investment that I will be pleased I did. I hope so anyway. I’ve wrestled with it for years – is it vain? Should I just accept them as they are? But they’re getting worse and causing me some pain now as they shift around 🙁

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh didn’t you like call the midwife? We really enjoyed it! I do agree with you about Christmas tv in general though, it wasn’t amazing. I’m glad you did manage to fit in a bit of skiing while you were away and had a good break anyway. I like the sound of the book you’re reading, I’ll look out for it.

    • Suzanne W

      I think it didn’t help that people were talking all the way through Call the Midwife! The book is such a refreshing read 🙂 x

  • Anna-Marie

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Very jealous of your skiing antics! The crown is amazing isn’t it? I literally binged watch them all. I hated history of any kind at school but I learnt so much about the monarchy watching that! Cannot wait for the next series. Have a wonderful Weekend xx

    • Suzanne W

      I was the same as you at school – no interest at all in history. I love any historical dramas now!

  • Stacie

    Sounds like you had a well deserved break even with the lack of snow! I have that book too, but haven’t gotten round to reading it yet. Must pick it up soon. One of my students is in The Crown! Enjoy your weekend xx

    • Suzanne W

      Gosh, what an amazing drama to be involved in! Yes we did have a good break. It was nice to relax together and we had sun every day so can’t complain 🙂

  • Halina Vie Choufleur

    You. Wrapped. SEVENTY. Presents?!?! *awe face* We didn’t watch much over Christmas either – the availability of shows & movies on Netflix & Now TV almost makes normal TV redundant! Glad to see another Careless Whisper fan – it’s always been one of my ultimate favourites. IT’s been a very sad week in this house. Hope you’re having a great weekend x #LittleLoves

    • Suzanne W

      Ok so those 70 presents included all of the ones in my kids’ stockings. But yeah. Also had 20 employees to wrap for, forgot to include those ones lol! All seems like an age ago now.

  • Mum Reinvented

    Funny how men seem to think we enjoy wrapping presents isn’t it – mine’s the same! I loved The Crown, such a brilliant series. Can’t wait for the second one. Poor George Michael, he was an amazing singer. Careless Whisper is one of my faves too. Can’t believe your friend is 50, you all look so young and glam! Feel free to share her secrets 😉 Glad you had a great holiday, you deserve it after wrapping all those pressies! Hope you’re having a good weekend x

  • I’m so glad you all had a great holiday, Suzanne, you guys certainly needed it after a tough year. We watched Eddie the Eagle a month or two back just for something to watch, and both Adam and I ended up really enjoying it! x #LittleLoves

  • Donna

    I want to get my teeth sorted this year too so I look forward to seeing how your teeth go 🙂 I am so envious of your ski holidays – Dave would love to take the children skiing, I’ve never been – it would be an adventure. Anyway, it always seems like you have such quality time together in Les Gets – the fireworks looked lovely! x

  • Morgana

    Happy 2017 Suzanne! What a lovely jam packed first Little Loves of the year. I’m so glad you all had the holiday you needed even with the lack of snow.
    The Crown is just wonderful isn’t it? I feel much more of an affinity to the Royal family now, which seems silly, but it helped make them seem more real to me.
    Have a lovely week xx

    • Suzanne W

      Yes so do I! I’m learning so much about the people that I didn’t know before. Fascinating watching, it really is. Thanks for hosting. xx

  • Not A Frumpy Mum

    I love the look of that book, I’m trying this year to not get so stressed over silly things and be more present at home. Less distracted, looks like it would be the perfect read for me at the moment. Looking good on the slopes Suzanne! xx

    • Suzanne W

      I can highly recommend this book. I’ve finished it now. Time for some fiction! xx

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