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The Missing, Being Blonde and a Touch of Lemon Drizzle #LittleLoves

Another Friday looms large and what a lot we’ve packed into this week. I’ve managed a lovely bout of online shopping, some stunning dog walks and have even sent off some birthday presents to reach the recipient ON TIME (a rare win in this house). I think that calls for a celebration! We are actually preparing for a celebration this weekend as we head to the Cotswolds to raise a glass to my parents who have been married for 50 years. FIFTY?! Amazing achievement.

If you fancy a little nosey, then to follow are this week’s Little Loves…


I’ve bought myself another book. Told you I was going to commit to this ‘reading for pleasure’ lark. In fact I bought two but am saving one for our holiday in two weeks time. So this week’s gem was in the Best Sellers list over at WHSmiths. I’ll admit to falling asleep whilst reading on various occasions this week, so can’t really comment as yet but the Twix went down VERY nicely!


The Missing is a programme that I heard so many people raving about but somehow the first series managed to pass me by. Did you catch episode 1 of the new series this Wednesday? I was gripped! I’m still slightly confused as to who is who (all the women look the same) but after tweeting as such, the BBC assures me that it is an entirely new story. We are totally spoilt for TV at the moment, aren’t we?


The beauty of having teenagers (there are some, promise) is that I get to experience lots of music genres. Some I prefer to others but the stunning voice belonging to Gabrielle’s Aplin is one of my favourites. I’ve taken to cooking tea whilst listening to music and English Rain was my album of choice on Wednesday evening. I particularly love Gabrielle’s song ‘Salvation’ on this album.


After my wardrobe overhaul last week, I’ve not had a lot to wear (don’t worry, I’m working on that bit).  What I have donned a fair few times however, is my trainers. My motivation? In 8 short days I shall be bearing all by the side of a Turkish pool. Enough said.


They say that you’re either a baker or a cook. I’m definitely the former. I love to bake but rarely have the time these days. This week was no exception to be honest but as I had promised to bring a homemade cake to our weekend celebration, I plumped for my favourite. Who doesn’t love a bit of lemon drizzle? Can’t wait to tuck into this little beauty.

And lastly…

After just three weeks, I decided that I was bored of being blonde (fake and only ‘ish’). Although nice to have a change, the colour didn’t suit my skin tone all that much. So brunette it is and I feel much more ‘me’. We really shouldn’t mess with what the good Lord blessed us with, should we? Have a fabulous weekend one and all; see you on the other side.



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  • Jill

    How did you know lemon drizzle was my favourite? Yum! I love baking but don’t like cooking meals either but I haven’t got to do either this weeknd., thanks to you and your sister. Sorry I didn’t get to see you blonde. Any pics?

    • Suzanne W

      It wasn’t really blonde, blonde, just much lighter than normal. Lemon drizzle is everyone’s favourite!

  • I’ve just started reading that book too! I’m only 30 pages in and it hasn’t grabbed me yet. I have high hopes though because of all the glowing reviews! That cake looks delicious!
    Enjoy your weekend in the Cotswolds! You won’t be too far away from me!

    • Suzanne W

      I was too scared to say that it hasn’t grabbed me either (yet) but I think the very fact I fell asleep so many times doesn’t bode well! I’m going to persevere thought for the same reasons. I’m confused at the moment to be honest!

  • I bet you’re counting down the days to your holiday – it’ll be nice to have a little sun now autumn is fully here. A last hurrah to sunshine and heat for a while!

    The lemon drizzle looks delicious, and I’ll have to look into The Forgotten Time. Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Suzanne W

      Exactly Jade! I made a vow to myself…to never again watch everyone else zipping off on a half term holiday whilst I was home suffering the rain! Can’t wait. I’m storing up my books for the holiday 🙂

  • Plutonium Sox

    Ooh lemon drizzle, looks fab! I’ve never seen The Missing but I actually think I’d quite like it. I’m terrible for finding the time to watch television though.

    • Suzanne W

      I used to be exactly the same Nat but I’ve tried to give myself the time to watch it in the evening particularly…after the kids have gone to bed. Even if it’s just one programme that I enjoy. Beats Jeremy Kyle which my teen seems to love! x

  • Morgana

    I need to get The Missing on catch up, so many of you have mentioned it in your Little Loves! I saw the first series of it and was hooked so I must set the new one to record.
    Love Gabrielle Aplin, she’s got such a beautiful voice. My husband actually gigged with her a few years ago 😉
    Have a wonderful week xx

    • Suzanne W

      Ha ha initially I read that as ‘my husband giggled with her’! Gigging is pretty amazing though. You must dig out The Missing on catch up, well worth it. x

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