A few months ago, I felt the need to re-evaluate the relationship I have with my phone. I had come across the book How to Break Up with your Phone a few times and thanks to Amazon Prime (what did we do before this little marvel?), the very next day I was clutching it in my sweaty palms. My motive wasn’t to ditch my phone altogether (I’m a blogger, come on) but to find a better balance. It had a hold on me that wasn’t healthy and as ‘finding balance‘ is my theme for 2018, it made sense to pursue that with regard to my phone usage too. What I’ve realised over the years of blogging, is that if I’m going… View Post

I’ve talked about this before on the blog but when my children were small, I kind of lost myself a little bit. Waist deep in nappies and CBeebies for the best part of 10 years, I didn’t have much time for myself as my priorities were very much focused on my young family. Just for the record, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The first thing that disappeared was my fashion sense. I really didn’t know what the latest fashion trends were and looking back on photographs, I had no idea what suited me. Shopping was a luxury and if I ever did get to escape, I would gravitate towards the children’s clothes, feeling guilty if I spent… View Post

  Growing up, one of my favourite programmes on TV was Grange Hill. For anyone under the age of 30, Grange Hill was a drama series based in a North London secondary school, covering hard-hitting story lines such as drug abuse, homelessness, teenage pregnancy and rape. During my adolescent years, Grange Hill was the TV show of the moment; everyone was watching it. Whilst I could vaguely relate to the story lines, they were pretty far removed from my sheltered experiences – the very thing that made it so intriguing. At the time I had a friend who wasn’t allowed to watch Grange Hill. What did she do? Come up to my house to watch it! Even in the days of… View Post

What a month June has been. I mean I’ve had to pinch myself on numerous occasions, is this really England and not the mediterranean? Our garden room really has come into its own this month, especially with the Word Cup being on. The space and big TV has made it a popular choice for 13 year old boys! I’ve also really enjoyed working outside, even though it’s very difficult to get motivated when the sun is shining. I am sincerely hoping that this weather lasts, at least until next Thursday which is prom day. Think of us this time next week (I am writing this post on a Thursday, in case you’re confused) with a house full of excited 16… View Post

I’ve been longing to share this month’s home with you because I’ve caught snippets on social media and couldn’t wait to see more. Although my home style is very modern with clean lines, that doesn’t mean I can’t admire other styles. In fact one day I would love to move back into a house with a bit of character. Our first home (twenty years ago now) was a Victorian terrace and this month’s featured home reminds me very much of those days. Kerri-Ann’s style is all about the shabby chic. Her home is so warm and inviting that I want to move in right now! Shall we take a peek? Who lives in your home? We are a family of… View Post