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Favourite Podcasts, Embracing Cigarette Trousers and a Break Up #LittleLoves

easter tree

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]arch has been an odd one in many respects; we’ve seen snow, rain, sunshine and hail. We’ve been skiing, celebrated Mother’s Day (probably the less said about that the better *grits teeth*) and have endured two weeks of mock exams.

I always look forward to the last Friday of the month because it’s my opportunity to share all of the lovely little things that have been happening over the last few weeks. So here are my ‘Little Loves’ for March…


I have tried so hard to knuckle down with a new fiction read since finishing Eleanor Oliphant, but I’ve failed. I got so far with Matt Haig’s ‘Stopping Time’ but it probably didn’t stand a chance trying to follow such an awesome book.

So I’ve moved over to non-fiction and this little book, ‘How to Break up with Your Phone’, both excites and terrifies me in equal measure.

how to break up with your phone

I’m about halfway through and haven’t yet reached the part where you have to put some of the very persuasive arguments for breaking up with your phone, into practice. From what I can gather so far, it’s not about ditching your phone altogether (that would be impossible given that a large chunk of my work is on social media) it’s more about tackling the hold it has over you.

I shall let you know how I get on!


I’ve got so much to share with you today, I’m not sure where to start! I’m big into podcasts at the moment; they are so convenient to listen to when driving, walking the dogs or at the gym. There is also one on every topic imaginable!

This month I’ve really been enjoying One Girl Band and What She Said, both hosted by creative entrepreneurs who also happen to be amazing bloggers!

Two episodes that I have found incredibly helpful and insightful this month have been One Girl Band’s interview with Lucy Sheridan who talks about overcoming comparison and What She Said’s interview with Jen Thorne from A Beauty Junkie who tackles the age old issue of losing your blogging mojo.

These particular episodes spoke straight into areas where I feel a bit weak at the moment. In fact I wrote my own blog post inspired by both of these, all about what to do when the negative voices strike.

I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite tracks by Philippa Hanna who my girls and I are looking forward to seeing in concert next week at Shepherds Bush. This song is so beautiful.


There are a few things we’ve been enjoying on the box this month. I think I would be hard pushed to find anyone who didn’t devour the 6-part drama series ‘Save Me’ over on Sky Atlantic. Wasn’t it fantastic? The storyline, acting, script, everything about it was gripping. It’s still available on catch up if you missed it.

We also all enjoyed watching ‘The Founder’ on Netflix – a film about the founder (clue’s in the title ?) of Mcdonalds. What an unusual character he was! Definitely worth a watch and good family viewing for anyone with teenagers.


I always come a little unstuck in this section but this month I’ve made my home look all pretty for Easter. Is that allowed?

easter decorations in home

I’ve been on the look out for one of these white decorative trees for ages but many of them were expensive or a little spindly looking. I bought this one online from The Range and I can highly recommend it. Opinions are divided in this house but I’m a firm believer in finding any excuse to decorate.


Obviously I haven’t worn nothing but I sadly have very few photographs that are blog-worthy. Someone tell me how these people who share the most stunning outfit shots, do it. Do they have a photographer following themaround all day long?

We’ve had a few sunny days so I’ve lived in these animal print trainers from New Look – a complete bargain at £15 and so comfy!


I’ve also finally had the guts to crack open these checked cigarette trousers from H&M which I bought last year but for some reason, haven’t had the confidence to wear. Until now!

Please, please ignore the tip that is my bedroom and do not tell my children that it looks like this, okay?


checked cigarette trousers H&M

I wore the trousers to work with my black suede sock boots from Boden but I think they would look equally fab with trainers. Apparently these trousers are bang on trend at the moment. Who knew?

And Lastly

Today marks the start of the Easter holidays which quite frankly, couldn’t come soon enough. We’ve had so many coughs and colds during the first quarter of the year which usually indicates that we all really need a rest.

We have very little planned, other than The Boy heading to Euro Disney with school for 5 days. My eldest is working sadly, meaning that she won’t get the time off that the rest of us will. But we do have our lovely day out planned in London to see Philippa Hanna and I think a little trip to Westfield might be in order too.

I hope you enjoy the Easter break, whatever you do to mark it.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  • Hope The Boy has a fab time! I do like your trainers. I’ve always wondered how these people constantly photographed in their outfits do it too! It’s either a timer or very helpful husband and kids. I’ve never listened to a podcast or watched Save Me. We’re mainly repeatedly watching This Country, which is the funniest comedy in YEARS.

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh gosh I need to read that book too. Loving the sound track this week, I hope you enjoy going to see her I’m sure it will be brilliant. Thanks for the recommendation of The Founder, I really like the sound of it.

  • Gail

    Sounds like another busy month for you Suzanne, that book looks really interesting! I haven’t seen Save Me as we don’t have Sky but I’ll have to find somewhere to watch it, heard such good things xx

  • Mum Reinvented

    I love What She Said. Infact I’m listening to the Table Manners podcast as I type, which is another good one. That book sounds interesting. I fear I’d never be able to live without my phone now, like you I use it for work, although I do get rather sick of it constantly beeping at me all the time. Love your little tree, I’d have to change the decorations every month to keep it current – clearly have way too much time on my hands. Have a great Easter break x

  • Stacie

    Loved, loved, loved Save Me! Best TV series I’ve watched in a long time (although, I’m currently loving Marcella). Loving those trousers on you, super cool. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend xx

    • Suzanne W

      Ah thanks so much Stacie (ref the trousers!). I’ve not managed to get into Marcella but haven’t tried all that hard tbh. Need to try again cos I think I would like it. xx

  • I keep wanting to listen to podcasts but haven’t taken the plunge yet, though I’m not sure why. We’ve got ‘Save Me’ recorded so we’ll hopefully get round to watching it at some point (probably in about a year!). The trousers look fab on you, and if you genuinely think that your bedroom is messy I hate to think what you’d make of mine which is currently doubling up as a junk room and is full of old suitcases and Christmas decorations as we have nowhere else to store them!

  • Sarah Christie

    Hope the boy has a great time, I love the trousers they look so great on you and are perfect with the boots. I have a taller version of your tree in my kitchen and just love decorating it for the seasons x

  • Tracey Williams

    Hope your son has an amazing school trip to Euro Disney,. What is it with these fantastic school trips that kids get to go on nowadays (Morgan went to Iceland last year, and Italy this summer). Love the sound of the film about the founder of McDonalds. We really struggle with films that will engage us all, but this might just do the trick. Love the Easter tree, and it will be the tree that keeps on giving, Halloween, Christmas etc x

  • Janet Yarwood

    Love your hallway. The Easter decorations look so sweet. Your book sounds really interesting, I definitely need to spend less time on my phone #littleloves

  • Morgana

    I’ve bought How To Break Up With You Phone but haven’t dared start it yet! I need to read it though and challenge some of my bad habits.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend xx

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