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A New Gadget, Embracing Our Little Hideaway and Falling in Love with Miss Oliphant #LittleLoves

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]wo things to celebrate today: it’s Friday (what’s not to like?) and it’s one of my favourite times of the month because I get to share all of the things I’ve been loving lately.

February is usually a dreary month that despite only being 28 (or 29) days long, seems to drag on forever. I know it’s not over yet but again, I’m sat here wondering where the month went. Anyone else?

The first half of February was pretty challenging. All five of us were fighting various coughs and colds and I was incapacitated for a week with a bad back.

Thankfully we had a week skiing in France to look forward to and despite the boy breaking his wrist in a rather nasty snow boarding fall on day 3 ? we enjoyed the down time. We always go to our own little hideaway in Les Gets which really is such a blessing for a home-bird like me – you’re away but at home too, if that makes sense?

apartment in Les Gets

Anyway, the holiday wasn’t quite what we had hoped for but we made the most of it nonetheless. Now onto all of the other things I’ve been loving in February…


I know this book has dominated social media this month but oh my goodness, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, has to be my book of the year.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

I totally fell in love with the quirky, funny, unique character that is Miss Oliphant. I absolutely loved everything about this book from the way it was written to the detailed and well thought-through storyline. If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, you must read it!


Guess what? I’m still obsessed with The Greatest Showman sound track! I’ve been to see it twice now and tonight I’m actually going to the singalong which is being shown at various cinemas across the country. The best part? My teenage daughter is coming with me. A group of middle aged mums and teenage daughters, what could possibly go wrong?

Alongside that, I discovered a new artist this month – Lauren Aquilina. I’ve since found out that sadly she’s struggling with depression so is having some time out from singing/song writing. At just 22, she’s a hugely talented girl so I do hope she gets better and feels able to come back. Have a listen…


I think I’ve mentioned before that I host a bible study at our home every other Tuesday. We watch a talk together, then discuss the content as well as the homework that we’ve completed during the week. This term we are studying the old testament character, Gideon and the speaker is Priscilla Shirer – every week I’m blown away by the depth of her observations. I’m really enjoying it so far.

I’m also deep into various TV series at the moment: The Crown (second series and still loving it), This is Us (such a tender, beautiful series that my son and I are devouring) and finally, Girlfriends. Have you been watching any of them?


I’ve bought no new clothes this month! I feel that deserves a round of applause.

So what have I been wearing (apart from a pair of skis)? Mostly woolly jumpers and my bright red teddy coat.bright red teddy coat

I’m seriously hoping that spring is just around the corner and in the vein hope that I can will its arrival, I’ve been pulling out a few of my favourite smock tops this week.

smock top


Can we ignore this section again please? I hate cooking, sewing, knitting *insert all things creative other than writing* and very rarely make anything other than a fool of myself over on Instagram Stories.

One decision I have made this month is to look after myself better. I talk about it a lot, that we need to factor in ‘me time’, but I rarely follow the advice myself. The fact that my back gave way was largely due to racing around and not allowing myself time to catch up/breathe. Earlier in the week I wrote a post about the importance of putting ourselves first sometimes, if you fancy a read.

And lastly…

I’ve been working with a few brands this month, one of which is irobot. You may have caught a sneak preview on my Insta stories but I can’t wait to share my new gadget with you properly! I will be writing up a full review of Roomba, the robot vacuum cleaner next week, so watch this space.

Have a great weekend everyone; wrap up warm!

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  • Sorry to hear about your boy’s wrist and your bad back. Hope you’re both feeling better and it didn’t ruin your holiday too much. Eleanor Oliphant is still on my to read pile, I will get round to it soon! I would definitely recommend Three Things About Elsie if you’re looking for your next read. Look forward to your vacuum review, those things look amazing!

  • natalie

    Oh I have heard some amazing reviews about Eleanor Oliphant so I will definitely have to check it out. So sorry to hear about your lovely boy – hope he is on the mend. I have been trying to look after myself a little more this year and I feel so much better for it. Have a great week lovely xxx

  • Jo - Not A Frumpy Mum

    I always love seeing your skiing pics, it looks so pretty. Hope your boys wrist is recovering. Everyone is raving about Eleanor Oliphant, I’m going to have to grab myself a copy, feel like I’m missing out.
    I’m hoping Spring is round the corner too, lets get this horrible cold week ahead of us out the way and then it must be time for things to warm up.

  • Tracey Williams

    I also have an Eleanor shaped hole in my life at the moment, it really is a fascinating read isn’t it. Your home away from home sounds idyllic and sorry to hear about your son’s wrist. And let’s all hope that Spring is not too far away #littleloves x

  • Mum Reinvented

    Your poor son! The view from your house in Les Gets is beautiful. I definitely need to buy that book, everyone is going crazy over it on #littleloves this week.Love your smock top, I dug some of mine out this week too! Have a fab week x

  • Jenny

    Skiing and that beautiful red coat look at you what a fab month. Sounds like you have been having a great time. Love that red blouse too. Your home is so beautiful. Hope you had a good weekend. #littleloves

  • Plutonium Sox

    Suzanne!! You’ve gone back to putting your soundtrack too far down the page again, I didn’t get to press play until I was half way down the post. Tut. Sorry to hear about your son’s accident, I hope he is recovering well. I am definitely buying that book next time I have an amazon voucher, have heard so many good things about it.

  • Jess Soothill

    Desperate to read that book and will now you’ve said that! Thanks. Oh what beautiful scenery in your photos! WOW! Hope your son is better now and sorry to hear it xx

  • Stacie

    Sorry to hear that your son had an accident – whilst you were on holiday! What a nightmare for you all. I’ve just bought Eleanor Oliphant, have heard so much about it – might save it for Easter holidays though when I have some time away from school. Love the photos of your getway, looks glorious. Think you brought the snow home with you! Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  • Morgana

    Oh I miss Eleanor! You’re right, it’s such a well plotted out book, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I home your son is recovering well now and that you all still enjoyed your holiday. xx

  • I’m reading that book right now and I’m loving it! Sorry to hear about your son’s accident, that’s not much fun. can’t wait to hear about the iRobot, they look amazing x

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