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A Welcome Break, Exciting Deliveries and Embracing Daughters #LittleLoves

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince we last convened, there’s been a two-day women’s conference, a day trip to London, various medial appointments, a trip to the dog groomers, some lovely social get togethers, a family party, and even a local bloggers coffee morning (I feel a tad old calling it that but you know what I mean). It’s been a whirlwind folks and there’s no sign of it calming down before the end of term.

I always forget that things go mental as the end of term creeps ever nearer and it takes me by surprise. I actually ended up cancelling three engagements last week because I simply couldn’t fit it all in, even turning down a ticket to Wimbledon’s Centre Court on Friday for goodness sake! Call me mad if you will but over the last year or so, I’ve realised that family must always come first and everything else slots in around that. I no longer feel that I need to explain myself or apologise for this decision. Never too old to learn, eh?

The plus side to being so busy, is that I have loads of Little Loves to share with you…


I’ve been getting better at making time to read, even if it’s only 15 minutes before bed. One thing that was a real blessing last week, was finding an unexpected 30 minutes whilst waiting for my eldest daughter to come out of an appointment. With the sun shining and a secluded little park just minutes away, I cracked open What Have I Done? by Amanda Prowse.

Bare feet on grass

Yes it’s another thriller, I seem unable to read anything else these days! On the very first page, you learn that the main character has murdered her husband – something she doesn’t feel at all ashamed about. It appears that the rest of the book is about learning the motive behind said murder. I haven’t got too far in yet but it’s proving an easy read and I’m still guessing as to which path the story is going to take.


Oh my, I am absolutely loving The Loch – so many twists and turns! Did you watch it this week? I won’t give too much away but I was totally dumb-founded by the cliff-hanger in episode 5. The series concludes this Sunday, which I’m kind of relieved about because the suspense is killing me!

Saturday evening and I managed to catch Bridesmaids whilst channel surfing. I love this film and so does the husband so we were onto a winner. I’ll admit to tiredness defeating me but I still managed to laugh out loud on various occasions. I will never tire of that scene in the wedding dress shop when they try the bridesmaid dresses on. You know the one, right ?


This is a difficult one actually because I’ve been listening to so many different genres of music this week. Sun Comes Up by Rudimental (feat. James Arthur) has been a highlight but I’ve also discovered this cute Indie folk band called Daughter; actually my own daughter introduced me to them. I think they’ve been around for a while but this song Medicine is really beautiful…


I haven’t managed to photograph many outfits this week but to be honest, I’ve worn very little due to the heat – hasn’t the weather been amazing?

My son took this photograph of me when we were out in London on Sunday. I’ve been wanting a pair of pink jeans for ages and managed to find these babies in Next. What with the high waste to hold in the middle aged spread and the fact that they come in a Petite size, they were destined for greatness.

The mother might have referred to me as ‘a tramp’ on Facebook when she spotted the photograph (I assume she was referring to the rips in the knees) but yeah, she’s just so last year *rolls eyes*.


No food this week; well of course we ate, but I didn’t actually photograph anything. Instead I’ve been receiving more than my fair share of deliveries and I’ve had to actually make some of it. By that I mean assemble a stool and a lamp with the help of a screwdriver, but I think it’s worth the celebration.

My daughter requested rose gold (aka copper) accessories for her new bedroom so here’s a sneaky peek of some of the items that will be going in when it’s all freshly painted.

Her 16th birthday isn’t until November but as we are away for two weeks over the summer, I decided that it would be a good time to get the room decorated. She wants a navy blue feature wall, which I’m still a little nervous about if I’m honest, but once your kids hit the teenage years you can no longer enforce your taste on them – sorry to disappoint folks!

And lastly…

I don’t imagine that I’m the only one who feels the pressure to post something eye-catching and/or meaningful over on Instagram these days. To be honest, in my experience, if you don’t conform then your stuff simply doesn’t get seen. I miss the good old days of just throwing up a less than perfect shot and getting some interaction, so when #freeupmyinsta promised to do away with perfection in favour of spontaneity, I was drawn to it immediately. I’ve been loosely sticking to the theme each day but this is definitely an ‘anything goes’ community and I have enjoyed seeing how others interpret it. Why not join in next week if you fancy it?

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  • Gail

    Sounds like you’ve had a really busy week, Suzanne! I haven’t seen The Loch, maybe I should catch up on it:) Enjoy your weekend x

    • Suzanne W

      Oh Gail you absolutely must! It’s so good and has had me on the edge of my seat. x

  • Helen

    I’m also hooked on The Loch – but find it so confusing! The collection of clips played at the end of this week’s episode had me so confused – I couldn’t keep up. I’m loving the rose gold accessories for your daughter’s bedroom, so stylish! #LittleLoves

    • Suzanne W

      It’s certainly one that you need to concentrate on – no looking at your phone through The Loch! x

  • Love that you’re so into thrillers now! I always make the most of reading time when we have medical appointments – it means I quite like them running late! The new bedroom sounds fab and how lovely to have a day out with just your boy!

    • Suzanne W

      Yes I’m the same. Since reading Jess’ post about how to fit in more reading, I take my book everywhere!

  • Rachel In Real Life

    I love those pink jeans and your daughter’s bedroom accessories, they are gorgeous. I’ve pretty much given up on Instagram because none of my photos are ever really insta-worthy so #freeupmyinsta sounds right up my street!

    • Suzanne W

      Yep, I feel the same about my photographs not being the best but this little community has encouraged me to just post things that I want to remember and record. If other people don’t like it then fine. I wonder how long it will last! x

  • Donna

    Your daughter’s room sounds lovely – I’m really loving rose gold at the moment around the house and you are rocking those jeans! So lovely to see you last week too x

  • How busy have you been?!!? I’m definitely with you on family always coming first and everything slotting in around that.

    I’m intrigued by the book you’ve shared, so I’ll have to check that title out, and your daughters room sounds like it’s going to turn out lovely (navy feature wall included!).

    I hope you and the family have had a lovely weekend.

  • Sarah Christie

    I love the jeans ha ha tramp that is so funny I love ripped jeans. Do you know I cant sleep if I don’t read even if its for 10 minutes. The weather has not been so great up here this week grr but hoping for a better week and yes family always one first have a lovely week x

  • Morgana

    I started watching The Loch after you mentioned it a couple of weeks ago (along with Fearless) and I’m hooked! I watched the final episode while cleaning the kitchen and waiting for my computer to update this morning. SO GOOD. I didn’t see that coming!
    Loving the copper accessories! I’m working with a big brand and have had lots of copper homeware arrive, I can’t wait to share it with you xx

    • Suzanne W

      I didn’t see the end coming either – that’s a first for me!

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh gosh I totally feel your pain about being busy at this time of year. It is a total nightmare, I had no idea how busy it would be, nobody tells you that when children start school! Glad you’ve had fun anyway and I’m sure that centre court ticket will come round again.

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