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5 Fabulous Finds // June 2017

maybelline mascara

Before you say it, I do know that we are now in early July but I discovered some really great things last month; things that I squirrelled away with a view to sharing at the end of the month, but never quite got around to it.

Better late than never eh? This seems to have become my life motto these days but it’s the end of term so I have a great excuse.

Anyway, here they are…five things that have improved my life in some way or another.

Succulent from Tesco – £12.00

succulent from Tesco for £12

I’m loving succulents at the moment, isn’t everyone? Earlier in the year I bought a few fake ones (at vast expense) from Wayfair but I spotted this actual real life succulent (I won’t insult it by attempting to suggest the name) in Tesco last month and I’m currently trying to keep it alive.

It cost £12.00 complete with funky retro ceramic pot, which goes perfectly in pretty much every room in my house! I’m so pleased with it that I keep moving it around, in an attempt to find the perfect spot. To give you an idea of size, it measures about 20 cms in diameter.

NYX Eyebrow Pencil – £8.00

NYX Eyebrow Pencil

Oh the eyebrows – every 90s chick’s worst nightmare. Yes, I over-plucked back in the day and have been paying for that disastrous decision ever since. But this eyebrow pencil has been my saviour! In fact I’ve bought various items (including a matt lip liquid) from the NYX range and absolutely love them all. Very affordable and perfect for filling in those sparse brows.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – £8.99

Maybelline Sensational MascaraSticking with cosmetics for a moment, my daughters have been obsessed with this mascara for a long time but I never thought to try it out for myself. I wrongly thought that spending a little more money would get be a better product, but no! Honestly, this mascara is the best mascara that I’ve used for a long time and (as I found out at the weekend) is totally waterproof. Even a good old cry doesn’t remove it. I don’t think I will buy anything else from here on.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream – £9.49

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

About three months ago, I developed what I can only describe as eczema around both eyes – on the eyelids and just underneath.

Knowing that the skin around the eyes is really sensitive, I headed straight to Google who suggested that it was either the result of stress or an allergic reaction. Other than going make up free (there was no chance of that happening) I couldn’t work out how to get rid of it.

So I googled some more and found this little product from Holland and Barrett being recommended for the exact same condition. And it works! Within 3 days it had completely gone. It’s recommended for all allergy related skin conditions so give it a whirl, well worth every penny.

Dulux Visualizer App

I saved this little find until last, because its revolutionised my life! Ok I’m exaggerating a little but have you tried it?

I am currently in the process of planning two room makeovers – our bedroom and my teenage daughter’s room. She requested a navy blue feature wall and dusky pink for the remaining three walls. Have you any idea just how many different shades of navy blue there are out there? Never mind the dusky pink!

The Dulux Visualizer app enables you to view your room through your phone camera, whilst picking any of their 4000 colours to view how it would look. Genius huh? And what’s more, it’s free!

So there we have it, five fabulous finds for this month. I’ve always been taught that ‘sharing is caring’ so I’ll attempt to do this again next month. Watch this space…

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  • Stephanie

    That are awesome findings. I’ve bookmarked this post so that I can jump whenever I come across a need of any cosmetics listed above.

    • Suzanne W

      Thanks Stephanie! I honestly highly recommend both of them and have not been paid to say so lol!

  • The Dulux visualiser app sounds amazing! We need to paint bedrooms at some point – probably in the winter when the garden stops being so demanding!
    Great to hear the manuka honey has worked so well. My mum swears by the actual honey for everything. She eats it for digestive health and actually puts it on cuts to help them heal.

  • Tracey Williams

    Oh that delux app sounds amazing, if only you could press a button and it could magically paint the room too. How cool would that be x

    • Suzanne W

      Oh now THAT would be a brilliant invention lol.

  • I love a good succulent and this is a great find and an even better price! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • five little doves

    I love Maybelline mascaras, I have used them for as long as I can remember and would never switch! Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

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