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Gruesome Viewing, Putting My Feet Up and the Best Dessert Ever! #LittleLoves

wild flower meadow

Hello my lovelies, it’s the end of another glorious week of sunshine and if the weather forecasters are to be believed, we are all in for a wonderful weekend of wall to wall sunshine. I can hardly remember those awful grey, drizzly days that I was droning on about last week. It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine can spark the amnesia, isn’t it?

How has your week been? By contrast to last week, I’ve spent far too much time indoors working (bar walking the dog and snapping the gorgeous sunny meadow scene above), when I should be outside enjoying the sunshine. We’ve also been preparing our garden for the chaos that will be descending next week – in the form of skips and mini diggers. We’ve been told that the new garden room will only take 4 weeks to erect. Hmmm, whilst I wouldn’t class myself as the skeptical kind, I’ll believe it when I see it!

Anyway, plenty of Little Loves in the past seven days, so here goes…


I did manage to put my feet up for 30 minutes this week, enough time to read a bit more of The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon. Whilst it’s a fairly easy read, one you can dip in and out of, it’s not thrilling me. I will persevere as I’m not one for giving up on a book once I’ve started, but if you’ve got any absolute page-turners that you can recommend, please do let me know in the comments below.

I seem to have ditched reading in favour of writing this week – planning future blog posts and sharing Becky’s wonderful home on my blog earlier in the week. I’m off on a retreat day tomorrow though, so shall be packing my books and enjoying some guilt-free quiet time. I can’t wait.


I managed to watch the last episode of ‘Paula‘ this week. Oh my goodness, it was gruesome! I was completely hooked right the way through and definitely did not see the twist coming at the end. It was one of those programmes that I kept thinking about afterwards. Did you watch it? Would love to know what you thought.

Whilst at the gym last night, I also caught up with a few podcasts and vlogs. I loved having a look round Brummy Mummy’s new home – it was a great distraction from the hot, sweaty mess that I was in! You can watch all of her ‘moving’ vlogs by clicking on the link below.

Something else I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of watching this week, is Love Island. My teenage girls seem to be hooked on it and in the name of ‘bonding’ I’ve sat through a couple of episodes. Wow! It really is so shallow and epitomises everything that I dislike – girls parading around in skimpy bikinis, bed hopping, bitching, manipulating one another for money. I know, I know, I used to watch Big Brother many eons ago and it wasn’t much different, but now I’ve got very impressionable teenage girls on my hands, I’m seeing it through different eyes!


On a lighter note, I’ve been loving Rise Up by Andra Day this week. If you’re not familiar with this soulful lady, take a listen; she’s a cross between Adele and the legend that was Amy Winehouse.


I instigated a little chat about this top over on Instagram earlier in the week. I loved the print so much that I couldn’t resist but I don’t think the colour really suits me, unless I’ve got a tan (I’m working on that one). The style is also not my usual choice – high in the neck and slightly frilly. I’ve worn it a couple of times this week and had compliments however, so perhaps it’s just me.


Only the best dessert ever! I’m going to share this one on my blog at some stage because it was a huge success and very easy to make. Not the best photograph but here is the finished result of my white chocolate and red berry cheesecake.

red berry and white chocolate cheesecake

And Lastly…

What are you doing for Father’s Day? I’ve struggled to get my three into gear this year so I’m not sure if the husband will be waking up to anything other than the usual (the girls surfacing around midday and the boy spending the lion’s share of his morning on the Playstation). I am giving him the special treat of cooking us all a BBQ for lunch (including my dad) so that’s nice. Don’t worry, I’m sure I can persuade one of them to bring him a cup of tea in bed.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, make sure you’ve got plenty of suncream – it’s going to be a scorcher!

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  • Jenny

    OH great choice on the top I bought it too. Its gorgeous isn’t it and light for summer. I need to catch up on so many moving vlogs at the moment. I think I have six blogger friends that have all moved in the same month into their new homes. Talk about blogger moving boom. lol Looks amazing putting your feet up. Typical it’s so nice this week and weekend and we have tore out our garden completely for renovations. lol #littleloves

    • Suzanne W

      Our garden is going to be the same next week Jenny – dreading it! Can you believe how many people have moved over the last few weeks? I can’t keep up! x

  • Emma

    Can’t wait for the recipe, that looks lovely. Just finished All the Light We Cannot See – brilliant, beautifully written, but stirs the emotions. Not sure about the top, I think if you feel good in it you look good in it, plus I’m definitely one that is swayed by fabric over style and then realises it would have been better as a napkin! Snap with Father’s Day, told my two to ‘sort it’!

    • Suzanne W

      Yep I’m one for fabric too – perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong lol! Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll go and check it out 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. x

  • Stacie

    I think your top looks gorgeous! I just finished reading Big Little Lies and absolutely loved it. Perfect page turner! I will admit that I’m hooked on Love Island but TOTALLY agree with you about the message it sends to young (impressionable) teens. Especially when I know the students I teach watch it and think that type of behaviour is ‘normal’. Scary.

    Enjoy your weekend! Hope you had a lovely relaxing time at your retreat day xx

  • Donna

    That cheesecake sounds amazing and I love that top – far too ‘grown up’ for me but it really suits you. I don’t mean old either, I mean a proper lady top 🙂 Off to check out Paula, never heard of it! x

    • Suzanne W

      Ha ha ha a ‘lady top’ didn’t make me smile. I’m not sure I like it! x

  • So many good thrillers! I read three consecutively recently – I’ve reviewed them all on my blog – Lying in Wait, The Girl in the Ice and The Couple Next Door. I can highly recommend all of them! I remember that I don’t manage to read much in the summer holidays, so this year I’m going to read an uncomplicated book, not a thriller with a plot I need to remember, over the holidays.
    I haven’t seen Paula yet, but I have recovered. I also haven’t seen Love Island and have no intention of watching it. I knew there must be an advantage of having teenage sons!

    • Suzanne W

      The Couple Next door has been recommended a few times so I’ll dig it out. Off to the library tomorrow with my boy so I’m going to get a few good books in.



    I would take any estimate from a builder or a lawyer, and double it.
    If “Love Island” is like “Big Brother” in the early 2000s…hmm!! But I’m sure your girls know what is acceptable behaviour IRL, and what isn’t.
    Your new top is absolutely fine, but I agree that it would suit tanned skin better than pale skin.
    If the white chocolate cheesecake tastes as good as it looks…

  • Mum Reinvented

    That top looks lovely on you. I think sometimes when we go out of our comfort zone a little clothes wise it can pay off. That cheese cake looks AMAZING! I love white chocolate cheesecake – sickly but delicious. I’m so glad my teen doesn’t subject me to Love Island – she’s too busy sulking in her room or chatting to her mates online to make me watch it thankfully. Hope you’re having a great weekend x

  • Sadie

    I don’t know what I love more, that top or the cheesecake!
    So jealous – there’s no good weather here in Scotland! I’m hoping the sun hasn’t forgotten about us completely… I hope you get the chance to enjoy it.

  • Tracey Williams

    I was just saying to my husband how Fathers Day is so different when you have older kids. Gone are those days of them toddling in at 7am clutching a card they have lovingly made. I love the print on your top, and it really suits you tan or no tan. Hope you have had a lovely weekend with this glorious sun we have been graced with #littleloves x

  • Morgana

    Oh gosh,I know what you mean about Paula. I found it so disturbing and turned it off as soon as I saw where he woke up and what she’d done. I’m claustrophobic so just a glimpse of it made me nearly have a panic attack!
    Love the song you’ve shared, I’m off to find more of her on Spotify.
    Have a lovely week xx

    • Suzanne W

      Ooh wasn’t it creepy? Couldn’t stop thinking about it! Yes I’ve downloaded her album now 🙂

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oooh I am looking forward to reading your post about how to make that yummy pudding! I totally know what you mean about books, I really need to love them if I’m going to get to the end – you are a better person than me for persevering!

    • Suzanne W

      I’m losing the will a little bit with this one Nat, I’ll be honest! I’m hoping to write up the recipe either this week or next. Got a few posts swirling round in my head so want to get some ramblings out too! x

  • I really like the top you bought, I think it suits you. Always nice to treat yourself to something new every now and again. I have to confess to loving Love Island, they are completely different people to anyone I have ever met so are completely fascinating

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