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Tips for Making a Small Bedroom Look Larger

** This post is a paid collaboration with Happy Beds but all words and opinions are my own **

I love the downstairs of our home; the layout is perfect for a growing family and although largely open plan, there are some separate rooms if we want to shut out the mayhem or need privacy.

The problem? Our house is bottom heavy and the bedrooms are not evenly sized. The master bedroom is really large, plenty of room for a super kingsize bed (an essential for someone who likes their own space like me!) but the other three bedrooms are all small. You can just about fit a double bed in two of them (and we have) but they are bijoux – estate agent’s talk for poky.

We aren’t thinking of selling our house any time soon but either way, if you want to make a small bedroom look larger, I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks along the way that I thought might be worth sharing.

how to make a small bedroom look larger

Choose a Light Colour Palette

I’m not suggesting you go too bland but stick to paler colours on the walls and bedding – greens, greys, light pinks etc. If you want to brighten things up a bit, add a striking cushion, piece of wall art or rug.

Mirrors, Mirrors and More Mirrors!

Mirrors work really well in bedrooms and I’m not talking on the ceiling! Light bounces off mirrors and reflection gives the illusion of a larger space. Have some fun, there are loads of fun and affordable options out there.

Create a Focal Point

Keep the decor simple but a focal point can help to draw the eye. This could be a great way to add a pop of colour if you’re reluctant to stick to paler colours. One striking piece of wall art above the bed is a great solution.

paintings above bed

Image Courtesy of Unsplash

Avoid Clutter

This goes for every aspect of the bedroom. Try to keep surfaces clear, walls not too busy and believe it or not, you actually can have too many scatter cushions on a bed!

Make Use of the Wall Space

Okay I know I said avoid clutter but freeing up floor space is our number one priority in a small bedroom. A shelf arrangement like this ticks two boxes: it creates a focal point to draw the eye and it makes great use of the wall instead of taking up valuable floor space.

Shelving arrangement around a bed

Image Courtesy of Unsplash

Choose Furniture Carefully

In order to free up floor space, be clever and opt for a bed with storage underneath (Happy Beds do some great ottoman beds that are worth looking at). Perspex furniture is also a clever option to create the appearance of space and avoid big furniture; think two smaller chest of drawers rather than one extra large one.

Stick to a Simple Window Dressing

As windows give the illusion of space, have as much of your window showing as possible. With that in mind, shutters or blinds would be the best option as they physically take up less space than a bulky curtain. However if curtains are a deal-breaker for you, make sure they go from floor to ceiling and the pole is wide enough so that when the curtains are drawn back, maximum light floods into the room.

small bedroom window

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Got any more tips for making a small bedroom look larger? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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  • Helen Wills

    I’m a total mirror freak in a smaller room – mostly because I need light! We also did that trick with the shelving – Maddie has a very narrow, but long room, so we made one end of it into fitted wardrobes with a ton of shelves, and mirrored doors – that really made a huge difference.

    • Suzanne W

      Mirrored wardrobe doors are a great addition I think. We’ve also got beds with storage underneath – a huge asset 🙂

  • Gail

    Great tips, Suzanne. We’re planning to rejig a (small) bedroom for our eldest soon so I’ll be taking note of these. xx

    • Suzanne W

      I think these tips are perfect for a child’s bedroom. We did the same in my son’s and a bed with drawers underneath has made a huge difference 🙂

  • Jenny Taylor

    Excellent tips hunny I used these in our small rooms too. Mirrors, lighting and pastel colors are my motto!!! lol 🙂 So many things to think about when you decorate a house.

    • Suzanne W

      Totally agree. Mirrors bring in loads of light too which is perfect.

  • Kerri-Ann

    Great tips Suzanne. The only other tip I would have to pass on is using a large mirror, we have a really small bathroom but used a 6ft mirror on the wall and it really helps to give the illusion of space. Definitely agree with the pale palette.

  • Kate Tunstall

    The bedrooms in our previous home were all small and I used a lot of these tips but I’ve picked up a few new ones too! 🙂

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