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Wisteria Heaven, Embracing the Sunshine and THAT Wedding #LittleLoves

wisteria in a garden

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]onestly, the month of May has whizzed by so fast. We’ve celebrated an 18th birthday, nursed a broken finger (same person), survived the start of GCSEs and soaked up every drop of sunshine. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing weather we’ve been having. Please tell me this is not the beginning and end of our summer!

It’s been a super busy month but I’ve loved it in so many ways. The broken finger has meant that I’ve been able to spend loads of quality time with my (normally workaholic) daughter and although I went into these 6 weeks with a certain amount of trepidation, the time is proving incredibly beneficial for both of us. Funny how things work out that way sometimes isn’t it?

The GCSEs seem to be going well so far. 14 down, 7 to go! My daughter tells me that she’s “smashed” most of them so fingers crossed the results say the same. She’s worked so hard (no one has been more surprised about that than me to be honest) and she definitely deserves to at least achieve her predicted grades – no one can ask for more than that.

Now onto some of the other things I’ve been loving in the month of May…


So I’ve started (but not completed) a new book – ‘Anything is Possible’ by Elizabeth Strout. The reason why I’m only a third of the way through is two-fold: 1) I’ve not prioritised reading in May; and 2) I have a non fiction book on the go too.

I often have a fiction and non-fiction book on the go at the same time, mainly so that I can pick up whichever one I feel like at the time. The downside is that this can sometimes mean that neither get finished!

I’m almost at the end of reading and putting into practice, ‘How to Break Up with Your Phone’ and I will be sharing my thoughts on it next week.

how to break up with your phone

I also read this fabulous blog post by Mel Wiggins all about the rat race that is social media. Mel talks about the ‘noise’ that social media can often create and discusses why we give it so much power in our lives…

“How can we ever keep up with this relentless style of communication? How can we be available to so many people in this many ways and expect to have healthy relationships and boundaries? I continue to ask this of myself as I gradually loosen my grip on social media.”


I know that this song won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve listened to ‘For The One‘ from Bethel Music over and over again this last week or so. My heart’s desire is to be more like Jesus and this song epitomises what I’m striving for. The words in this song are so simple but moving all the same.

I’ve also discovered a new podcast (yep, I still won’t go to the gym or walk the dog without headphones) – ‘Happier with Gretchen Rubin’. The one that got me thinking this month, was entitled ‘Remember, this is supposed to be fun‘ – how often do we forget that about life, hey?


I’m definitely late to the party on this one but have you discovered the BBC series, ‘The Split‘? It’s about a family of divorce lawyers who all work for the family law firm except the older sister who works for a rival firm.

Three episodes in and I am still loving it, particularly the relationship dynamics. The expression ‘what a wicked web we weave’ springs to mind! It’s both well cast and well written so I would highly recommend. You can find it on catch up TV.

Innocent‘ was another great TV series gracing our screens last week – anyone else totally surprised by the ‘who dunnit’ at the end? Also available on catch up if you missed it.


I made a few little purchases to brighten up my summer wardrobe, recently. This pink top from Top Shop is a firm favourite. I remember someone once telling me that ladies of a certain age shouldn’t wear baby pink. I reckon she totally made it up but either way, it’s nonsense! Pink is one of THE colours this year and I’m embracing it.

pink top from Top shop

The bell sleeves and long ties aren’t the most practical when eating soup or a curry but they are very pretty.

I also discovered these shades in H&M a couple of weeks ago; for £6.99 I really am loving them. I rarely spend very much money on sunglasses as I tend to lose, break or go off them. These are well worth every penny so far!

sunglasses from H&M


Stop the press, I actually made cakes this week! You may remember that I have various jobs that I attend one day a week. For the last 3 years I have been volunteering at our church on a Tuesday; this week saw my last day there.

rolo cupcakes

I am a great one for staying in my comfort zone but have felt increasingly prompted to step outside of it. As yet I’m not sure what that will look like but I’m attempting to create some space in order to work it out.

Anyway, these Rolo farewell cupcakes went down a treat!

And lastly…

I can’t end May’s Little Loves without a quick nod to the Royal Wedding – wasn’t it amazing? I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it actually. I’m not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination but I do love something positive that brings the world together for a change. Who won the ‘best dressed’ crown for you? Apart from the beautiful Meghan of course!

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend all. The weather is looking a bit changeable here but we’ve got a fairly relaxing one planned.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  • Pleased to hear the GCSEs are going so well. I’m amazed by how many she has done already. Nice to hear you’re enjoying your quality time with your eldest too.
    I wanted to watch Innocent, but totally forgot it was on. I saw part of the first episode of The Split, but it didn’t grip me. Maybe I need to go back and give it another chance?
    Your cupcakes look delicious!

  • Jill

    Apropos the Wedding: I am a royalist , as you know. My favourite outfit was Lady Kitty Spencer’s (Harry’s cousin). Also I thought it was lovely the way Kate was at pains not to upstage the bride. She wore a low key outfit on its third outing! Amazing that she managed to get into it within a month of the baby.

  • Joanna Waton

    Those cupcakes look incredible!
    I thought Amal Clooney looked fab. Not many could pull off that bright yellow, but she definitely did.

  • Jenny

    Oh the garden looks amazing and that outfit is a Jenny outfit for sure might have to buy that top just in case I lose my baby weight someday hahahaa Looks amazing on you. Hooray for half term ahead. enjoy! #littleloves

  • Morgana

    Oh Mel Wiggins post was spot on wasn’t it? I meant that remember that one and link it in my Little Loves, but completely forgot.
    So pleased that your daughter is doing so well with her exams, it sounds like she’s got the right attitude for them.
    Great song choice! We do this one at church and I love it x

  • Mum Reinvented

    So glad to hear your daughter is continuing to ‘smash’ her exams. Mine’s rather jealous she’s done so many as she’s only 9 down so far. She’s only said physics was a challenge, the others she’s done ‘ok’ on or were ‘easy’ so fingers crossed she gets her predicted grades and they are in fact as easy as she seems to think they are.

    My favourite dress at the wedding was Amal Clooney’s she just looked so chic and stood out from the crowd. I LOVE your pink top and bag! Have a great weekend x

  • Stacie

    Firstly, those cakes look amazing. Secondly, that pink top is gorgeous. I need to watch ‘Innocent’ – it’s written by MJ Arlidge I believe? His books are amazing! Good Luck to your teen for the rest of the GCSE run. As a teacher I know how stressful they can be for young people (and parents!) xx

  • Gail

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy time, Suzanne, and glad your daughter feels confident about her exams and that healing time on the finger is going well. Oh, hasn’t the weather been lovely? I just loved the Royal wedding. Oh, and I often have a fiction and non-fiction book on the go too, I know what you mean about it taking that bit longer to get them done! xx

  • It shocks me how many exams they have to take now, its an crazy amount! I’m pleased to hear she has done so well and hopefully she can relax this summer. I’m loving the pink this summer and how brought a few items, it’s such a lovely colour x

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