In the past, I’ve hated January – it’s too long, too cold, too dark and there’s never enough money for the month. This year? It’s zipped by and we are now almost at the end! I am even noticing lighter evenings and boy is that a welcome sight. As it’s the last Friday of the month, I’m joining in with Little Loves by sharing all of the things I’ve been loving in January. Here goes… Read I’ve finished two books this month – TWO! I persevered to the end of Davina McCall’s autobiography. Even though progress was halted about two-thirds of the way in (you’ll have to read last month’s Little Loves to find out why) it was an easy… View Post

My skin changed when I turned 40 (probably a few years before actually, but who’s counting?) and so did my priorities. Above all else, I began to understand the benefit of spending a little more money on the right products. Where to start? I think I lost my way a bit with makeup when my children were small. Whilst I’ve never been an advocate for ‘makeup-free days’ I definitely didn’t have time to experiment with new looks or research the latest trend. Now I’m in my 40s, not only do I have a little more disposable income but I’ve got teenage daughters who are keen to ensure their mum isn’t a total 1990s reject! I recently asked a number of… View Post

Before you say it, I am well aware of my tardiness in putting finger to keyboard on this one but sometimes a little pondering does us good. Over the last few weeks, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on 2017 and it has led me to consider what I would like to change in 2018. I’ve started putting a few things into practice which has helped me work out what is realistic and what is likely to result in a big fat fail! There seems to be an ‘anti new year’s resolutions’ trend knocking around of late. Well I’m going to lay my cards on the table right now – I’m a huge fan! I can dress them up as something other than ‘resolutions’… View Post

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this month’s home with you since I first made contact with the owner – Pamela from Life With Munchers. Having admired her home for some time across social media, I was excited to see more. It’s situated right at the other end of the UK to me, high up in the Scottish hills. Pam has the most beautiful taste; I think you’re going to love it… Who lives in your home? I live with my husband, Scott, and two little ladies, Liv & Maisie. Where do you live and how long have you lived in your home? We live in the rural Aberdeenshire countryside, in the North of Scotland.  We moved from the nearest… View Post

I’m on my virtual soapbox at the moment, shouting for the 40+ woman to be heard and seen in the online world. Why? Because every age group needs a voice and we are no exception! As I’ve got older, I have become increasingly interested in beauty products. I put this new-found fascination down to four things: Sharing my home with two teenage daughters who critique my every bad eyebrow day. Having a little more disposable income. Finally learning the value of self care. Needing it more! So, I thought it would be beneficial for us all to hear from some real life 40-something women who have tried and tested various products over the years – what products do they swear… View Post