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5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Summer

Do you ever get those days when you feel a bit flat? Actually I defy anyone to tell me that they don’t have days like that. Thankfully they are just that – days. They never go on for long (especially when the sun is shining) but one of the key things that I do on days like this, is make a mental list of things I’m looking forward to over the coming months.

When you’ve got a blog, you can go one step further than that and actually write them down! Not all of them are big momentous things; I actually think it’s important to learn to appreciate the smaller things as that’s what life is generally made up of. So here are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to this summer.

1. A girlie trip to New York

I have always wanted to go to New York. My husband isn’t a huge lover of city breaks so it’s never really been on his bucket list. Cue one daughter turning 18 and the other one finishing her GCSEs and I’ve got myself some travel companions! I’ve managed to convince my sister into coming too so we are all very excited – well I am anyway.

I’ve started making a list of all the places to visit, having taken advice from seasoned travellers. Whilst the list is looking pretty huge right now, I want to make sure that we leave plenty of time to just soak in the atmosphere. There will of course be shopping – we’ll have no men looking bored and feeling ‘hangry’ so we had better make the most of it!

I’m slightly anxious about the jet lag (I have a terrible track record). After going to Australia 9 years ago and suffering for 3 months afterwards, I swore I would never travel long haul again. The only time I’ve been since, is to Florida. Once. It wasn’t so bad but I’m still concerned. Any good tips for getting over jet lag as quickly as possible? I really don’t want it to spoil our trip.

Flying long haul again was one of the things I wrote in my ”Ten Years From Now‘ post on my 45th birthday. The future starts here, people!

2. Starting my new volunteer role

A few weeks ago I signed up to become a volunteer for a new UK crisis text line. Shout officially launches in the UK in 2019 but they have started training some people up and have received hundreds of text messages already.

I am still in training at the moment but I should be doing my first shift in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to hopefully making a difference in somebody’s life just when they need it most.

Head over to Shout to take a look. I really think it will help so many people but particularly teenagers – the reason why I was drawn to it in the first place.

3. Spending 36 hours with hundreds of women

Every year my church puts on a conference for women. For some, the idea of 36 hours in the company of just women, would be torture! I love it; mainly because I get to spend time with my friends and also with God, no distractions.

If you’re local to me, or even from my church, can I encourage you to take the time out of your busy schedule? I know you won’t regret it and it might even change your life. If you’re a little further afield, it’s still worth coming to. You can check out the details here.

4. Experimenting with photography

Last week I invited a few local blogging friends round for a morning of chatter and learning. I was thrilled that Steph from Summers Photography agreed to hang out too, bringing with her loads of tips to improve our photography skills.

Photography is a little hobby I dabble in from time to time. In fact I attended one of Steph’s beginners courses a couple of years ago, in the hope that my photography skills would be transformed overnight. Sadly they weren’t and as perseverance isn’t particularly a skill of mine, the DSLR was left to gather dust in the drawer.

Last week, Steph inspired me to try again. I gave myself a budget of £50 to purchase a few extra bits and bobs that might help me, namely a tripod and an ultra bright video light.

Watch this space; I’m excited to give it another go.

5. Taking my daughter out for a celebration day

My youngest daughter finished her GCSEs last Friday, a definite cause for celebration. She really has worked so hard and regardless of the grades she ends up with, we are so proud of her work ethic and the way she knuckled down.

Believe me when I say that this hard working attitude came totally out of the blue. She’s never really been particularly keen on school; in fact ‘minimal effort’ is an expression that springs to mind. If you’ve currently got a child in Year 10 driving you crazy with their lack of effort, hang in there – they might just surprise you!

Anyway, I’m taking her out for a little treat this Friday. First stop a make-over at the NARS counter, so that she can choose some make-up for prom in a few week’s time.

I’m pretty certain there will be lunch involved and we are planning to invest in some clothes for 6th form – funnily enough, her wardrobe is somewhat lacking ‘office wear’ which is the dress code at school.

I’m always excited for shopping *claps hands*.

Once I got going, I could think of loads of things to look forward to, this is just a snapshot. If you’re feeling a bit flat, try writing down a few things that you’re looking forward to and see how it changes your mindset.

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  • Jackie

    Enjoy New York. We took our daughter for her 18th too. Best tip is to get up early each day. Around 7am and by bed time you’ll sleep without a problem and you’ll have had a long enough day to see lots of sights. We climbed into liberty’s crown. (pre booked to avoid queues) Sensational views. Went up the one World Trade Centre – get pre booked tickets for a fast pass entry. Cocktails in Roof top bar overlooking Brooklyn Bridge in hotel (I think it’s called no. One) Rockerfella roof top has fewer crowds than Empire State. Breakfast in My wife freda in Soho area. I could go on but.
    Got to go to work….
    Jackie xxx

  • Morgana

    Such a wonderful idea for a blog post Suzanne, I might just have to do the same.
    SO excited about your New York trip. I’d love to take my girls when they are the age of yours. I hope to go with my husband before then though – one can dream! xx

    • Suzanne W

      I think I’d like to take my husband one day but I’ll test it out myself first! xx

  • Gail

    Oh your summer plans sound lovely Suzanne! I’m totally with you about writing positive things down – like a future gratitude journal 🙂 . Your trip to NYC sounds so exciting – can’t wait to read about it. I can’t help you much on the jetlag as I’ve only ever done one trip to America but crikey, 3 months of after effects? That must have been really tough xx

    • Suzanne W

      Ooh I like that, a future gratitude journal 🙂 I definitely think that looking forward to something makes you enjoy it all the more. xx

  • Lisa

    My recommendation re jetlag is to buy some melatonin. You can’t buy it here, you’ll have to get some when you arrive. Jules used to use it all the time when he flew long haul for work. You take it a little while before you go to bed. You might be able to buy it online. Have fun!!!

    • Suzanne W

      I was prescribed that in the end by my doctor 10 years ago as the jet lag was so bad but it never worked for me! The problem by then was it was all in my mind so I’m attempting the ‘mind over matter’ way now. I will however check to see if I can buy melatonin over the counter even if it’s just for when I get home. Thanks for the tip, Lisa! x

  • Tracey Williams

    I really need to take inspiration from you Suzanne. I have had too many flat days over the past few months, and whilst we have lots planned over the summer I need to start focusing on them. And hurrah for the end of GCSEs, it sounds like your daughter is very much like my son, and well done to them both for knuckling down when they needed to. New York sounds amazing. I have no cure for jet lag but we are also flying long haul for a week in the summer and could do with some tips x

    • Suzanne W

      I’m sorry to hear that Tracey but I think it’s understandable with the changes you’ve had going on. Keep checking back for tips re: jet lag as I’m hanging on for some revelations! Glad to hear your son knuckled down too when he needed to,. xx

  • You’ve got lots to look forward to! Love that you write about appreciating the small stuff and launch straight in with New York! Hope the jet lag doesn’t ruin your trip. Well done to your daughter for her hard work and dedication, a definite cause for celebration!

    • Suzanne W

      Ha ha I hadn’t thought about the fact that starting with New York wasn’t exactly the best idea – I think it’s the one that’s most on my mind, that’s why!

  • Sarah Christie

    Aw I love this post Suzanne, so exciting you are going to love New York we had such a fab time when we visited. Jack was the same with his GCSES did what he needed butI think they know their own capabilities dont they? Have a fab time shopping xx

  • Jenny

    Oh your summer is lining up nicely hunny. Sounds amazing all the lovely things you have planned. Especially pamper time with your daughter I love it. Have a fab time in NY you will love it. #wrc

  • Such a lovely list of things to look forward to! I’m very jealous of your trip to New York – it’s on my ’40 Things Before I’m 40′ list. For jet lag, change your watch/phone to New York time as soon as you take off in England so you get used to the time in your head and then make yourself stay awake until bedtime. Flying West isn’t usually a problem, it’s coming home (flying East) that’s usually a little bit trickier but I use the same trick re: changing my watch/phone time and it works a treat.

    Well done to your daughter for finishing her GCSEs – my stepdaughter has just finished hers too and is SO excited for her prom. Hope you have a really lovely day together.

  • Kerri-Ann

    NYC sounds fabulous, perfect girly trip. I’ve been twice before with Simon and would love to go back soon, hopefully for our 40ths with George

  • Ah do you know what my mum took me to NY City after I finished my GCSEs – and her sister came with us too. We had a great time and it’s a very special trip. Photography is on my summer list too, I learnt so much summer! xx

  • natalie

    Such a lovely post – I am so excited about your trip to NYC. Me and my sisters used to go every year and it is the most amazing place – I can’t wait to go back one day – hopefully with my girls. Good luck with your volunteering role, we work with many volunteers in the charity I work for and they are so so valuable.

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