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At Home with: Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy

living room shabby chic

This month’s featured home is owned by Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy. In case you haven’t already guessed by the spelling, Jenny originates from the good old U S of A.

Jenny has the most exquisite styling and her home always looks immaculate. In fact her Instagram feed looks like something straight out of a Homes and Gardens magazine! If you love the crisp, clean, bright look of a new build with a little bit of shabby chic thrown is, this will no doubt be your favourite of all the homes I’ve featured so far.

Let’s find out a little more about Jenny and take a nosey around her beautiful family home.


Where is your home and who lives there?

I live with my British husband and two children – a boy of 6 and a girl of 4. We also have a baby boy due in May. We have lived in our current home for the past seven years, in the north west of England.

What were the first impressions of your home?

It was a new build and we have been the only ones who have ever lived here so it was nice moving in with everything brand new and unused.

At the time, we were about to have our first baby so it worked for us to have a home ready to move into and we weren’t bothered about details of tiles, colours and carpet etc. We picked the basics just to get it done and ready before baby arrived. It was all very rushed.

Have you had any major work done?

From the moment I had my first baby, I realised that I wish I would have styled the rooms better – chosen more wisely on carpet colours and counter tops.
We have redecorated numerous times trying to find that look and feel that’s perfect for us. With a growing family, our home is forever evolving. The playroom became a sitting room as the kids got older and back again to a playroom when we found out we were having another baby!
playroom lets talk mommy

Stairs have had carpet which has been ripped up and wood stained, to currently being painted grey.

child walking down stairs

I think the only room that has remained the same is our kitchen. Our garden had a massive renovation only last summer which is a huge addition to our indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Which is your favourite room in the house?

Can I say the garden is a room? Well, I have to shout it out here. It’s by far my favourite place now we’ve had it re-done. Even in winter, if it’s not raining, we are out in it.

garden seating area

There are so many seating areas with cozy sofas that I often read and even work outside with my laptop; all year if the weather permits me! It’s a sun trap and little to no wind as it’s very sheltered by houses beside us. It always feels a few degrees warmer than the front of our house.

garden seating area

If I have to pick an indoor favourite room, it would be my front living room. We are still putting the final touches to it, as it really needs new carpet. We redid this room before Christmas when we turned our sitting room back into a playroom for our expecting baby.

white bright lounge

I love how shabby chic it is. It’s definitely a no child zone in our house with white and light grey furniture. It’s also my office corner until the loft conversion is done so I spend quite a bit of time in there too.

The only thing I would change is the light. It has a small window and is a long, skinny room so not much nature light at all. Unfortunately that means that I don’t actually get to share my favourite room in the house all that much, in photos and online.

Is there anything that you would change about your home?

Yes, I would change my kitchen completely. I chose high gloss, black counter tops when we moved in that show everything and make the room very dark. I am a huge foodie and being a food stylist it also makes it the hardest room to photograph food in.

I think of a kitchen as the heart of a home and wish we could have a table to sit at in the kitchen too. We only have a formal dining room that is separate from the the kitchen so it’s hard to socialise when entertaining.

Let's Talk Mommy Dining RoomThe hostess is always in the kitchen cooking while everyone else is waiting to be served and catching up. I also find it hard to have the kids eating while I am tidying up the kitchen as I can’t see them. Growing up we were always in the kitchen; I dream one day of ripping a few walls down and making it all open plan.

I would also make my main bathroom upstairs bigger with a huge bath tub. It’s got the world’s smallest tub for the entire house to share. I have always wanted a big claw, deep bath tub to soak into after a long, hard day.

What is the next home project that we can look forward to seeing on your blog?

We are currently turning the back room into a playroom and the major renovation of our loft will turn it into two new rooms.
upstairs landingWe will be building a full office studio for me and a big bedroom for my eldest son so we can give his room to the baby, as a nursery. So we still have lots of room styling and tours to share ahead. Our house will be changing a lot over the next 12 months, so keep watch!

I can’t help but wonder if the addition of a new baby is going to cause a slight change to the white decor! I am sure that Jenny will take it all in her stride, she clearly has an insatiable appetite for changing up her home; we’ve certainly got loads to look forward to in the coming months.

If you would like to stay in touch with Jenny and her family (especially for baby news!) then you’ll find her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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  • Jenny

    Oh thank you ever so much for featuring me hunny, such an honor. Yes, it would seem that I might have to alter the white a bit or just make my baby be a little less messy, is that possible? Either way, it’s always an excuse if something gets ruined to redo it and we all know I like changing the house up. Love your at home series and can’t wait to see who you feature next. Thank you!

  • Mum Reinvented

    Love this series of yours (I’m so nosey) and Jenny’s home is just so beautiful. Can’t wait to see what she does with the baby’s room! x

    • Suzanne W

      She’s not got long to go now! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Gail

    What a gorgeous home – so light and airy! I also have black high gloss kitchen countertops and I agree, they are really hard to keep clean! xx

  • Morgana

    Jenny’s home is gorgeous! Every time I visit her something has changed, I don’t think anything stays the same for very long. She really has beautiful taste and I can safely say it always looks like this in real life too! xx

  • Jo - Not A Frumpy Mum

    Jenny has such a gorgeous home, it is so bright and airy, and I love the new garden space. And how does she keep it so tidy, we constantly have toys everywhere!! xx

  • What a beautiful home! It’s so full of light! We too bought a new-build home and took whatever choices had already been made on carpets, countertops the kitchen and tiles, which I now regret. We’ve been here almost ten years now and it’s all in desperate need of a makeover. We’re considering a loft conversion so I’ll be curious to see how Jenny’s turns out.

  • Oooooh Jenny’s home is absolutely beautiful!!! What an absolutely gorgeous house and full of stunning little touches and elegant finishes. My house looks like a tip in comparison. Note to self: must try harder!!! Great post and love this series Suzanne xx

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