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3 Hearty Winter Soups to Warm Your Cockles

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Let’s just get one thing straight before we kick off…I am no domestic goddess. Phew, I just wanted to make sure that we’re all well aware of the facts and that I’m not misleading anyone.

So why a post about ‘hearty winter soups’? I hear you ask. Well if there ever was a time that you needed something to warm you up, this would be it. It’s been flipping freezing this last week!

If you hadn’t guessed, creating tasty winter soups is my new ‘thing’ at the moment. If you’ve been following my nonsensical ramblings for some time now, you will know that I tend to have a ‘thing’ and go all out for a short while, until I find something new to obsess over. This week it’s soup, tomorrow it could be macrame. Watch this space!

Without further ado, here are three of my favourite ‘hearty winter soups’ all of which I’ve made this month and take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare.

Brocolli and Stilton Soup

(Serves 4)

Broccoli and Stilton Soup

1 Onion finely chopped

1 Leek finely chopped

2 Vegetable stock cubes dissolved in 1 litre of water

1 Celery stick chopped

1 Broccoli head roughly chopped

1 Potato

100g Stilton cheese

  1. Finely chop the onion and fry in some olive oil until soft
  2. Add the chopped leek, celery and diced potato
  3. Cook for 5 minutes on a low heat and then add the vegetable stock
  4. Bring to the boil and add the chopped broccoli stalks
  5. Cook for 10 minutes then add the heads and cook for another 5 minutes
  6. Once cooked, whizz with a hand blender.
  7. Stir in the crumbled stilton
  8. Add ground black pepper to taste (no salt needed).

Carrot and Coriander Soup

(Serves 4)

5 Carrots peeled

1 Red onion diced

1 Garlic clove crushed

1 Stick of celery chopped

1 Pint of Water

1 Healthy squirt of tomato puree

1 Handful of chopped coriander

Salt & Pepper to taste

Coriander to serve

  1. Heat olive oil in a pan
  2. Add the diced onion, garlic, chopped celery and carrots
  3. Stir on a low heat until softened
  4. Pour over the water and simmer for 10 minutes
  5. Add the tomato puree and chopped coriander
  6. Simmer for a further 5 minutes
  7. And salt and pepper to taste, then whizz up with a hand blender
  8. When ready to serve, add a sprinkle of chopped coriander

Spicy Chorizo and Tomato Soup (with canellini beans)

(Serves 4)

2 Chorizo sausages chopped

1 Red chilli finely chopped

1 Onion finely chopped

1 Red pepper diced

1 Garlic clove crushed

1 Vegetable stock cube mixed with 240ml of water

1 Can of tinned tomatoes

1 Can of cannellini beans

A handful of flat leaf parsley

Fresh parmesan grated

  1. Heat the olive oil in a pan
  2. Add the onion and garlic, stir until soft
  3. Add the red pepper, chilli, chorizo sausage and continue to stir for 5 minutes
  4. Add the vegetable stock, tinned tomatoes and beans, cook for a further 10 minutes
  5. Pour into bowls and serve with a sprinkle of flat leaf parsley and grated parmesan

So there we have it. Your lunchtimes sorted for this week! Soup is also a great way to avoid eating the dreaded carbs every meal time and they fill you up a treat. What’s not to like?


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  • Plutonium Sox

    Ooh these sound divine, I might have to give the broccoli and stilton a try, my girls love broccoli and I do love soup in this weather.

    • Suzanne W

      They’re so filling as well! Quick and easy to make. Stilton is quite strong though. Will your girls like it? x

  • Louise

    Oooo my husband would love the chorizo one. I really should make more soup. X

    • Suzanne W

      Yeah we both love that one. It’s lumpy though so almost casserole like. Nice and spicy on a cold day 🙂 x

  • Sara | mumturnedmom

    These all sound wonderful! I love soup and have a few that I make all through the winter (Lentil, (fake!) chicken noodle and butternut squash). The kids love them too 🙂 Sadly, only I would like broccoli and stilton… but I haven’t made carrot or a chorizo (again fake, I’ve finally found a great veggie chorizo sausage!) one for ages!

    • Suzanne

      Ooh I love the sound of the chicken noodle recipe. I didn’t realise that you were a veggie actually. Some of these wouldn’t be great for you then!

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