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Baby Driver, Hideaway and Turning My Hand to Some DIY #LittleLoves

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve been itching to get back to blogging properly again and with the return of Little Loves over at Morgana’s gaff, I had to join in this week.

So much has happened over the summer and right now, it feels as though the school holidays have gone on forever and ever. Let’s just say that the entire house could do with a jet wash and my usual organised self seems to have gone AWOL. Anyone else popping to the supermarket for one bag of food almost every single day at the moment? Oh routine how we love thee.

How has your summer been? We are still in the throes of our garden refurbishment and the patience is beginning to wane – three months and counting. Anyway, on to my Little Loves for this week.


As I’m sure you already know, I adore Red magazine and reserve it for treat time only. My children were all away for a few days last week and as it felt like a mini holiday (shhh don’t tell them I said that!) I bought myself a copy and have been devouring it ever since. My favourite column will always be Rosie Green’s, where this month she tackled the life of a WAHM during the holidays. Lots of giggles to be had during that one!

I’ve also been trying (and largely failing) to get stuck into Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. My concentration seems to be all over the shop at the moment so I’m not making much headway but I have been to get my eyes tested so that might help a bit! I’ve yet to actually purchase the glasses but watch this space…


So much! We’ve watched a lot of films as a family over the summer but so as not to bore you senseless, I’ll stick to stuff we watched this week. Firstly, I took the girls to see Baby Driver at the cinema. With my son away, we were able to watch a 15 certificate which meant we were thankfully able to avoid The Emoji movie!

Baby Driver had rave reviews but as none of us are particularly into action movies, it was a gamble. Within the first few minutes, a heart-stopping car chase had us on the edge of our seats and the rest of the film continued in the same vein. It was so much more than just an action movie with a deeper story behind it and a touch of romance thrown in. Thumbs up from us!

Have you been watching Trust Me on BBC1? Another gripping thriller by the beeb that really is a must-see. Go and download it on Catch up immediately!


We’ve developed a few favourite songs this summer but the most worn (and probably the most fitting!) has been Rain by The Script.

I’ve also downloaded Worship Central’s most recent album and my current favourite is Hideaway which I’ve listened to over and over again this week.


I’m actually ashamed to admit that I’ve barely taken any decent photographs of me over the whole summer! BUT I now have a special sticky-backed iPhone case so there will be no stopping me. If you fancy winning one for yourself, I’ve got a competition running at the moment.

I did attend a wedding a couple of weeks ago where I wore a cute dress that I bought on the spur of the moment from a friend who has started running an online business selling good quality second-hand clothing. I got this little number for £15!

Oh and just for the record…contrary to what this photograph might have you believe, I wasn’t half cut!


Our house has been transformed over the summer (well two of our bedrooms anyway) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making decisions about decor, curtains, bedding and accessories. I am planning to write up blog posts to share them in more detail but I did erect this book shelf yesterday and I was really (some might say disproportionately so) pleased with myself!

And lastly…

I’m off to London today to take my middle girl to see Annie. We both enjoy the theatre and we love Miranda so when I spotted some very reasonably priced tickets to see her as Miss Hannigan, I snapped them up. Apparently, from the end of September, that character will be played by Craig Revel Horwood which won’t be quite the same!

We are still ‘one man down’ in our house so I’m very much looking forward to having my boy back from his holiday in France. Ten days feels such a long time and we’ve barely had any contact from him at all! Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and here’s to the start of a new school year!

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  • Wow, 10 days without your boy is a long time! Well done on putting up the shelf! I look forward to seeing more of your bedroom transformations, what I’ve seen so far looks very impressive. Enjoy your trip to London for Annie. My daughter is desperate to see a West End show, but it’s never occurred to me for just the two of us to go. I look at the price of things, multiply them by five and conclude we can’t afford it! 🙁

  • Morgana

    Fab round up Suzanne!
    I’ve managed to dodge the Emoji Movie this summer too, phew! It’s just me and the eldest today so we can see a 12A, and she’s chosen Spiderman which I’m more than happy about! xx

  • Seaside Sparkles

    I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Baby Driver and have heard that the soundtrack is cracking too. I’m impressed not only by your skills in main the shelves but the product itself, very stylish. I hope you enjoy Annie, Miranda Hart sounds perfect casting for Miss Hannigan.

  • Halina Vie Choufleur

    Love that dress on you, you look fab! And the bookshelf is great…I wish I was able to be more minimalist with interiors, haha. Thankfully we avoided The Emoji Movie too…by fibbing and telling my son it was no longer on. Whoops. Have a great weekend! x

    • Suzanne W

      Ah thank you Halina. I like the minimalist look but do also love a homely nik nak or two! xx

  • Anna-Marie

    I have heard so much about Baby Driver and how amazing the music is. Definitely want to watch that! May have to make a trip to the cinema when the kids go back to school. I loved Trust Me! Was hooked from the beginning, I am hoping they bring it back for another series! Have a wonderful time watching Annie! Popping over from #littleloves

  • natalie

    You look beautiful – that dress is amazing! We keep meaning to take our little ones to see Cars at the cinema which I must admit I am a little excited to see!!

    Looking forward to your decor blog post #littleloves

  • Mum Reinvented

    That dress is gorgeous! Loving that shelf too! Ha ha teenagers – don’t like picking up the phone when they’re enjoying themselves do they! I wouldn’t mind but you usually can’t prize it out of their hands otherwise! Hope he had a lovely time in France and you had a nice weekend x

  • Sarah Christie

    That dress looks gorgeous you look amazing in it, I hope the wedding was fab. I would love to see Annie I love both the films they are so fab and might ahem know all the songs! I know geek ! Hope your son has had a wonderful holiday and cant wait to see all your interiors posts xx

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